Monday, May 25, 2015

Gleaned Information

If you grab yourself an Entosis Link and go and fire it at one of the Jove Observatories you will receive some "Gleaned Information". This is "stuffz" that the Jove have been collecting on us for a long, long time. The oldest found appears to reference the formation of the Gallente Federation hundreds of years ago. The newest is only a couple of months ago.

Some of it is completely meaningless such as gem from 2008 our time:-

YC110 - "Thanks sweetie, but that's all right. I'll only be a few minutes.".

Seriously? The Jove are monitoring us that closely? However there are more sinister examples that will feed 'tinfoil hatters' for years. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th in the 1st item I received below are interesting! Are we in "The Matrix"? Are we a biological computer like from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and about to reveal the ultimate question? Are CCP pissing themselves as we theorise this stuff they just made up for a laugh (see Re-Tweet style in example 3 YC111)!

Have a read if you cannot be bothered yourself to glean some information from the Jove. These are just a few examples of what you can read when extracting from the Jove Observatory's libraries.

1st Example

YC105-5-29 - So fragile, these minds. So fleeting, their crimes.
YC106-12-20 - Step One: Build a Better Ant.
YC107-09-15 - Step Two: Kick over The Ant Hill.
YC108-09-26 - Step Three: Assess.
YC109-06-23 - Models indicate that virions have spread beyond those five systems.
YC110-06-10 - Step Four: Reiterate.
YC111-03-10 - 'Defect-mediated turbulence'?
YC112-12-13 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Infiltration Disclosure. Subtype: Wedge Mirror. Actor: True Power. Targeted Interstice: CONCORD - Capsuleer Cohort. Motivation:...
YC113-07-07 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Resource Shift. Subtype: Need Further Data. Actor: Need Further Data. Targeted Interstice: 4 Potentials. 1)... 
YC114-05-14 - They are not yet acknowledging the pattern.
YC115-03-22 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Apoptosis...
YC116-01-01 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Cathexis...
YC117-01-12 - They could not predict this?
YC111 - Capsuleer espionage detected. 
YC108 - 'Titan' class vessel detected. Receiving data.
YC112 - Sansha activity registered.
YC107 - Destination: Vak'Atioth.
YC110 - "Thanks sweetie, but that's all right. I'll only be a few minutes." 
YC105 - Location: Rethan. Class: Yacht. Maker: Viziam.

2nd Example

23121-09-11 - Updated Gallente status provides a model for social cohesion. Suggest further observations are shared with Modifier enclaves.
23146-05-20 - Azbel-Wuthrich experiment has been a success. Planetary communications reveal the message as “:-)”
23154-12-12 - Randomized sweeps of recently seceded Caldari communications indicate that alternative source for model of social cohesion will be increasingly defined by opposition to Gallente model. Schism becoming pronounced. Threshold for constructive comparison of existing conditions approaching.
23194-02-01 - Gallente have created an agency known as The Scope for the dissemination of information across Empires. Suggest that this network be monitored. Potential to extrapolate prototype for impartial communication between disparate enclaves.
23216-06-06 - In position at Diemnon Planetesimal. Collating system scans. Source of burst unidentified. Team dispatched. Alert still in effect.
YC11-03-11 - Life sign detected aboard the ship. Contrary to intelligence gather by Villore observatory, vessel not destroyed. Remaining in Ouperia to monitor.

3rd Example 

YC37-09-01 - CONCORD Resolution D/912/37 passes with unilateral support from all five empires.
YC44-06-03 - Preliminary forecast: Cohort 'EOM' casualty causation: est 78,944,293,285. Action advisory: Continued observation, Non-interference.
YC104-12-09 - Preliminary forecast: Cohort 'SN' resurgence likelihood: 96.44% Action advisory: Continued observation, Non-interference.
YC106-03-22 - Advanced materials technology saturation at threshold. Implement stage two technology surveillance.
YC106-11-17 - Capsuleer cohort tracking system implemented. Receiving data.
YC111-02-06 - Catastrophic collapse of Cohort 632866070. Cascade effect tracking algorithm active. Capsuleer Cohort vulnerability documented for further analysis.
YC111-03-27 - Fullerene technology saturation at threshold. Implement stage three technology surveillance.
YC113-03-18 - Alert: Intercept of encrypted traffic [source Imperial-Internal] reference keywords 'analysis, implant, recovered, subject, body'. Inferred keywords: autopsy, Anoikis, sleeper, breakthrough, disease
YC114-03-20 - New research data collated. Source: Eram spider. Create new index.
YC117-02-09 - Cloaking system failure. Proximity alert. Initiate system shutdown.

EDIT - Rhavas and the uber-nerds at Hydrostatic Pod Cast are well on the case of this. I love those guys. Always show me that I'm not that massive a nerd as I think sometimes :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

SCASSSS - Sightseeing in "Barbican"

For this Sunday's short, just a few screenshots from one of the wormhole systems you'll probably be able to access via the unidentified wormholes after 2nd June. Gorgeous!

P.S. Yes I know this went up on Saturday, I pressed the wrong f'in button didn't I :/

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Damsel 3.0

Fiction Friday. Escape pod here.

Playing about on the test server with burner missions got me thinking about missioning and then I saw some cheesey 90's straight-to-video movie with a damsel in distress. Time for a third reboot of that level 4 staple, The Damsel in Distress!

The Damsel 3.0

"Boss, we've got a hit." the voice coming through the datapad communicator stated.

"Go on."

Kruul was in his private apartment with a few of his associates. The residence was located on the top deck of the large outpost on the edge of the solar system. He placed his pool que down and stepped away from the table. Thirteen thousand years after mankind had first journeyed through the massive wormhole known as the Eve Gate to this distant cluster of stars, the game of pool was still played. Whilst it had some differences to the original, the future version would be still be recognizable to someone from ancient Earth. Knowledge of the planet Earth and humanities origins may have been long forgotten over the millennia, but human's thirst for entertainment had kept the ancient game going.

"The club in Dome B. Apparently its the daughter of a high-interest target."

Kruul smiled. All of his establishments had their security cameras hooked up to a facial recognition database. His agents identified anyone who might be of use to them and then created database entries on them and their immediate families. It had worked well. The Judge who visited one of their 'special' brothels. The senior cop who's wife had a booster habit and regularly visited one of their drug dens. All useful to know for future use. Blackmail and extortion were everyday activities for Kruul's organization. He looked at the file his man had sent. This was the daughter of a researcher at Roden Shipyards. They knew, along with most mega-corps, Roden had been attempting to reverse engineer the Drifter super-weapons. This scientist was the most likely to be heading up that area of research. Several organizations would pay handsomely to get their hands on that research. The Caldari State was his first thought. They would be very interested in knowing how far their enemy had got in reverse engineering the devastating weapons.

"Is she alone?"

"No sir. She has a friend with her, although the friend is not on any of the databases. Complete unknown."

"OK, probably a nobody then but we'll need her too for what I have planned." Kruul smiled and put the datapad down.

"Come on, we've got work to do." he announced to three others sat around the table. Two were his personal muscle. Lieutenants in the organization that acted as his bodyguards, one of which he had been just playing pool against. The woman in the room was his current girlfriend, Diarrala. She'd been at his side for the last six months. A rising star in the organization. She had been a member of one of his splinter group gangs operating in the largest city on the 6th planet. Kruul had many inner city gangs that worked for him. After several successful and high-profile heists he had gotten word that the Serpentis Syndicate was sniffing around looking to lure this successful gang over to their organization. He'd gone planet-side personally to meet the gang that was doing so well. Within five minutes of meeting her he'd offered her a position as one of his lieutenants. She'd continued the good work and had brought in millions for the organization. She had the golden touch and was as ruthless as anyone he'd met.

"What we got?" she asked as they stood. He passed her the datapad.

"Leverage." was his reply.


Hese Pallant disconnected the comm-link. He'd just sent an Empyrean in a Megathron class battleship to deal with a nearby pirate enclave. He concentrated only on the numbers. It was the only way to do it and not go mad. If you thought of the potential loss of human life you'd soon spiral into depression. The Serpentis Syndicate had over fifty ships ranging from frigates to battleships. Thousands of people were going to die because of his orders. Of course they weren't his orders personally. He was an agent for the mega-corporation and simply passed the orders to the capsuleers from his superiors. His desk communicator bleeped. Looking at the screen he saw it was not another 'Pod Jockey' looking for their next job, it was one of the directors. This was highly unusual, he dealt with orders sent over the network, rarely speaking direct. In fact he had no idea what the boss of his boss looked like. The directors gave orders that adversely affected millions of people regularly. Most of them kept themselves and their families out of the spotlight. He accepted the incoming call.

"Director Lour, what can I do for you sir?"

The Director looked haggard like some great weight was baring down on him.

"This is a delicate matter Agent Pallant. I assume I can count on your discretion?"

"Of course sir."

The Director then went on to explain that the daughter of one of the corporation's scientists had not returned home. Initial investigations had traced her to a small illegal entertainment outpost on the edge of the system. It was at this point an undercover agent who had previously infiltrated the criminal organization who ran the outpost made contact. She confirmed the girl had been identified and that they were planning on kidnapping her and the friend she had gone to the nightclub with. They would then blackmail the Scientist into revealing classified material.

"Sir. I need to warn you, Capsuleers are a sledgehammer, not a scalpel. If I send one in there then there will be a lot of death and a lot of destruction."

"I understand. We are hoping for a less brutal resolution and we have an operative on site working on either stopping the kidnap or if they do get them, expediting the girls release. However, if they fail we'll need to send an Empyrean as soon as possible so I want the contact prepared now. Mission perimeters and reward details have been sent to you."

The comm-link shut down and Hese got to work.


The snatch was easy. Kruul and Diarrala watch from a catwalk above above the dancefloor as the two men made their move. Kruul had picked two of his better looking men to approach the girls. Drinks were bought, spiked and drank. Two girls looking to party happily accepted free drinks from the attractive strangers. They watched the two men carry the already woozy girls to a side exit and out of the club as the drugs started to kick in.

"So what we going to do?" Diarrala asked as they headed for the stairs.

"Its too late now to kick it off. We'll wait until morning. We'll video call the egg-head-scientist with his daughters friend in the background. We'll do a job on her to show him how serious we are and what will happen to his daughter if he doesn't comply. Pretty sure if we make it nasty enough he'll do anything we ask to save his daughter. Once we have the files I'll contact someone I know in the State Protectorate and see what they are prepared to offer. May be the Guristas too, see if I can get an auction going." Kruul laughed.

Diarrala nodded. "Amarrians might also be interested. Especially if we lie and say the research is being carried out along side the Matari as well."

Kruul smiled. "I like your thinking. You know I like a good three-way!" he joked.

They reached the bottom of the stairs where the two men stood by the barely conscious girls. They had propped them into two chairs.

"Good work boys. Take them to the brig to let them sleep it off. Also let Kils know we'll need him tomorrow, and tell him to bring his knife. The really big one I like."

Diarrala kept her expression blank. Kils was a Matari Brutor who worked for Kruul. He was a freak of nature. Nearly seven feet of rippling muscle. She had once seen him crush a man's head with his bare hands. On top of being a freak of nature, he was an incredible sadist. Kruul used him as a living, breathing, punishment. Kils scared everyone, even Kruul although he'd never admit it. If you ever needed someone to die a very slow and horrible death, Kils was your man. Whoever the scientist's daughter's friend was, she was going to be made to suffer an unimaginable death in the morning in order to make sure the scientist had no hesitation in betraying his corporation.


Hese finished the contact and re-read it. A standard capsuleer mission like hundreds of thousands that were completed everyday. A seven figure payout in Interstellar Kredits plus a good sum of loyalty benefits for continued service.

It was already to go should the first option fail. Capsuleers were generally a last resort. The Angels of Destruction did not do subtle. They were hammers, and hammers tended to see every problem as a nail.

He looked at the intel again and reminded himself to just think of them as numbers not people. The death toll would be catastrophic he knew but that was only if the capsuleer option was exercised. He hoped the operative in the Pleasure Gardens would enact the rescue. It would save a lot of lives.

A bleep on his comms console showed a Capsuleer docked at the station was calling him. The screen showed the Empyrean's background. He was a regular of Hese's. He composed himself and answered the call.

"Malgardarn, welcome back. I have a mission just for you if you are looking for a challenge."

The holographic representation of the capsuleer simply nodded. Hese took a breath and started to reciting the same orders he had done many times before.

"We've been gathering information from our numerous agents within the Serpentis to prepare ourselves for a possible attack on our assets. So far we've found out that they are planning a major offensive against a target within the system today. The target still remains unknown to us, but we have managed to discover the meeting point of some of their forces. I want you to gather all the help you can muster and fly out to the meeting points and deliver a devastating blow to their fleet. That should deter them from any attack inside the system, and send them a message they won't forget. Just don't forget what you're up against. We have no idea how many ships are out there, all we know is where 3 of their rendezvous points are. Destroy any and all targets you can find there, then report back to me. If there's too many of them out there, then get some help, I'm sure some of our other agents in the vicinity would be willing to give you a hand."

The capsuleer nodded and comm link went dead. The words "Mission Accepted" appeared a second later across the relevant contract. Capsuleers tended to be individuals of few words which suited Hese just fine. What do you say to someone who has killed hundreds of thousands of people?


Diarrala pulled the girls along after her. The corridors of the outpost were deserted at this time of night.

"You're hurting me!" the daughter's friend moaned.

"Come on!" Diarrala snapped "We need to get out of her."

She had sprung the two from the brig by knocking the guard out. It was only a couple of minutes jog but it felt like an eternity. They finally got to the hanger and Diarrala smiled as she saw the shuttle was already warmed up. She had remotely engaged the start up sequence earlier knowing the shuttle needed fifteen minutes to be flight-ready. She dragged the girl up the ramp and into the shuttles passenger cabin.

"Well hello Diarrala." Kruul's voice sounded.

She spun around to find him leaning back in one of the seats drinking a glass of wine. Two of his gorillas were stood each side of him. They had their guns drawn but held there hands together in front of them.

"Going for a little spin were we with our guests? I must say I was surprised to get a ping that someone was warming up the shuttle. I was even more surprised to find it was your command codes. I never took you for someone with a strong mothering instinct." he laughed.

Diarrala racked her brain for an excuse but knew it was useless. Kruul was no idiot, he knew what she was doing. She stayed quiet.

"Cat got your tongue? We'll see if we can sort that. Boys, take our guests back to her room and escort Diarrala to my quarters. We need some private time for a little chat."


The service drones buzzed around the ship repairing some minor damage from the last mission. The Capsuleer stepped out onto the gantry to watch them work. A thermal shield hardener was being installed which was the last module being changed. He watched another drone loading a rack of Inferno class cruise missiles into the cargo bay. He'd soon be able to leave.

He brought up the diagnostics read out. He knew his targets ships used shields as their primary defense. He also knew they hardened them against electromagnetic damage. Missiles that used a thermal warhead would exploit the shields remaining weak spot. He also knew they in turn used thermal warheads themselves so was making sure his shields were tuned to that damage type.

The hanger fell silent as the drones retreated into the alcoves lining the wall, their work was done. The immortal walked towards the capsule as he shed his clothes.


Kruul slowly walked around the pool table smiling. Diarrala was lashed to the top of the table, each of her wrists and ankles tied to a corner. Her head tried to track him as he circled. He stopped at her side and pulled out a thick cigar. He lit it and puffed on it, savoring its taste. He leaned over and looked her in the eye.

"When I came of age my father, like many in our society, took me to a cathouse so I could become a man." Kruul recounted wistfully, puffing on the cigar. "Yes, he was was an old fashioned Mannar my father. Her name was Loorene. He'd already picked her out for me in advance. Experienced of course. Ethnic Gallente, olive skin, hair as black as deepest null-sec. Oh, she really knew what she was doing." he chuckled.

There was a sharp click as Kruul plucked a flick knife from his pocket and opened it. Diarrala shook her head and muttered 'No' as he leaned over her prone body. He slowly cut the top button from her dress.

"I was no innocent by that age, but Loorene was still definitely an education" he continued slicing the buttons from her dress one by one. "She taught me a lot."

Kruul parted the strips of material and started cutting Diarrala underwear away with the razor sharp knife. Diarrala sobbed as he worked.

"She taught me the most sensitive areas of a woman. How to bring your lover great pleasure with the lightest touch. Of course the most sensitive areas, those with the most nerve endings, are also useful to target for different sensations." He pulled the sliced underwear from under her and dropped it on the floor.

"Away, enough about me. I really, really, really want to hear about you." he said running the point of the knife over her skin as she cried out in fear.

He stabbed the knife into the wooden edge of the table and left it sticking there. He pulled the cigar from his mouth and blew on the tip until it glowed angrily.

"Your datapad here appears to be encoded. Messages were sent off-station just after we found out about that girl. Coincidence? However as they are encoded we don't know what they say or who they were sent to. So please, lets start with who you really work for and what is the unlock code for your datapad." he said menacingly, reaching forward towards her with the glowing cigar.

To be concluded.....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Banned from Eve!

"I've been banned from Eve!"
"Yeah for EULA violation apparently"
"What did you do?"
"I have no idea!"

The above is a quick summary of a a Google Chat I had last night with the mate I work with. I worked with him back in the UK where I got him into Eve. I then later got him a job out here in the sandbox where we work together. Its great having a best mate in the office, it's even better when they play Eve. However the atmosphere is slightly more icey this Thursday morning as I type this up.

He's mad bro.

Now I just need to stress that in-game we are totally different. I'm a low-sec PvP'r, he's in one of the major alliances of the CFC, sorry, The Imperium (queue the Imperial March music please). So I really have no idea what he's doing. However he tells me he hasn't broken the EULA as far as he knows and doesn't do anything edgy. I believe him. We talk Eve A LOT. I'm pretty sure if he'd been doing something nefarious he'd have told me, especially as we're drinking buddies too and get hammered together regularly.

When CCP suspend your account whilst they investigate suspected EULA violations they give you no details. It would be like a policeman coming up to you in the UK.

"I am arresting you on suspicion of doing something naughty. You have the right to remain silent, just like I do!"

OK, that's not fair. CCP aren't governed by the same laws. They can ban anyone they want for any reason they want. However, Eve is not just a game. Its a hobby. If I got banned from Titanfall I'd go "Whatever!". If I got banned from Stronghold Kingdoms I'd be like "Thats probably for the best.". If I was to get perma-bannedd from Eve that would be devastating. I'd have about an extra day of free time each week in total. My annual holiday plans would be completely changed. My blogging and Tweeting would nosedive. You cannot compare Eve to a game. Its the same as scuba diving, skiing, mountain biking or other hobby people get passionate about.

We've spent some time pondering what it could be for.

1. CCP think he's account sharing.
If CCP were to look at his account they will see he's all over the place according to his IP addy. One minute he's here in the Middle East another he's in England and then a bit in America. Obviously he doesn't have the ability to clone-jump in real life, he doesn't own a real life interceptor (that would be awesome though) nor is he account sharing. He's using a certain bit of popular software that is even more popular with expats over here. He swaps his connection between various servers to get a faster speed when one server is slow or to access services that need a local IP like certain TV channel players. In the last week he's had the "You've not logged on from this IP before, please give one of your character names below" every time he's logged in. Could that be it? He says he hasn't been doing much in the last week as his alliance was still sorting out with the Sov. He's been moving his stuff about but not much else.

2. SPAI!
One suggestion is that he posted something inappropriate in fleet/corp/alliance chat and a spai (remember he's CFC/Imperium) and someone reported him for that. He says all he posts link-wise are Buzzfeed and he never talks in local. So unless someone has come up with an excuse that lolcats violate the EULA its unlikely.

3. Hacked
He's been banned before. Many years ago he got a virus (he must visit dodgy websites eh Mr X?) and hackers got into his account. They took his ISK, sold his ships and then went onto the Eve-O forums and posted links that they knew would get him banned. That way they were all clear by the time he got his account back and realized it was a heist and reported the theft. He's ran several deep virus scans and cannot find any evidence of a Trojan or keylogger. Still possible its a hack but who knows.

This whole situation terrifies me in three ways. One, could this happen to me? I'm careful to be a good boy (in a EULA sense) in game as a ban would hit me hard. Secondly, I believe Mr X that he has done nothing wrong. We all get things wrong and its very possible CCP has got this wrong. Could they get it wrong with me. If it is 'option 1' above then its scary. I use the same ISP as him (seriously guys, no choice out here!) and I also use the same provider of IP software he does. My PC is approximately 13,239 metres from his. Am I next?

Finally it terrifies me that this bloody computer game, just pixels and ones and zeros, can mean so much to a bloke who hits the big 'four oh' in January. If anyone ever reordered the audio from the Red Dwarf episode "Backwards" and reversed it, like I did as a teenager in the late 80's, to find out what the promoter was screaming at Kryten and Rimmer was, you'll know it was...

"I'm addressing the one prat in the country who has bothered to get a hold of this recording, turn it round and actually work out the rubbish that I'm saying. What a poor sad life he's got!"

May be I do? Then again we've got four and a half hours of work left before we finish for the week and go get hammered at the pub. 'ave it!

I asked Mr X if he'd like to add anything here......

I hope the investigation is swift and that Mr X is exonerated and his accounts are reinstated. Because to me, if he really has done nothing wrong, its truly terrifying.

UPDATE 21 MAY 2015 - Just over 24 hours after he was banned, Mr X received and email from CCP saying he was unbanned and he was credited with some game time. I can confirm Mr X is now...

P.S. Just like to add that I'm not saying CCP has done anything wrong. They have a reason/suspicion which may be, or may not be, correct in the end. This post is more about my reaction to the ban than anything else. We'll see what the result of the investigation is and see.

P.P.S. If he's fibbing to me and has been a naughty boy then sorry dude, CCP are acting correctly.

P.P.P.S. I really don't believe he has, he's too much of a Eve fan to purposely break the EULA

P.P.P.P.S. I think we need a pint! Usual Kronenburg?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Burner Burning

I thought I'd try the new Angel burner mission. I was hearing reports it was a bit hard. Having killed 600m ISK of ships on the Seprentis Battlecruiser one, I fancied trying my hand against some smaller Burners.

I was already in the Worm that had walked the last one I tried so went to Amarr space in that. This time I read the mission briefing. OK, clone soldier transport protected by Dramiels. No problem! This worm I have head was awesome in the last one. Undock, warp, jump, warp, jump, warp, activate acceleration gate and....

Four very nasty Dramiels with small sigs, fast close orbits and a distinct dislike for drones. Here we go again I thought as I podded back to the nearest 100 ISK station. I checked the biggest thing I could take in via the mission text which was a battlecruiser. OK, I need a BC that can tank like a MoFo, doesn't rely on drones at all and can spank small, maneuverable ships on a fast close orbit.

Navy Drake.

Rapid light missile launchers with precision missiles (found these work the best)

10mn AB
Twin large ASB with Navy 150's
Booster Amp
EM hardener


CPU rig
Two extender rigs.

Strong Blue Pill.
Crystal set and missile implants.

5 Warriors

Mission was a breeze. Obviously that's an expensive set up for a mission thats going to get you a couple of million ISK and some LP. Probably overkill, but hey, after the last one I was happy to complete it on the second attempt.

Decided to try some other fun ways. How about a disco ship? Lets amp up the voltage on the Drake and swap those missile launchers for smart bombs for shits and giggles science....

Stick with RLML boys and girls and don't try to be clever!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Burnt by a Burner

A set of new Burner missions has been uploaded to SiSi. Whilst I haven't level 4'd for years and years (other than to get some screenshots of a specific thing) I thought I'd give them a try. I was in my Jackdaw so thought I'd try that.

Obviously its a MMO mission/quest so I never read the text. Accept the mission, look at the destination system and undock.

I warp into the room from an acceleration gate to a point where there are approximately ZOMGHOWMANY turrets and three ships. They drop you right in the middle of these 10km range turrets. 

Right, the ships are 200km and in Talos so if... ouch! OUCH! HEY! Boom.

My slight delay in assessing the situation puts me in my pod as the three sniper Talos' spank me. OK, lesson 1. Don't stay still. I refit to a 10mn Confessor. Heading back in that works a lot better and speed tanks their terribad tracking. They use remote sensor dampeners so you need to get close. This is not a problem in the speedy Confessor. Only issue is my fit was not enough DPS to break their active reps. Time to try something else.

A 100mn Navy Hurricane will have the DPS to kill it.
A 100mn Navy Hurricane has the sig radius of a small moon and hence dies enroute to the first Talos.

A Cynabal is fast! That will get there.
A Cynabal IS fast, just not fast enough.

So next idea. HACs! With their 50% reduction to MWD penalty they make covering that 200km a bit less "deathy".

The Vagabond gets to the first Burner and puts him into structure before dying to the other two.

On Twitter it is suggested that a Deimos is a good option. So I go for one of those. Take the first one of the three down but die to the other two.

By now I'm surprised I've not given up.

Another suggestion from Twitter was a Worm. I try a Worm.....

The 10mn rocket Worm does the trick. I do not get hit a single time, not one shot landed on me. I could have dropped my two hardeners and ASB and just gone full gank. Would certainly have been quicker. So what did I learn from this mission?

60m Jackdaw Dead
60m Confessor Didn't Work
100m Hurricane Dead
200m Vagabond Dead
200m Deimos Dead
A 10mn, 300DPS Worm didn't get scratched and killed them all.

Technically I lost 600m ISK in doing that one mission. I received 1.9m ISK reward and 7,500 LP which is equal to one and a half basic implants from the LP store. They sell for 10m each so 15m in total minus the 7.5m ISK for purchasing them gives a potential profit of 7.5m ISK from the LP.

So I made just under 10m ISK from that mission for 600m ISK lost.

Oh wait.... I wonder if there was any loot drop? Oh bollocks!

P.S. Thanks to Suitonia for the heads up about the worm!

P.P.S. Oh CCP, if you die in an attempt and leave a drone, when you come back the NPC's switch to the old drone and shoot at that for a while (and are unable to hit it so takes DPS away from the player).

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SCASSSS - Wall of Death

You know those ships you can see flying at the back of your hanger when in the captains quarters? Those Megathrons, Ravens, Armageddons and the like coming and going? Ever wondered who they are? Where they are going? Well I know the answer. After falling from the CQ and floating downwards for 5 minutes (low gravity in the hanger apparently)...

I saw where they go after I finally fell under the hanger and looked up. The lemmings fly at full speed into a wall. There goes a Raven and a Mega with an Apoc about to slam into the wall.


Friday, May 15, 2015

The Flames of Malkalen

Fiction Friday. Escape pod here.

The idea for this post came roughly from the Hydrostatic Podcast. In the latest episode they had a correction to make regarding a reference to Admiral Noir in the previous episode. This got me thinking about the untold victims of that incident/disaster/catastrophe.

I started this as a skeleton story. A paragraph here and there outlining the story. However I think it sort of works as a single piece. Very much "machine-gun fiction". Short bursts making up 2300 words where I aim for a maximum of 2500 for one entry normally. Does it work? Mmmmmmmm.....

The Flames of Malkalen

Six Years Ago.......

Saun slid his stun-baton into his belt and checked himself in the mirror. He looked smart in his crisp uniform. He still hadn't tired of looking at himself. An trainee officer in the Ishukone Security Service. Having graduated from University he had applied to the mega-corporations security wing. The mega-corps of the Caldari State each had their own police force. He had always wanted to be a Commander in the Watch.

There was no fast-track to command. He had to complete their training which included gaining experience in all the various wings of the force. He was currently on a three month assignment to the prison facility on the station in Malkalen. It wasn't a large facility, more of a waystation. Most of the population were those who had committed crimes on the station or within the solar system and were awaiting trail or sentencing hearings. Those receiving hefty sentences would be shipped out to one of the many asteroid penal colonies. Those with short sentences may serve them here, but generally it was rare.

He tugged on his jacket once more, sent a message on his datapad and left the changing room to begin his shift.


Isida smiled as she picked up her datapad and saw the message. She blushed slightly as she recalled what he was referring to.

"OK people, big day and I really do not want any frack ups." the watch officer called out as he entered.

Isida turned her seat around and looked up from 'the pit'. She was one of a dozen docking control technicians who worked on the station. They worked a console each below the watch officer who sat on an elevated platform looking down on them.

"The Gallente delegation are due to arrive in thirty minutes. They are bringing a Nyx class supercarrier as well as the escort fleet. Its going to get very busy, very quickly out there. Provide a travel advisory to all craft recommending they seek alternative stations if possible. As always priority docking goes to the Capsuleers. Lets do this people!"

Isida span back around to her console. The Watch Officer always made their jobs sound like the most important on the station. She noted three incoming requests and tried to forget about the VIPs on their way.


"Morning Tamela." Saun announced cheerfully was he entered her cell. The Intaki woman stretched out.

"Do you ever knock?" she sighed.

"No. Don't want you forewarned of my imminent arrival in case you are doing something illegal." he laughed.

"What like? Escape is pretty impossible? Hoping to catch me and Oguken in a compromising situation?"

Saun looked over to the mass of white flesh snoring in the other bed. Tamela's cell mate was a lot of woman.

"Please don't. I've not had my breakfast." he complained.

The two smiled at each other. Tamela had embezzled two hundred thousand credits from the insurance firm where she had worked. Her sentencing hearing was in a week and she fully expected to spend the next couple of years somewhere less pleasant. Her young son had been sick and the medicine that he needed wasn't covered by the medical insurance. She had saved her son but would spend a long time in prison for doing so.

Saun opened his mouth to say something when the station evacuation alarm sounded. The two looked at each other in horror.


"Vector is 160 mark 225. He's coming straight for us." one of the others cried out from their console. The evacuation alarm had been silenced in docking control and only the pulsing red light remained as a reminder that they were all in terrible danger.

"Auto reject all docking requests.Prioritize undocking by manifest numbers. Get the more populated ships out first. Set the eggers on auto-grant. They can fend for themselves." the Watch Officer commanded.

Isida's eyes quickly scanned over her screens. Dozens and dozens of undocking requests were coming through and she was trying to process them all as quickly as she could.

"Impact in three minutes" the Watch Commander shouted.

Isida glanced up at the main screen in horror at the massive Nyx slowly making its way towards the station.


The evacuation plan for the prison was a two and a half hour process. Saun looked at his communicator. Two minutes forty. Tamela was sat on the edge of the bed looking worried. Oguken had woken up finally and was trying to stand up. Saun was conflicted. If he left everyone in their cells they might die. If he released them dozens of dangerous criminals would escape or worse take advantage of the chaos. Murderers and rapists roaming free in a station effected by a disaster?

"You two, come on. We're heading out."

Decision made. Save two.


"Isida! Come on!" the voice cried from the door way. She glanced back. Her friend waved frantically. She was the last one. Every one else had fled to the escape pods. Impact was in under a minute. It was a twenty second sprint to the escape pods in the corridor. On her screen the undocking requests were slowly being confirmed. She looked down the list. The forth one was a Charon class freighter. Twenty thousand people had flooded onto that ship. The confirmation button flashed up again and she hit it. The Charon moved up to third. The button flashed again, the Charon was now second. 40 seconds. The next one was a badger class industrial. She hit the button and another 400 people were clear. She wouldn't let herself look below the Charon. That was the last one. 30 seconds. Time seemed to slow. She glanced at the door. She was alone. The red button turned green. She hit it and span around, sprinting for the door. She'd saved over twenty five thousand people staying at her console.

She was five metres from the last pod when she was knocked off her feet. The station shook like an angry baby was using it as a rattle.


Saun picked himself up. The corridor was dark. All power was down, even the emergency lighting. He grabbed the small torch from his utility belt. The air was smoky and the beam cut a feint light through the ruined corridor. 

He saw Tamela laying face down in front of him. He bent down with one hand on his baton. She might be unconscious or... he heard a slight groan as he shook her shoulder. He glanced around for Oguken using his torch as a search light. He found her body sticking out from under a pile of metal beams where the roof had collapsed. She was very dead.

He helped Tamela to her feet. "Come on, we need to get out of here." he said, almost carrying her down the corridor.


Isida slowly bounced off the corridor walls. The artificial gravity had failed in this section and it was making movement difficult as she passed along the rows of escape pod hatches. Her communicator bleeped.

"What are you still doing on station?" Saun snapped.

"I could say the same to you!" she replied "There was a freighter evacuating people. I couldn't leave it. What's your excuse?"

"I was trying to get some prisoners out. Just too slow. Where are you and are there any pods you know of?"

Isida glanced at the screen by one of the hatches.

"Most have ejected. I'm seeing a couple that haven't but they are red lighted. Appears the launch tubes have buckled. Deck 18 appears fracked and we don't have gravity. I'll head to you, where are you?"

"Deck 20 but there are fires near we need to go up. Meet deck 19? Sector G4?"

Isida saw she was near D3 so should be able to easily get there.

"Roger. How many cons have you got with you?" she asked nervously.

"Just the one." he replied solemnly.


The first thing Isida noticed about the approaching woman was the resemblance to herself. They could have been sisters.

Saun  noticed Isida's body language as they approached. There was still some artificial gravity on deck 19 but it was low.

"Wait here a sec." Saun turned to Tamela who stopped. He went over to Saun.

"I see that look. Don't give me any shit. I was in her cell when the alarm sounded. I was escorting her and her cell mate."

"Oh, you just happened to be in the cell of a woman who looks just like me eh? Well I should be glad, you obvious like my type."

"Seriously? The frog bastards just rammed a supercarrier into our station and you're busting my balls that the one person I am able to rescue looks a bit like you?"

"Sorry." Isida whispered. "But you've got to admit its a bit of a coincidence!"

Saun rolled his eyes and waved to Tamela to join them. "Come on, I have an idea."


The three stood at the top of the corridor. 'Mangled' was perhaps the best way to describe it. Gun metal grey beams twisted through the ruptured walls. Fires raged from broken conduits. Electricity sparked from hanging wires.

"Seriously?" Tamela asked as they stood there looking down.

"There is a small shuttle at the other end. Its used for covert prisoner transfers. High risk suspects likes Serpentis we need to quietly move because any official transport ship is likely to be ambushed. Fits us all and has its own docking computer so we can undock without official permission and central computer authorization. We just need to get through that!"

The three stood in silence for a moment. Tamela started bouncing on the spot. The other two looked at her.

"What? The gravity is low. Don't you feel it? I wonder....."

Her voice trailed off as she looked forward. She shrugged and sprinted forward jumping through a gap in the twisted metal and fire. She flew like a torpedo and vanished.

"I'm not doing...." Isida was interrupted by a huge explosion that rocked the station. Obviously some large part of the Nyx just went up. Saun and Isida looked at each other in horror as they felt it together. A pressure in their ears and sinuses. Isida started to run towards the flames closely followed by Saun. An alarm sounded as they jumped for the gap. They didn't need to hear it, their bodies had already told them. The air pressure was dropping.


They found Tamela stood at the open blast door her hand on the override. Blastdoors on stations were all programmed to close in the event of hull breaches. They also had an override so that a person could prevent one from closing to allow people to escape. However once the door was closed it could not be opened again and the person had to keep their palm on the button. This way if oxygen levels did drop the person holding the door open would pass out and the door would slam shut. After incidents of allowing the AI to make these decisions and many deaths, it was decided that only humans with empathy could make the right choice.

Saun and Isida sprinted for the door as a series of small explosions shook the station.

"Come on!" she screamed.

They both passed into the hanger as a massive explosion rocked the station, knocking them from there feet. A scream made Saun twist his head.

"NO!" he cried.

Isida had fallen backwards and the rapidly closing blastdoor had slammed into her pelvis. She looked at Saun in horror with an outstretched hand. He scrambled over to her.

"You're going to be alright! I can fix this!" he sobbed.

Tamela looked down at the couple. She was no medical expert but knew it was a lie. The door had crushed her pelvis. If some way they could reopen the door she would bleed out in seconds. In fact the door itself was keeping her alive. The station rocked again. A whistle of air could be heard from the small gap under the door where Isida 's crushed body was preventing it from sealing properly.

"We have to do go." Tamela whispered.

"No. I'm not leaving her!" 

"We cannot...." Tamela decided it was best not to say the rest as Saun broke down.

He pulled away and reached into Isida's pocket. He held out something for Tamela. "Take these" he muttered. She took the items.

"The ship is through that door. The autopilot has a big green button marked emergency in the centre of the cockpit. It was designed in case of problems on board and the pilot being disabled and nobody on board being able to fly. Hit it and it will seal the ship, undock and fly immediately to the Funds Unlimited station using the AI."

"Thank you" Tamela said slowly stepping backwards. Another explosion made her turn and ran towards the awaiting ship.


Overall hundreds of thousands of people died that day. Countless more in the war it started. The Ishukone official report into the disaster squarely blamed the pilot of The Wandering Saint, Admiral Noir, for the deaths.

The official report covered 180,000 known citizens to be involved in the disaster....

Saltanela, Isida
Docking Coordinator First Class
Employee Reference X5-3893566
DECEASED. Body found in deck 19, hanger 42 after being crushed by closing blastdoor. Records show she delayed her own evacuation to ensure the Charon Class Freighter, The Kamano, was able to evacuate in the process saving 25,000 citizens. Awarded the Gariushi Memorial Star in recognition of her sacrifice.

Aureslen, Saun
Officer Trainee, Rank 3
Employee Reference O2-9734567
Survivor. Found unconscious sealed in maintenance conduit in deck 19, hanger 42 by Ishukone Search and Rescue. Currently assigned as acting Executive Officer on Watch Scorpion Class Battleship The Yakatoma.

Ono, Tamela
Prisoner Reference IS5556712
Unknown. Believed to have escaped and have stolen ID card of similar looking Ishukone employee. Records show employee X5-3893566 was a survivor registered arriving at the emergency receiving centre at Caldari Funds Unlimited Station at planet 4 in the system following the catastrophe. However X5-3893566's body was recovered from the Malkenen station and confirmed by DNA analysis. Facial recognition points to only one possibility that may have been able to use her photo ID, Prisoner IS5556712. The subjects son, who was fostered by his grandparents, has gone missing and they claim not to know where he is. Trailing the ID hits and withdrawal of funds from X5-389356's account we believe IS5556712 returned to collect her son and left the State via Yashunen system and was heading to Joleveir in Federation Space. Databases have been update to arrest IS5556712 or anyone claiming to be X5-3893566 should they ever return.

The End

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Test Driving the Jackdaw

So the new Caldari Tactical Cruiser appeared on SiSi yesterday. I jumped in one and took it for a spin.

Important Note - My Caldari Tactical Destroyer Skill (its not even called that yet! Still just an ID number) was only at 3 for these tests.

Other Important Note - I did these fits on the fly. I wouldn't recommend these. Just quick fits to see what the base stats you can get from the ship are.

So pics first.

Then onto the stats. I tried a 10mn rocket fit first.

5 T2 Rocket Launchers

10mn AB
Medium ASB
T2 EM Hardener
T2 Adaptive Hardener
X5 Web
T2 Scram

T2 Power Core

EM Rig
Extender Rig
CPU Overclock Rig

Cap stable and a free utility high slot which I lacked PG and CPU for.

Defense Mode:-
Defence - 9000 EHP with 78/82/79/77 resists and a medium auxiliary shield booster.
Attack - 8.5km range on the Rage rockets doing 228dps
Speed - 990m/sec

Sharpshooter Mode:-
Defence - 6658 EHP with 67/73/69/65 resists and a medium auxiliary shield booster.
Attack - 14km range on the Rage rockets doing 228dps
Speed - 990m/sec

Propulsion Mode:-
Defence - 6658 EHP with 67/73/69/65 resists and a medium auxiliary shield booster.
Attack - 14km range on the Rage rockets doing 228dps
Speed - 1300m/sec

Against a BC rat it powered through without dropping below 85% shield in defensive mode.

Next I try a light missile fit:-

5 T2 Light Missile Launchers

1mn MWD
Medium ASB
T2 EM Hardener
T2 Adaptive Hardener
X5 Web
T2 Disruptor

T2 Overdrive

EM Rig
Extender Rigs.

Defense Mode:-
Defence - 9000 EHP with 78/82/79/77 resists and a medium auxiliary shield booster.
Attack - 31km range on the Rage missiles doing 185dps
Speed - 1585m/sec

Sharpshooter Mode:-
Defence - 6658 EHP with 67/73/69/65 resists and a medium auxiliary shield booster.
Attack -52km range on the Rage missiles doing 185dps
Speed - 1585m/sec

Defence - 6658EHP with 67/73/69/65  resists and a medium auxiliary shield booster.
Attack - 31km range on the Rage missiles doing 185dps
Speed - 2114m/sec

Whilst the 10mn Rocket fit is cap stable, the light missile has less than 2 minutes cap.

Compared to the first time I took out the Svipul and the Confessor (which admittedly have been nerfed recently) I'm not sure where the Jackdaw fits in. My rocket Corax has less EHP and slightly less range but higher DPS. I think I need to see how the level 5 skill works on the Jackdaw's stats! At level 3 I'm not impressed.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Battlestar Nyx

This is a bit of a 'thinking out loud' type post. I was listening to Crossing Zebras 58 last week. Doing an hours walk most nights is doing wonders for my weight, fitness and my Eve podcast listening.

One of the things they were discussing was how FozzieSov will change sov battles. It will no longer be who can field the most super caps. It will be about who can field the most bodies. Brave Newbies will for example be much better at holding Sov than a smaller alliance with lots of super cap pilots. There was also talk how the current wars going on lately could partly be due to super cap pilots wanting a good run out before FozzieSov made their ships potentially worthless.

Fozzie mentioned at Fanfest they were going to look into the role of supers. So where could Fozzie be thinking of taking super carriers?

What if super carriers became the ultimate defensive ship? Its role is no longer to be the DPS king verses structures and capitals, but to control the grid? A small fleet with a super can take on a much larger one who are without one.

Fozzie apparently mentioned the Battlestar Galactica comparison at Fanfest I hear. So how could supercarriers be rebalanced to fit this bill? Just spit-balling some ideas here. Not a massive amount of thought has gone into these. Just for fun.

Fighters - Rebalanced to to act as real fighters. Excellent against frigates and destroyers. No so good against larger vessels.

Corvettes or gunboats - Smaller than destroyers, these ships excel against the cruisers and battlecruisers.

Fighter Bombers - Rebalanced to act as anti-battleship. Not much use against small vessels but excellent against larger sub-caps.

The three types could take time to dock and relaunch as would happen on a real carrier so super pilots would have to choose their launches carefully?

This is the aim of super-carriers. Fleet support vessels. Short range but massive firepower. Want to destroy capital ships or structures. Call in dreadnoughts and titans!

As well as the fighters, corvettes and fighter-bombers they could fit turrets perhaps?

Flax Cannons - New turret that can only be fitted on supercarriers. Works like a rapid firing mini-bomb launcher. They are faster than bombs, smaller AoE and less damage. Ideal for clearing swarms of smaller sub-caps that get too close.

Point Defense Laser - New turret that automatically targets and shoots down incoming bombs, torpedoes and drones. Think of defender missiles... but something that is actually useful!

Basically they could become very vulnerable to dreadnoughts. The counter to a supercarrier supremacy on the grid are dreadnoughts?

This could be part of the wider cap and super-cap balance:-

Titans - Ultimate damage dealers versus caps and structures (doomsday) and fleet support/boosters.
Super-carriers - The masters of sub-cap slaughter.
Carriers - Super logi and suitcases.
Dreadnoughts - Balanced to be best DPS and anti-capital ship tool. Duff to DPS.

I'm not a super-carrier pilot and probably never will be. These are just some rough ideas I got thinking about BSG styleeee and possible directions CCP may go in the next year..... may be.... possibly....?

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Body Builder - Part 3

Friday fiction! Escape pod here.

The Body Builder - Part 3

"Do you like this body?" Gaull asked, tracing the curves of her body with a fingertip as they lay in bed.

Jasmeen giggled. "I love this body. Its my favorite."

"You don't have to say it just because it was made for my tastes. Don't you wish you could come here in your own body?"

"Hell no! My old body is best locked away. If I could I'd live in this one. Its so young and glamorous. So much energy. Apparently its based on the holoreel movie stars Chanollaire Chrillamme and Slens Vert with a bit of the pop star Venelles Yvottice, but you know that right? They're your favorites? You like them dark and dusky don't you! If the company released me from my contract and gives me the pick of any clone as a leaving gift I'd take this one."

Gaull fell silent.

"You think we'll ever get to leave?" he said quietly.

Jasmeen didn't answer immediately. She sighed.

"I don't know. The truth is I know too much. I've performed for Senators, CEOs and movie stars. You might be able to, you have no real dirt on them."

"I've made clones to be murdered. I've created little girls body's so these sickos can sate their perverted lusts. I know too much too." replied Gaull.

"You'll be fine. What's this all about?"

"I don't know. I was just fantasizing about running away from all this. Just wondered if during our daring escape whether we'd need to stop off and grab your birth-body before stealing a ship and flying away into the big black together."

Jasmeen rested her head on his bare chest.

"No, I'm happy with this body so just grab the keys and lets ride" she said with a touch of sadness.


Lieutenant Moreau looked at the message again. He would have dismissed it as a hoax but they already were already actively looking for this place. They knew it was real. A low-sec outpost full of criminals that housed a cat-house providing illegal designer clones. An urban legend of a place for the elite of New Eden to satisfy their perverted desires with clones of movie stars and people they could not have in real life. Some dismissed it as legend but the Federal Police Force knew it was all too real. They just couldn't find it.

Moreau replied to the cryptic message with his own. Two simple words.

"Prove it."

He had to wait a month for the reply.


"Your Eminence. There is a problem." the hooded figure spoke in a subservient tone. The throne room in the Amarrian vessel was typical of the empire. Gleaming gold and bright red velvet assaulted the senses. The ever present hum of the warp drive in standby mode was a constant reminder they were on a starship and not in an ancient Amarrian monastery.

"What is it my son?" the old man spoke.

"Our ship has been intercepted by a small Federal Police force which are blocking our way. Four Comet class frigates have surrounded us and ordering us to stand-down. They are demanding to board us."

The old man steepled his fingers under his chin.

"We are in sovereign Gallente space. We must comply with their law-men. Allow them on-board and send the senior officer to see me." he replied with a wave of his hand.

Five minutes later Lieutenant Moreau walked down the golden corridor following the young acolyte. He was either about to crack this case open or ruin his career by kicking off a major diplomatic incident between the Gallente Federation and the Amarrian Empire. He had no idea if this would work.

"Frack it. Balls deep." he whispered to himself.

They entered the room and he saw the old man in the golden robes sat on a throne. The acolyte who escorted the Lieutenant bowed and left.

"Do you know who I am?" the old man asked in a tone that indicated he was not please.

"I know what you are, not who you are."

The answer clearly took the old man off guard.

"So what am I?" he said with a smile, his mood changing upon finding this policeman would not be easily intimidated.

"You are an Emissary from Bhizheba V within the Amarr Empire and a sick pervert who likes little girls."

The old mans face dropped. His mouth hung open in shock.

"Gotchya" Moreau thought.

"How, how, how, how dare you! I should have you flushed out of the airlock for that slur!" he spluttered.

"You could. Then you'd be wanted for murdering a Federal Officer as well as your other crimes. To be honest killing the only man who can make this go away wouldn't be the smartest move now would it?"

The old man paused.

"How can it be made to, as you say, go away?"

"The proof I have is pretty damning. Obviously holo-recordings only tell a very one-sided version of the story. I assume the little girl is a clone and the person inside the body is much older?" Moreau continued.

"Yes." the old man whispered. Moreau had no evidence. All he had was a system, a time and the words "This Amarrian likes his girls very young". The pervert had filled the rest of the gaps in on his own.

"Unfortunately the video file doesn't say that. Its just you and the girl. You obviously have a lot of money to pay for these special services. I want one million credits transferring to my personal account right now. Do that and I'll say this is a drugs raid acting on an anonymous tip. None of my officers know why we are here. We'll search your ship, find nothing, apologise to you in front of any witnesses of your choice, and then leave."

The old man smiled and nodded reaching for his datapad.


Daemire came into the control room. Yvelle was there with her feet up on the console and look of thunder across her face. Even when mad she still looked stunning. She had been one of his original girls. Back before they moved into using designer clones. He used to run a cat-house in Luminaire and she'd been his favorite. Eventually she stopped seeing Johns and became his lover and business partner. They had fallen apart eventually but it was an amicable split. Daemire had kept her on as his number two as she knew the business so well.

"Where the frack have you been? We've got a serious problem!" Yvelle growled.


"The Emissary has been on. His yacht was intercepted on the way back to the Empire by the Feds. They knew what his tastes were and claimed to have a video from here. They wanted a million credits to make it look like a narc raid. He paid up and the crooked cop left but he is furious."

Daemire narrowed his eyes. "We have a leak. Find out who it is."


"So were you questioned today?" Gaull asked as he placed the plates of food down on the table in his suite.

"Yes. I think everyone was. Its a bit scary." Jasmeen replied. She was coming around to Gaull's suite most nights now. Daemire had also given her permission to use the clone they had originally created to lure Gaull on a day-to-day basis rather than just the weekly visit. Gaull doubted this was out of the goodness of his heart and suspected that Daemire made that offer as he thought it would keep Gaull happy. Since starting on black and pink jobs, Guall had been rather unhappy at work.

"How can there be a leak? This place is so secure." Gaull asked.

"Its not any of us I am sure. We don't have access to anything. There is a specialist hacking team on deck 5 that do cyber crimes I hear. Must be one of those. They have network and neocom access." Jasmeen said as she started cutting up her juicy steak. "I mean most of us want to get out of here, but if the Feds bust us then we're all in it together. They'll arrest us all. Unless whoever is the leak has struck a deal already."

"Or has a very cunning escape plan!" Gaull laughed.

After they finished their meal they cleared the table together and had an early night. Jasmeen couldn't shake a feeling though. The way Gaull said 'a cunning plan' made her a bit nervous. Nervous, but hopeful.


Moreau leaned back in the seat and looked at his datapad that displayed his bank balance. A measly three thousand credits was all that was left in his account that a while ago had seven figures. Such was the life of an honest cop. Internal Affairs had been waiting for the money to be deposited. As soon as it was, it was transferred again to the charity for supporting the families of cops who had been injured or killed in the line of duty. Moreau had been a millionaire for all of ninety seconds. The main reason for the 'bribe' was an excuse for the subsequent drugs search. One of the officers in the search team was a computer specialist trained in starship navi-com systems. Whilst in the engine room he had downloaded the data from the ships drive-computer whilst other officers distracted the engineering crew. They'd got the ship's navigation logs. They'd got a location.

The small police fleet was en-route to the system.

In an hour it would be over.


"Its you. You are the leak." Yvelle spat with venom in her voice. Daemire laughed hard.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. The only reason it took so long was we didn't look at your logs. Why would you do it Daemire? The comms console shows your access logged." she asked.

"Don't be ridiculous! What do I get from leaking anything? Its MY money, its MY outpost, its MY organization. If I wanted out I'd simply leave. I have enough money for a dozen lifetimes. I have the connections to keep me safe forever. Why would I call the cops?"

"I don't know! However the logs showed you accessed the Neo-comm. You sent messages to the Feds from a secret account."

"Hackers you stupid bitch. Of course it looks like me. Give me one plausible reason why I'd tip off the cops to my own organization? I don't care if the DNA logger says its me, its not. Go on, give me one reason why I'd do it."

Yvelle paused. She thought hard for one scenario where Daemire might be the leak. Finally she picked up her datapad.

"Security. Arrest every single person in the hacking team and lock them up now."

Daemire scowled at her with his arms crossed. She looked at him sheepishly.

"It must be one of them. Only they have the skills to edit the DNA logger. They framed you."

Daemire nodded.


Two hours later the alarm sounded throughout the station. The occupants had prepared for this event but never expected it. They were under attack. The law was here.

Daemire and Yvelle were grilling one of the hacking team in an interrogation room when it sounded. Daemire picked up his datapad.

"Report!" he said in a commanding tone.

Yvelle looked on anxiously as Daemire listened and nodded to whoever he was talking too.

"You know what to do." he said finally hanging up the call.

Yvelle looked at him questioningly.

"Federal Navy is here. Its only a small force surrounding the station but our scanners have identified cyno generators on two of the Federal ships. I'm guessing if we try and wait this out we'll have a dreadnought or two knocking on our door. They have said any ship leaving will be fired upon and are demanding we activate the docking system."

"What are we going to do?" Yvelle asked, panic in her voice.

"What we planned for. Take the Opux yacht, use the insta-undock and cloak up. Its game over for this place Yvelle. Lets get out of here."

The two walked briskly down the corridor leaving the stunned hacker on his own wondering what was going on. All along the busy corridor people were running about and panicking as word spread of the Police blockade outside. Daemire and Yvelle calmly and discreetly headed to the private hanger. The armed guard stood in front of the door as usual, blocking the way. When he saw the two approaching he looked shocked.

"What?" Daemire asked the stunned guard noticing his shocked and confused expression.

"But... but.... but...." the man stammered.

"Oh out of my way!" Daemire shouted and pushed the man aside and opened the door to the hanger. He stopped in the doorway. Frozen in shock. He slowly turned to the guard.

"Where. Is. My. Ship?" Daemire said slowly and menacingly.

"You took it sir.... I mean... it was you sir. You were here! Not ten minutes ago. You said you were taking the girl for a spin in the yacht and that you'd be back in two hours. I thought......"

"What girl?" Yvelle asked.

"I don't know. She was smoking hot. Dark haired. Looked a bit like that Gallente actress, Chanollaire Chrillamme." the guard stammered.

Daemire punched the guard in head, furious. The man dropped to the floor unconscious. Daemire then burst into laughter. Loud, maniacal laughter. Yvelle just stood looking on at the spectacle with her arms crossed. When he finished laughing he looked at her.

"What in Divinities Edge is going on?" she growled.

"Exactly what it looks like. I tipped off the police, I stole the yacht and took one of the girls!" he laughed again.

"Have you lost your mind? You are here!"

"I suspect that I am here and there! Gaull! It has to be Gaull. He must have cloned me somehow and has been impersonating me. He made a copy that could waltz into the secure comms room and send a message and nobody would question him. Hell I'm the boss and the DNA scanners were happy so what were they going to do? Then once he knew the cops were on their way here he just walked down to the hanger, with Jasmeen in tow no doubt, and took my ship and with it our only way off this outpost. Sorry, his ship, our ship. My, my, my! Did I underestimate that kid."

Yvelle's face was one of horror.

"So what now?"

"I don't know. Life in jail or blown to bits. Shall we flip a coin?" he asked flippantly taking out his datapad. "Oh look, we were too slow in getting back to them. They've deployed a Moros! Ooooo a warning shot!"


Obacan watched the man approach his counter. Well dressed, mid-20's, hansom. Probably had more money in his back pocket than Obacan made in a year. He hated these rich asshats. Working in a private bank was probably not the best for his blood pressure given his view on wealthy people, but he needed the credits.

"I'd like to make a withdrawal please." the man politely stated as he reached the counter.

Obacan nodded to the ident station next to the counter's window. The man placed his head against the forehead rest and pressed his palm on the plate. A second later the retinal, palm and DNA scanner confirmed his identity and highlighted his account.

"Welcome back Mr Juvoire. How much would you like to withdraw?"

The clone of Daemire looked down at the readout in front of him and placed a large smart briefcase on the side. 

"100 million." he replied casually.

Within 10 minutes he was walking down the steps of the private bank with the case in hand. Jasmeen was sat in a brand new Allotek sports lev-car waiting.

"Where too?" she asked with a smile as he climbed into the bucket seats.

"I don't know?" Gaull replied back with a smile and a wink "Back to the ship? I hear the pleasure resorts on Botane Six are pleasant this time of year? First, I think I'll clone back to my old body. You can stay as you are."

The sports car roared off towards the starport, the engine masking the sound of laughter.

The end.