Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tek's Shiny Birthday Roam

Last night we had a birthday roam for one of our directors in Shadows of the Federation, Tekitha.

Tek is not only one of our Directors but also a foul-mouthed FC. Think "Bricktop" from Snatch. I really do expect him to add "Feed 'em to the pigs Errol" after each order!

Anyway, the drink is flowing, we are forming up and having a laugh on comms when out CEO presents a birthday present for Tek. A nice new Machariel that we all chipped in for to say thanks for all Tek's hard work. Suddenly the HAC/Recon gang is out of the window and we've got half a dozen Mac's, T3's, Logi's, HAC's and Recons ready for the off. A rather expensive fleet for a drunken roam....

We head out and Tek needs to go AFK 1 minute to visit the little capsuleers room so docks up leaving us on a gate. A solo Machariel jumps into us. Half the fleet aggress' and the other half jump through the gate as the Mac burns back including me. We point him the other side and he burns back to gate again. He manages to jump out in low structure. AHHHHHHH! The half the fleet that aggressed him on the otherside finish him off.

Tek comes back just having missed the Mac kill.

So we head on. Unfortunately one of our members who shall remain nameless, suffers major wife/girlfriend aggro. He's in a pickle as no station in system and in his Mac when GCC. He jumps nextdoor where he see's there is a station. Unfortunately it's a 0.5 security status :( So that's the second expensive ship lost due to wife-aggro this week. Anyway his drunken corp mates help by suggesting way's she could make it up to him involving him, her and her female best friend. The "specialist movie" producer, Ben Dover, has been in contact and has offered 3 SoTF mates contracts as writers on his next production after reading the fleet chat log!

Next few jumps we pop a frigate and a Assault Ship.

Next we find a small gate camp in Angatalie. A Nighthawk with a few BC. We try and get them but they warp off. No station in system so we "Benny Hill" after the command ship. We cannot catch him after several attempts so form up on the out-gate. He lands at the location 50km off. Now usually he'd be OK, however when the fleet was upgraded from "Normal" to "Hideously Expensive" I swapped into a Tengu and decided to stick a faction point on it. With a booster in fleet, faction point and overheat - 50km is nicely doable. He burns but we are all faster than a Nighthawk. He's neuted dry and everyone comes to whore on the killmail.

A Catalyst gets in our way next and is alpha'd by Tek's Mac.

We check the usually busy systems of Heydieles and Old Man Star which are very quiet. Tek passes the time by holding mini competitions giving 10m ISK prizes to the best boobie pic or best arse pic posted in fleet chat in one minute time frames. I cannot click any of them, it's soooooooo unfair.

We did have a bit of a discussion about "Why is Old Man Star called Old Man Star?". I pointed out to the corp that most should remember as that was a puzzle in my own birthday roam I did a few years ago. Then Gallactica started going on about the disco at my wedding (yes, my CEO came to my wedding!). Slightly off track Gall. Anyway, want to know why OMS is called OMS? Check the story here, it is a good read.

In Tama we find a Hurricane to pop and then in Hirri we bump into our old adversary from the Caldari Militia Gunnyt31. Now usually it would be "Point that 'Cane" but for an old friend like Gunny it was "IT'S GUNNY POINT HIM! POINT HIM! SOMEONE ***** GET HIM!!!!!!"

Sorry Gunny ;)

Our scout finds a few in Hallenen looking like they want to play including a Pilgrim and Proteus on the station. Tek gets them agressed, we warp in just as Tek is starting to move from "Erm, I'm getting slightly worried here guys" to "HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!" We land, pop the Pilgrim, primary the Proteus and they undock an Archon. Sorry guys.... just a little too late in undocking that carrier!

A covert ops and a stealth bomber also say hello to "our little friend" in the same system. Bad time to undock TBH.

By this time it's late. It's after 3am for me, 2am for Lock in Eastern Europe, 1am for our Western Europe chums and midnight for the UK contingent. SoTF is about 60% ish UK, 30% Europe and a few scattered across the planet. So Tek asks who needs to log off in the next hour and most the fleet X's.

After some moaning, we head back towards home. Unfortunately the fleet gets a bit split up and a Mac decides to go it alone and jumps into an Amarr gate camp. Our only loss of the night :(

On the return journey a couple of Hurricanes choose the wrong time to be in our path but we never saw a single decent fleet all night.

However what we did get on the way back is the most ironic chat I think I've ever had. Our CEO was taking some flak as he needed to go to bed as the kids would be jumping on him early. What followed was a deep and meaningful "conversation" why he was a pussy and the average man lives for 75 years and as most of us are already half-way there you should enjoy yourself, live everyday as if it was your last and make the absolute most of your time on Earth. Oh and kids get in the way of that. A huge drunken debate was then held between the "Live everyday as if it was your last and party hard" brigade verses the "Home and Family" lot.

In the same way as I believe those playing Eve should be able to play how they like, I also believe people should live the way they like. Me and the wife don't have kids and are not planning any. That's our choice, but I never have a go at anyone who does. And the drunken "argument" was hilarious to me. I say argument, it was a drunken conversation really last all the way home. I finally logged just before 4am. Just hearing in corp chat as I write this that the convo went on for hours.

Sorry Lock, but you lost the argument as I logged. I'm calling it.

Your argument was "enjoy yourself to the MAX, live everyday as if it was your last and make the absolute most of your time on Earth and kids get in the way of that". Yes, normally someone could make a great argument for that cause, but, and it is a HUGE but..... you yourself are at home...... on a Friday night...... playing pretend internet spaceships with the rest of us sad geeks until the early hours. :)


Losses to NPC's - 1
Losses to Players - 1
Bottles drunk - Lots
Kills - 17
Fleets engaged - 0
Old "Friends" Popped - 1
Total jumps - 50+
Distance from eye to screen of our CEO after 3 bottles of red - 2 inches
Open eyes on CEO after those 3 bottles - 1
Lolz had - Many
30 minute long discussions on lifestyle choices - 1

All-in-all a good little roam, no real epic battle but excellent banter on comms, good drink and some kills.

Thanks to Tek for FC'ing, to Gall for getting so drunk to add as constant source of comedy, same props to Lock out and the rest of SoTF who turned out in force in a fleet of pure awesome-sauce.

Oh, and happy birthday Tek!


  1. Nice write-up mate- sounds fun!

  2. Happy Birthday indeed. I got into structure on GF aggro the night before so had to give it a miss and ended up doing the beer/curry thing anyway, which was nice. Sounds like a great fleet though and this blog is awesome.

    /me searches for feed button

  3. Sounds like a good night, Happy Birthday Tek!

  4. Really fun read this. Not a PVPer meself (partially deaf so not fond of voice comms for the most point) but I do like to hear the stories :)