Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drack is Homeless aka Evolution in an Eve PvP Corp

Well this is something new. After over four years of playing Eve I find myself in a situation I've never been in before. Having to find a new corp! Shadows of the Federation has been heading down the "competitive e-sports/l33t PvP" route for a while now. I just want to log in, violence important internet spaceships and log out. No drama, no fuss, no business planning, no shouting, no emo, no-one sober!

Unfortunately (for me) things have been getting more and more serious in Shadows for some time. We all take our important internet spaceships seriously, but there is a point. I mean Shadows is moving in the "right" direction as a PvP corp. Open the latest edition of EON magazine and you'll see both the alliance and Shadows in the respective top 20 rankings. Yes, SoTF have come a long way in the last 3 years!

Are the enemy here yet? Are the enemy here yet? Are the enemy here yet?

So why, as a PvP player did I want to leave a top PvP corp? Try answering this, you have two choices tonight:-

a) Sit in your carrier or dreadnought waiting in station on the hope that the enemy might deploy something you can drop and have some epic kills.


b) Jump in some BC's and go for a roam and kill whatever you find.

Now some will say A and others B. I'm fully in the "B" camp. Sat staring at the arse of a titan for ages or spinning a capital in station with a 50% chance nothing will happen is not my own personal play style. But you don't get epic kills with "B", you do get epic kills/fights with "A". But in the end its down to personal choice, its how YOU prefer to spend YOUR time, its.......

I know that the biggest fans of the "A" camp in Shadows will be reading this. I'm not having a go, I'm not criticising the way you play the game. It is simply that I prefer easy, stress free PvP and am much more happier out in space killing cheap stuff than waiting in station/at the POS for that epic fight that might happen with caps, supers and shiny ships. I know you're not. We all enjoy different things.

So I've dropped ("ing" technically, roles haven't gone yet and I want to get back to the Gallente warzone first) to the faction war NPC corp and doing my own thing for a while. Really need to find a new corp, but...... the problem is I've never had to look for a corp before.

I started Eve as a solo player, what Mittens calls an "Eve-Born". I was happy in the noob corp farming missions in my railgun Cormorant and aiming for that awesome ship I wanted called a Caracal. That ship really did look awesome and I'd be able to WTFPWN these rats when I flew a mighty cruiser!

Pretty sure the Caracal didn't look like this in 2008!

It was only after I was chatting to an old mate about this great game I'd found called Eve Online and he said he'd already played it that I joined a (his) player corporation, Revelation Space. That corp merged with SoTF and therefore I've never had to look for a corp as such.

I've heard there are bad ones around.... many, many bad ones apparently. As a Director in SoTF I occasionally offer my opinion on new applicants to the corp. One 'red flag' to me is someone who has 30 corps in their employment list in the last two years. I keep getting told I shouldn't judge people like that as there are so many terri-bad corps in game people do swap corps a lot before they find a good one. So how do you identify a good one before you join? I dunno?!?!

Anyway how do you find new employment in Eve, I've never had to do this in five years of playing. I suppose I could do it as I would in real-life with a Curriculum Vitae? But where do I put it? Anyone know the location of the New Eden Job Centre?

Name - Drackarn
Date of Birth - 29.07.2008
Nationality - Caldari
Security Status - Negative 8.something
Skill Points - 72,000,000

Previous Employment
11.07.2009 to Present - Shadows of the Federation, Director
10.04.2008 to 11.07.2009 - Revelation Space, Werebear
29.07.2008 to 10.04.2008 - State War Academy, Clueless Newb, Carebear

Skill highlights and Qualifications
Corp Management - Anchoring 3 (for bubbles)
Drones - T2 for light, medium, heavy and sentry drones. T1 rep and ewar drones.
Electronics - Max fitting skills, good eWar and ECM skills (all T2 eWar mods). Multitasking at 4.
Engineering - Max fitting skills, max active shield tanking skills, capital energy and capital shield transfers.
Gunnery - Max support skills. T2 small, medium and large Artillary, Autocannon, Railgun, Blaster and Pulse Laser. Beam Laser t2 to medium. Capital hybrid.
Industry - Erm... mining lvl 3!
Leadership - WC 2, all first tier leadership skills to 4.
Mechanic - Max armour tanking skills. Capital repair systems. Remote Capital Repair.
Missiles - T2 rocket, light, heavy assault, heavy and torpedo. Citadel torps and cruise.
Navigation - All 4's and 5's including jump skills
Science - Cybernetics 5 (for HG implants) and Graviton Physics 4 (Dics and Hics). Booster skills at 3/4.
Spaceship Command:
- Amarr. Frig 4, Cruiser 5, BS 5, Carrier 4 (Pantheon Archon).
- Caldari. Frig 5, Cruiser 5, BS 5, Carrier 4, Dread 3, Strategic Cruiser 3 (Subs at 4)
- Gallente. Frig 5, Cruiser 4, BS 5, Dread 4.
- Matari. Frig 5, Cruiser 5, BS 4, Strategic Cruiser 3 (Subs at 5)
- None Racial Skills. AdvSC 5, AF 5, BC 5, Bl-Ops 2, Caps 3, Command Ships 4, Cov-Ops 4, Destroyer 5, EAS 3, HAC 4, HIC 3, Ceptors 4, Dics 3, Logi 4, Marauder 2, Recon 5.

About Me.
Can fly most combat vessels in game. When soloing I love Assault Frigates although an active tanked Slepnier is fun (providing you have a scout to check for camps). Hurricanes and Flabbers go without saying! In a fleet I can bring what is needed. Prefer to use alts for logistics/triage. Will fly most things from a Falcon to provide jams up to faction battleships and dreadnoughts for deeps. I 'can' FC but pretty crap at it and personally hate it. Much prefer to be in the thick of things shooting large guns!

As for the corp I'm looking for..... looking for a not too serious corp. One that understands real life comes first and if the wife walks into the computer room in stockings and heels and purrs "Are you busy?" during a fleet, I'll be docking up (don't worry, it happens a LOT less regularly than I would like!). 

One that accepts the excuse "I cannot make that fleet on Friday night, I'm out getting utterly gazebo'd". One where emo-rage is kept to a minimum and I'm not scared of making a mis-click.

Ideally I'd like a low-sec Faction War corp that is NBSI with no sec-status cap (I'm a bloody pirate and don't fancy ratting up), not bothered what side, just want to violence internet spaceships.

Mmmmmm may be I'm asking too much there. Are all those criteria actually compatible?

Alt Account 1
Pilot 1 - Freighter pilot, cloaky transport pilot, max leadership and booster skills other than FC (currently at 3). Tengu and Legion Booster pilot. Good manufacturing skills.
Pilots 2 and 3 - Cyno/speed tanking alts

Alt Account 2
Pilot 1 - Guardian (logi 5) with max energy and armour rep skills. Triage Archon pilot, currently training T2 triage (will be done 7th August).
Pilot 2 - Level 4 missioning alt
Pilot 3 - Cyno alt

Alt Account 3
Was made for pilot to be protagonist in the Jita Ripper fiction series. Don't know what to do with this account currently. Started a toon on there and is doing the fitting skills whilst I decide what to do with her.

Well I wonder if the New Eden job market is any better than the current planet earth job market!


  1. "Well I wonder if the New Eden job market is any better than the current planet earth job market!"


  2. I've been reading your blog for awhile now. message me. Can't say publicly.

  3. Job market is fine out there, I think the easiest way to eliminate corps from your list is also the easiest way to find them.

    For my alts and finding a corp, I do the following,

    1. Head to the area that I want to operate out of, and start doing the things I want to do there, but not 100% of the time, say like 90% of the time, so sounds like you want facwar lowsec, find a system to base out of, and start doing your thing, watch for the people killing and being killed around you in space, keep an eye on local and look for organized fleets and do some research. Common disqualifiers for me are as follows, No Forums, No voice chat, no killboard, and they aren't mature enough organizationally for me.

    2. Now you have what I would call a "short list" of corps, you know they are active around your tz, they have your pre-requisite out of game stuff, ie forums, voice comms, killboards, and they should have more than say 15 members. Start contacting the CEO's//Recruitment peeps and have a list of questions ready for them, but wait for them to ask you questions first.

    Why wait? Because their questions should indicate how serious they are as a corp, if they approach you with a very strict set of requirements and are very serious about fittings, the interview is serious, then likely they are 'serious' leet pvpers and not what you are looking for. On the other hand if they have no idea what to ask you and are just looking for another warm body (few prerec's, no organization, very little chatter//active people online) then they are too far in the other direction.

    Now all this takes a while, so let the peeps you talk to that you are just looking around for now and want to make sure they fit what you want. If they get frustrated and want you in NAOW, they are also probably not worth your time, but if you waste too much of their time, then fuckem. Hang out in their public channel and engage with a few of their members.

    3. Now you have your SHORT short list. Maybe 3-4 corps that all look "good" start seeing if you can do some roams with these corps, or group mining ops or missions or whatever you are into. See how well you get along with their members, see if your version of relaxed talking on voice comms matches theirs. For instance I have a XXX rated mouth, on some comms channels, swearing is not appreciated, and that's fine, but probably doesn't always jive with what I am looking for. Another good indicator is how well is 'fleet links' received. Like if you post funny shit in fleet chat in the middle of a roam, is that cool? or not? Or posting Porn, same thing.

    4. You're probably already down to just one corp by now, but maybe you need to choose between two, I'd find out what their relationship with each other is. You'd be surprised how often I get down to the final 2 and realize that they are actually flying with each other, and if now how good it would be IF they did start flying with each other.

    Almost universally, I never go into the corp recruitment channel, or look a the results for the nifty corp recruitment adverts, though tbh those are pretty slick for skipping parts of the first step and narrowing down your choices.

    Good luck finding a new corp!

  4. As Cecil said on Twitter you should look into Aideron Robotics. Since Twitter is down send me a in-game email to Marcel Devereux or contact me at

  5. Drak- If you intend to stay in GalMil, just look at the KB and you'll see which corp to apply to. Having been in GalMil for 6 months, it's pretty easy to spot who are competitive.

    Since you're EU, I'd say it's either Dark Rising. DR is still based in Nisuwa. Or try Moira which is part of GMVA. Though, you'll need to clarify what their stance is on sec-status cap.

  6. I hear these guys are hiring...

  7. Hi Drackarn. My corp has just recently moved back to minmatar faction warfare, and is recruiting. Mostly euro, with some US. Casual corp, we fly a mix of stuff, although canes are currently in fashion. I'm on my phone, so don't have links handy, but corp mane is Cadre Assault Force, drop into "cadre chat channel" if you want to say hi

  8. Sorry to hear you left SOTF Drack (though you seem happy and its ages ago now and yes i'm really slow at blog reading these days...). Whatever the current status quo is no one can deny that you put a lot of hard work into SOTF over the years, especially during your time as a Director, and you were great fun to fly with too. I understand where you are coming from with the playstyle issue, it is one I found myself stuck pondering too. I hope you are having fun in your new home! o7