Friday, October 19, 2012

Vengeance – Part 8

Fan fiction Friday alert. Your escape route is here where Kirith Kodachi looks at his PvP from 2007 against 2012.

Vengeance – Part 8

Rico "Bull" Rancher walked down the wide station promenade holding his datapad, not particularly looking were he was going. The odd hover car that passed through gave him a wide berth. In a collision with him the Hover Car would win, but it would take substantial damage! The map on his datapad indicated the door to his right was the place. It was simply marked with a metallic silver 'F' above the door. The levels at the bottom of this Matari station were like any other low-sec Matari station, in dire need of repairs.

He pushed through the door and entered what appeared to be a heavily smoky bar. It was dimly lit and he had a hard time making out any faces in the booths and benches that lined the room. He walked to the bar and surveyed the drinks on offer. All cheap, all hideously strong. He attracted the barmans attention and ordered the weakest beer he could see. He wanted his wits about him if that egger did show up. He'd received a message from him early this morning saying he was coming for him. He said to meet here at this bar. Bull was more than happy to accept. Killing a capsuleer in a bar would be much easier for him than in outer space.

"You Bull?" the barman asked as he slid the beer over.

"Yeah. What's it to you?" he replied aggressively.

The barman reached under the bar and placed a small box next to his beer. "Some guy said a big Caldari bloke called Bull would turn up around this time today and I should give you that. We don’t get a lot of Caldari here so guessed it must be you."

Bull took a drink of beer and eyed the box carefully not knowing if it would explode in his face. After the third gulp he opened it gingerly to find a small earpeice. He placed it in his ear and the comm channel opened up.

"Good evening Bull"

"Where are you, you sack of shit. Show yourself so I can pound you!"

"Oh I'm watching."

Bull spun around surveying the bar, but there were too many people and it was too dark and smoky. He couldn't make anything out but vague shapes in the booths and against the walls.

"I thought we could have a quick chat first. I thought this would be the best way as I doubt face-to-face you're much of a talker."

"Show me your face and I'll smash it in!"

"Charming. I just wanted to explain why I hate you most of all. Much more than the others." that statement stopped Bull in his tracks.

"You see, my wife was an ex-slave....."

"An ex-slave! She was an ex-slave?" Bull said loudly "That's fantastic! I thought we'd just assaulted, beaten and carved-up some Minmatar tart. But an ex-slave who had married a capsuleer, that's priceless! Talk about being risen up and then being smashed back down. I should have known, as she was under me, crying, begging me to stop hurting her, that she used to belong to the Amarr. Its the way they beg and plead. She'd obviously had plenty of practice. She made the best noises as I slammed my fist into her ugly Matari face. Ha! You heard what we did to her before it was my turn right? Slasher with the knife, she probably got worse than that under the Amarr. In fact she probably enjoyed it, the knife slowly cutting through her Matari-whore-flesh. Probably got her off as he shredded her skin. You know, that slut-slave probably died with a smile on her face after what the seven of us did to her! From slave to capsuleers wife to our plaything for a few hours. To be honest she got what she deserved. You should have seen her after we'd finished with her. She took a good beating egger, YES I BEAT THAT MATARI SLAVE-SLUT HALF TO DEATH AND I FRACKING ENJOYED IT! Now, what are you going to do about it?" Bull had to take a deep breath after his rant as he was panting from his outburst.

A soft menacing laughter came through the earpiece. That made Bull very uneasy. His rant was suppose to enrage the capsuleer, to provoke him into showing himself. Why was he laughing?

"What is your problem egger? I tell you that about your ex-slave Matari-slut-wife and you laugh about it. Didn't you hear me?"

"Oh I heard you. In fact, I'm betting the everyone heard you." The capsuleer put a chilling emphasis on the word 'everyone'.

Bull suddenly became aware the bar had gone utterly silent. He looked around. He was surrounded by hulking men. Minmatar Brutors with arms as thick as a normal man's thighs. Where did they come from? He looked around the room desperately for answers. The walls were covered in tribal art and replica bladed weapons. The word 'Freedom' was emblazoned above the bottle racks behind the bar. He hadn't been looking at the room decor when he entered, he had been looking for the capsuleer, and that had been his fatal mistake. The realisation hit him like a 1400mm howitzer. He was in a Minmatar bar, a very busy Minmatar bar in the lower decks of a low-down-and-dirty low-security station.

"No...... NO! I didn't mean what I said. NO!" Bull backed up the bar as the Brutors advanced. The barman picked up a large bottle and approached Bull from behind.

The capsuleer disconnected the comm link to the sounds of smashing bottles, breaking glass, and a man being beaten to death.


Captain Vian was called to the access hatch at an unearthly hour. A small group was already stood there, well back from the scene. The crawl-way led out from one of Hotel Egg's store rooms.

"What happened?"

One of the officers turned to him.

"Ensign Moro. He'd been talking of escape for a while but nobody believed him. He thought the security sensors worked on infra-red. He'd covered himself in thermal wrap from the kitchens. He thought as it kept food warm, it would mask his body heat from the sensors. It didn't work."

Vian looked over the man’s shoulder. He wasn't sure that the pile of red, bloody meat was even a person. Strips of silver foil fluttered in the breeze created by air being pumped into the narrow corridor.

"He must be in 200 pieces. Some sort of laser net must have covered the entire corridor and washed over him."

"What now?" asked Vian "We cannot clear the body without risking activating the defences."

"We don't need to. The station is automated. We've seen it in the past." said the officer. As he said that a small hatched opened in the side of the corridor. A few insect like drones crawled out and approached the body.

"Cleaner drones. They'll clear the mess." And with that the crowd started to disburse.


"A hover-car accident? Why do I find that hard to believe?" Gantor was at his desk as his aide detailed the official report into the fate of Bull.

"Yes sir. I share your scepticism. He was found in the gutter outside a Minmatar bruiser bar well known for its nightly fights. It’s a close-nit community down there. Several 'eye-witnesses' swore to the police that an Amarrian in a hover-car knocked him down and fled the scene. Obviously all the witnesses were Martari though."

"An Amarrian in a hover-car? In a Minmatar low-sec station? Outside a bottom-deck Matari bar? Right! Who was in the back seat? Tibus Heth and Empress Jamyl? Was the head of the Jovian Directorate in the front passenger seat? And what did the stations medical examiner have to say?"

"Their official ME said the wounds sustained were consistent with a traffic accident and wrote it off as accidental death. Our own ME who received the body back at Guristas HQ said that it looked like he'd been set on by a dozen Brutors in bad moods."

"I think we can say whatever happened, our vengeful capsuleer had a hand in it?"

"Yes sir. We're still tracking down Meeka Vasges and the captain."

Gantor hoped they found them before this capsuleer could.


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