Monday, January 28, 2013

CFC Titan - Bad Time to Fail-Jump

Our good friends Drunk 'n' Disorderly were having a skirmish early Sunday morning on an enemy militia POS in Asakai. Nothing new about that. However, they also knew that the Goons were watching them and were planning to drop them. May be after DnD and LO dropped the Goons last week the Goons thought it would be fun to return the favour. I have also heard that the Caldari Militia corp who owned the PoS batphoned the Goons saying DnD had put their POS into reinforced and would they like to blap DnD when they came to finish it off? For whatever the actual reasons, the Goons had decided that they would crash the party, but DnD knew they were coming. The Goons assembled a fleet with the intention of titan bridging onto the ongoing DnD skirmish, not knowing that DnD had bat-phoned PL just in case the Goons were thinking of bringing supers.

On paper, I expect it sounded like a good plan for the Goons - "Lets drop on them whilst they are already fighting at that POS. They won't be expecting this!".

Well, you are both incorrect and correct at the same time. They were expecting you to drop them, they weren't expecting the next bit.

I'm not a Titan pilot so I don't know the menu system. But I suspect that there is a huge difference between the Titan menu commands of "Bridge to..." and "Jump to...". They really do completely separate things apparently. Unfortunately the Goon titan pilot made a whoopsie as their in-cyno was lit and selected the wrong option. Rather than bridging the surprise fleet on top of the DnD fleet.....

So over in Asakai, as DnD expected, a cyno suddenly appeared on field. What they weren't expecting was a second later..... LEVIATHAN TITAN!

Those boys from Pandemic Legion were all ready with their super fleet and one of the DnD pilots on field was in the PL fleet with a cyno fitted. So the poor Goon Titan guy soon found himself facing a rather nasty PL super-carrier fleet as DnD lit a new cyno and brought in the PL pain. This resulted in the Goons logging on ALL THE SUPERS and racing over to try and save their Titan who was now infini-pointed. What happened next was an utter... well the same word as the Goon's coalition :) Apparently TiDi went into over-drive as the system filled up with more supers plus every other PvP player within a 10 light year radius desperate to whore onto some Titan kills.

Obviously Asakai is low-sec. So Titan doomsday weapons couldn't be used and no bubbles could be deployed. Holding the supers was left to scripted-heavy interdictors.

For over five hours the server hamster span his wheel at full pelt as more supers jumped in and more sub-caps piled into the system looking to whore on a juicy super-capital kill. CCP Explorer looked at the smoking server hamster later that morning and Tweet'd the following:-

@erlendur 100% CPU and 0.1 TiDi from 02:12 until 07:26. Looks like a massive fight :) How many participated #tweetfleet?

Quantum Cats Syndicate pilot Martuch was there in the middle of the fight...

"We heard that there was a Goonswarm Titan tackled in Askakai and they expected more supers to come to its aid. So those of us who were online from the QCats jumped into heavy interdictors and burnt over there ASAP. TiDi was maxed and the lag was awful. But we managed to get our infi-points on the Goon supers that were jumping in all over the place. It was mad, but fantastic fun. Staryed (in a Devoter) held point on the Leviathan and then a Nyx. I (Martuch) was in a HIC (Broadsword) as well and held point on the RZR Avatar after Staryed went down. The lag was so bad...I went afk, ate dinner then came back and still waited about an hour for Avatar to die."

Other QCats pilots voiced their displeasure about being hung up on the stargates with traffic control sometimes taking an hour to let them into the system. Apparently the issues were not just restricted to Asakia and all the systems on that node were having problems. This allowed some ebil piwats to take advantage of those stuck on the low-sec gates with traffic control messages. As far as I know the node was not reinforced.  Neither side was expecting a fight involving 3000+ players. The Goons thought they'd be slaughtering a relatively small DnD fleet and DnD with PL thought they'd be slaughtering a handful of Goon Super-carriers.

Quantum Cats Syndicate (QCats) pilot JAF Anders was with the DnD fleet attacking the PoS the previous day to put it into reinforced and was there the following day to leave his own personal mark on the Avatar class Titan. That's really finishing the job you started in style. Or did he.....?

Nobody has mentioned if the POS that kicked all this off was destroyed? Who wants to go thought the battle report and see if it's there amongst the....

626 kills
530 billion ISK lost (although other estimates put that over 850bn)
3 dead Titans
4 dead Super-Carriers
46 dead Dreadnoughts


Over 3100+ players.
Over 250+ separate alliances.
Over 700+ separate corporations.

Oh look, in the summary stats at the top, the POS must have survived!

A few videos of the fight.

Good video on the fight -

Whole fight... at 7000x speed -

Slowed down Avatar Death (actually its not slow motion, it's just the TiDi) -

I myself was at work at the time and utterly gutted that I missed out on all the fun. Therefore the above is what I've heard from various sources. I have no way of knowing if the above is fact or not. The only thing I know for sure, if I had been their, the loss of my Slave clone this month wouldn't have messed with my efficiency for the month! In fact I'm having a bad month generally! That fight would have sorted me out! But I was at my desk working away! NOOOOOOO!

On the plus side in the Eve-O universe, I have finally got used to the PS3 controller and DUST514, which is the other reason for my crap number of kills this month... in space anyway :)

So not all bad news from my personal viewpoint. I may have missed out on multiple titan kills, but It could have been worse, I could have been that initial Goon titan pilot.


  1. Saturday was my day off from Eve, didn't even hear about this until late Saturday night after it was all over. I sure can pick 'em :( NOT!

  2. Was phoned up at 2:41am by our friendly Romanian insomniac telling me what the fleet had kicked off and I may wanna grab a HIC and burn over, I did. 1 Devoter and pod for 1 Titan, I'll take that!