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The Outpost - Part 5

Fan Fiction Friday! Escape pod here to an ugly ship worth keeping ugly.

This is part five of the Outpost story, will finish next week with part 6.

The Outpost - Part 5

In their cell, the Captain and Sakuri looked at each other in horror as they heard the blood-curdling screams. The screaming had now been going on for hours. Each time one of them was almost dropping off to sleep through exhaustion, another pain-filled scream of agony reverberated through the ventilation ducts. There was no way to know how close the person was or who it was. The shrill screaming could have come from either a man or a woman.

Eventually there was silence.

Both the Captain and Sakuri had fallen asleep soon after the screaming had finally stopped. They didn't have long before the opening of the door woke them. This time it was a female that entered. She had a similar look to Sabu although the enlarged cranium was not present although other deformities were present slightly hidden by her hair. She carried two bowls. The two captives stared at her.

"I am Mayu of the Samuruso. Please note, I have the same powers as my older brother, so do not try anything." she stated mostly directing the threat towards the Captain.

The mutant placed a bowl next to each of them. It was full of a steaming stew. Both the Captain and Sakuri immediately picked up the bowl and ate hungrily. They were both starving having not eaten in over a day. Mayu leaned back against the wall watching them eat.

Sakuri studied her between mouthfuls. If it wasn't for the deformed head, she might have been seen as attractive. She wore a very old fashioned traditional Caldari dress. Sakuri had only seen then before in historic holovids.

After both had finished eating the mutant picked up the bowls and went to the door.

"The screaming. Who was it?" Sakuri asked nervously.

Mayu turned and smiled.

"Don't worry, that will not be happening to you. She was no use to us as she was barren."

"No! Not Natsumi?" Sakuri knew of the salvage boom operators condition.

"Do not morn her. She died giving pleasure to us, much pleasure. And after we had derived our pleasure from her flesh, she provided a marvellous meal for us all. Didn't you enjoy your stew? I know there wasn't a lot of meat, but her breasts were small were they not?"

Sakuri immediately threw up and the captain turned white.

"So will that happen to us? Half a day of pain and then mixed in with the carrots?" the Captain asked.

"Your woman will be used to continue the Samuruso line. Our last fertile female died in child birth two years ago. We were planning to raid the Uneffeted to take some women of childbearing age, but you came to us. It is almost like it was ordained. My brother is looking forward to starting a family with you Sakuri."

"And me? Am I going to be screaming in pain for hours before you chop me up and make me into a stew?" the captains voice growing more defiant.

The mutant walked over to where he was sat.

"No. I've asked my brother if I can keep you. He gets the girl for his use, I get you. We will see how the arrangement works out. Whilst I am happy with you, you will be well treated. However, do something you shouldn't.... well you heard the screaming."

With that she moved in and sat on the captains outstretched legs, she brought her hands up to his face and pulled it towards hers. He pulled back.

"Now, now Captain. I can take control of your body and force you. But if I have to do that, what good are you to me?"

She took his head in her hands and this time he didn't resist as she pulled his face to hers. The kiss was deep and passionate. He felt her grind into him, his body betraying him.

"Ooooo Captian" she purred as she stood up "Looks like we can have a lot of fun together."

With that Mayu picked up the two bowls and left.

"Well?" asked the Captain as the lock clanged and the footsteps faded.

Sakuri lifted her hand showing the jagged piece of rock she held there.

They might be able to control bodies, but they cannot read minds, or at least not when they are distracted. Next time she comes in, we do it."


He was in some sort of room. The smooth ceiling was different to the rough hewn rock where he had been captured. He tried to move but found he was restrained to something. A bed or a gurney. He couldn't see out of one eye. His good eye could make out something white over it. A bandage? His mind was still foggy. Suddenly a face appeared over him. A woman.

"He's awake."

Another face, a male with the hellish deformities.

"Will he survive two months? We've just had a feast, I'd like to leave it a while before we have the next."

"Yes, I've patched him up. He's lost his good looks when his weapon exploded. That and the loss of his fingers means he's no good for me, just for the Yulaki's games and a feast.

Chan recalled the stories that the Uneffected had told them. Cannibals.

"It should work out nicely." said the male "I'd guess you'll be bored of the captain in about three months so we can use that one in four months time."

The female swatted the male playfully and they walked off.

"A feast every two months. We're getting spoilt" the female said as the door clicked shut.


The Captain and Sakuri waited in the cell. The plan was ready, they just needed the opportunity. Eventually it came.

Mayu entered the room smiling. She had changed to a new bright green dress that showed off her long legs.

"My brother is preparing your quarters" she said to Sakuri "He's making them as comfortable as he can for you."

"When will I go there?" Sakuri replied.

"Soon. Very soon. Then my brother will have you all to himself. Shame."

Mayu walked over to Sakuri and sat on her outstretched legs as she had done with the Captain.

"No!" thought Sakuri "This is not what we need." she squeezed the jagged rock in her hand hidden behind her. The plan was she would bash the mutant over the head with the rock whilst she was distracted with the Captain.

"You are so pretty. Its a shame, I'm sure my brother is no lover and certainly doesn't want you for you beauty."

The mutant placed both her hands on Sakuri stomach.

"This is the only bit of you he is interested in. Your womb. He has no real interest in the delights of the rest of you. And what delights they are."

Slowly the mutant ran her hands under Sakuri's top, back up her stomach onto her chest. The mutant cupped her, squeezed, teased. Sakuri turned her head, embarrassed.

"So responsive." the mutant purred as she expertly used her thumbs to tease her. Sakuri was breathing heavily now, unable to prevent her body responding to the touch of the mutant sat on top of her.

"So, very responsive" smiled Mayu before leaning in for the kiss. Sakuri turned her head as the mutant moved in. The mutant didn't flinch and started to kiss her cheek, moving down to her neck.

Slowly Sakuri thought of another plan and slowly turned to face Mayu. She started to kiss her back with passion, tongues intertwining exploring each others mouth. Sakuri's left arm wrapped around the mutants waist squeezing her tight into her body. Her right arm extended behind the mutant.

"I'm sure I can get my brother to share. Once he has impregnated you he'll have no interest in keeping you satisfied. I will make sure you are." the mutant whispered before resuming the kissing. Sakuri felt the mutants hands drop to the top of her pants and unclipped the button before lowering the zipper.

Finally there was a resounding crack and Mayu stopped and slumped to the floor. Behind her the captain was standing holding the rock that had been in Sakuri's outstretched palm.

"What in Divinities Edge took you so long? I've been holding that rock out behind her back for 5 minutes!" Sakuri complained as she rolled the limp body of the mutant off her and fastened her pants back up. A red patch of matted the hair on the back of her mutants head showed where the Captain had struck her.

"Two things. Firstly it was two minutes, tops. And secondly if I held my hand like this." the captain held the palm of his hand above his eyes like he was staring into bright sun, shielding his eyes "the imagery I was seeing was nearly as good as one of Riku's dirty holo-reels!"

Sakuri swatted him around the head whilst laughing.

"Asshole men! Now if you've calmed down enough to walk without too much discomfort, may be we can get out of here?"


The security detail tensed as the sounds grew louder. Their wickedly sharp points of their spears surrounded the exit of the pipe. Each was raised, ready to strike at whatever came out.

Sakuri's head popped out and she shrieked in surprise when confronted by the spear tips. The men raised the spears out of the way and helped her out of the tunnel followed by the captain.

A group of Uneffected had gathered around with expectant murmurs. One of the guards looked down the pipe and then at the Captain. He just slowly shook his head. Cries erupted from the family gathered around.

The mother who had first met them pushed to the front.

"There were too many." the Captain said sadly "And there is another kind of mutant."

"Yes." replied the mother "The one that can make you do things?"

"You knew?" the Captain raising his voice angrily. The men with spears shifted nervously.

"We thought they had died out. Last we knew there were only three left. One male and two females. We hoped the big ones had eaten them."

"Well they haven't." said the captain sternly. "It sounds like one of the females did die, and the other is sterile. But I'm not hanging around waiting for them to die out. I'm getting off this rock now!"

With that the Captain grabbed Sakuri by the arm and march out of the cavern. A few minutes later they were at a old stairwell. The Captain started to head down. Sakuri followed him in silence. After about ten levels the stairs ended in a cavern with a large set of blast doors set into the wall. There was no viewport in these doors, just large radiation warning symbols.

"The reactor?" asked Sakuri.

The captain just nodded and walked over and hit the open button. A claxon sounded making them both jump and amber strobes flashed as the thick door slowly opened. The room behind was relatively small, most of the space taken up by the huge reactor. The captain stared at it before entering. He looked around and started laughing.

"So what's so funny?" asked Sakuri.

The captain pointed to a object in the corner. It was an odd shape and glowed.

"Its an old emergency micro auxiliary power core." he laughed "By todays standards, a useless museum relic. But for us, gold!"

Sakuri wasn't impressed.

"Surely a modern MAPC would have been ideal?" she replied.

"Yeah true, that thing there will take hours to recharge the cap, a standard one, minutes. But how would me and you carry a two metre by two metre by five metre module that weighs a couple of ton?"

Sakuri looked again at the small portable power-source and realised its true value was not in its power, but its small size. The Captain looked behind a some cargo crates and laughed again.

"Thought so! Would appear our luck is changing!"

Sakuri looked at him quizzically.

"Come on!" he said "Lets get some help and get that core up to the pipe."


"So that's my plan" finished the Captain to those Uneffected gather around him. "If we manage this then you'll all get off this rock safely and I'll drop you anywhere you want on route back to civilisation."

Excited murmurs and whispered conversations broke out amongst the crowd.

"What do you want in return?" asked the mother.

"Nothing." the Captain replied. "Its self-preservation. You help me, I help you."

"But when you are back on your ship. Whats to stop you just leaving us?"

The Captain thought about the question. Trying to come up with a reasonable answer to the question.

"To be honest. Nothing. But I give you my word that..." the mother held up her hand to silence him.

"You do not take four of our men to get the machine back to the ship, you'll take five."

"I cannot take five" stressed the captain "There are only six suits. Two for us and four for...." again he was cut off.

"You take five. She stays with us." pointing at Sakuri.

Sakuri looked at the captain.



The group of six men slowly made their way through the pipe dragging the heavy power module with ropes. It took them longer than expected to make it through the pipe but once they got into the gardens the Captain was pleased to see progress speed up. The way back to the main blast doors was faster but still painfully slow. The route took them in the opposite direction from where the mutants appeared to base themselves, but every time they made a sound they stopped and listened to see if it had alerted anything.

In places the corridor became narrow and they had to break into two teams. One to push, one to pull. It was hard work and wasn't helped by the constant threat of attack.

Eventually they arrived back at the blastdoors which led to the new blastdoors.

"Right there are the suits. Put them on and I'll show you how you fit the helmets after you have....." the Captain stopped as he saw movement down the corridor.

"Quick! Now get the suits on." he yelled.

A group of Yulaki were moving slowly towards them, laughing their throaty laugh.

.... to be continued.....

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