Sunday, November 24, 2013

SCASSSS - Chuck Norris Doesn't Quit!

It was a busy weekend in Black Rise. Lots of fights and I had a real blast. I also died a fair few times, so when I got a trade window opened in station I assumed it was a corpie with more of my wreckage/dropped loot. I then saw it wasn't a QCat and it certainly wasn't dropped loot. It was Eve-O Stuffz from the Chuck Norris of Eve, Loren Gallen. The BattleClinic number one and killer of 20,000+ ships, a good deal solo!

I convo'd him immediately to ask what was going on. He told me he was selling Loren!!!!

Apparently he doesn't have time for the number 1 killing machine on Eve so is offering the character for sale.

Its a shame, Loren is one of the nicest people you'll have brutally kill you in the game. I do hope his toon goes to a good 'home'. I would so much love to own Loren but at 45bn he's a bit out of my price range given I have about 1/45th of the ISK required. Oh well, I hope the auction goes well for you mate. Lets round off this Special Sunday Short with some Loren Gallen facts just in case you, dear reader, are thinking about buying him. Can you handle the Chuck Norris of Eve?

President Roden named a street after Loren Gallen in Dodixie Station, but they had to change it. Nobody crosses Loren Gallen and lives.

Fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, fear of confined spaces is called claustrophobia, fear of Loren Gallen is called common sense.

Loren Gallen doesn't jump through stargates. He stares at them until they reposition the universe so he is where he wants to be.

Loren Gallen can point a titan, with a shuttle.

Whilst some believe the Apocrypha event happened due to a massive detonation of Isogen-5, this is incorrect. It actually occured when Loren Gallen slammed a door too hard.

When Loren Gallen enters wormhole space the NPC's there become known as the Awakers.

Loren Gallen visited Jove space recently. The first Jove he met said "We all think you look like a pussy!". And the rest, is history.


  1. Yep, definitely the passing of a legend.

  2. Unfortunately buyer did not continue the legend and Loren is falling from the BC's rank cliff :(