Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blog Banter 67 - I Am CCP Angry Badger

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 67th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are please visit the Blog Banter page.

I am CCP X
There has been a catastophic accident in the CCP Offices in the style of the Robbie Coltrane movie "The Pope Must Die". A leftover open bottle of Brennivin hidden behind a filing cabinet from the last Christmas party has mutated and released fumes affecting several senior CCP staff. CCP Chair is now the CEO and CCP Cub is Executive Producer assisted by CCP Kitteh. In a freak accident your player account has just been upgraded to a senior CCP staffer leading a development team! With CCP now led by an inanimate object supported by a very young child and a fluffy cat, there is nothing to stop this from happening!

You are now CCP -Insert Your CCP Name Here- and have a team of developers eagerly awaiting your commands. So CCP X, what are you going to have your team work on?


I Am CCP Angry Badger


Job 1 - WCS
Warp core stabs should be an option for travel fitted ships, industrials, carebears and the like. They should not be an option for Faction War which is supposed to be PvP. Damage nerfs, greater targeting nerfs I don't care. Stabbed Tristans need to be stabbed in the heart! Stabbed Merlins and Punishers swatted with a rolled-up newspaper!

Job 2 - FW Plexing
Ship sizing needs to be looked at. Faction war is now too much about frigates and destroyers (which can in a small fleet complete every plex) these days. We need to look at balancing the plex sizes to encourage larger ships. How about gating large plex to only allow BC and above. Then rebalance victory points. A Novice plex that can be completed in 10 minutes in a partially fit T1 frigate should not get the same number of victory points as a large plex that requires you to risk a BC and takes 30 minutes to complete. Make it so that a BC fleet out for a roam can make the same dent in system capture as the same number of 1m ISK trash-fit T1 frigates. Risk vs Reward.

Job 3 - Bars and Customisable CQ's (Yes, its WiS!!!)
Yes WiS is like Marmite. However there has to be clear benefits to the game and CCP for some limited WiS. Obviously immersion and the future vision of Eve is one. However the main point is bars where you can mingle with other players encourages NeX store sales. The only reason I have spent anything in the NeX store is for screenshots for my fiction. If other players saw my toon I might spend more. More money for CCP equals more money for development and improving the game. Same for customisable CQ's. I get drunk, I buy stupid things when drunk, I certainly would purchase a Big Mouth Billy Bass for my CQ if there was one!

OK that's my team sorted, I'm off down the Celtic Cross!

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