Friday, April 26, 2013

Eve Online Fanfest 2013. Day 1

Thursday - First day of presentations and Charity Dinner

Ouch. Seriously. Ouch. What was I drinking last night? Woke up after a night at the Celtic Cross with a mahoosive hangover.

Couldn't even manage breakfast. Slobbed around in the room before heading down the Harpa.

Weather was fantastic, unfortunatly. Why did I leave my sunglasses at home?

Queue wasn't bad at 11am so was in quick....

Unfortunately the queue for the pub crawl and info desk was silly.

Anyway, by then I'd had a proper English Breakfast Tea. S810 Jr prefered something more in character! We had a quick look around the retail area which had the usual Eve merchendise, a Razor stand and the tattooists!

After drinks, browsing and ogling the tattooists it was then into first presentation, Retribution Round-up!

As can be expected this was a round-up so not much new was said other than...

  • We can expect an upgrade to the effects bar as this was something that got dropped due to time constraints.
  • A possible new BS hull (being talked about internally).
  • Possible new T3 line (ditto).

Next talk was ship balancing. As per last year we got 20 minutes of history which probably 99% of attendee's already knew back to 2011.

Interesting stuffz for Odyssey included....

  • Tier 3 BC to get minor nerfs mostly scan res, speed and mobility.
  • BS to be tiericed with weapons systems consolidated (as per forum posts)
  • Navy frigates and cruisers to be balanced.
  • The Navy Vexor will be able to field 5 sentry drones.
  • The Republic Fleet Hurricane is basically the pre-nerfed Cane with.... wait did he say 50% more EHP or did I mishear?

Next up was future balancing after Odyssey.

  • Command ships top priority.
  • CS to get links and damage bonus to encourage them to fight.
  • Dual weapon bonuses on CS and Eos, the least used, to become SUPER DRONE BOAT!
  • Electronic attack frigates next.
  • The HACS, may even get -50% MWD signature penalty reduction same as assault ships!
  • Lastly Black Ops. Want to get them to fight. Might be two hulls, a bridging one and a combat one.

Next up was another cup of tea, couldn't face the Eve themed food due to hangover.

After that was Soundwave on game design. He did it in style bring a sofa rather than using the chairs!

A few interesting points....

  • He wants POCO's in high-sec.... and for people to be able to put bounties on them,
  • Walking in Stations..... wait for Eve Keynote.
  • T2 Production. BIG changes from blue prints to materials.... wait for Eve Keynote.

Final presentation I attended was Low Sec PvP/Crimewatch.

Generally Retribution and changes to Crimewatch have been good.

Highlights for Odyssey:-

  • On patch day your sec status and CONCORD standing will be separated in the database.
  • Your sec status will remain.
  • Your CONCORD standing will be set to 0.
  • When ratting the timer between sec status gains will not be per system, it becomes global, and it will be reduced to five minutes.

Four new pirate NPC's to be introduced for each of 5 factions (so 20 new rats). Example - Guristas Negotiator.
Will only spawn in low-sec roid belts.
New types of rat have 100% chance of dropping special tags.
Tags can be traded at CONCORD low-sec stations in new "Security Office" to gain sec.
Each tag works for a specific sec status range.
To jump from -10 to 0 you will need a number of each.
No restrictions on how often you can do this.
Cannot use it to get above 0.

Then I had a break before the Charity Dinner. I got there a bit early so had a wander around and found some people getting a Eve make-over and some braver souls getting Eve tattoo's!

I eventually headed up to the restaurant and joined the queue to get in. Now I cannot lie, I'm very disappointed with the Charity Dinner this year. Last year we waited outside before being let in and were greeted by Hilmar and the team. Through the dinner Hilmar stood up thanked us for coming, said how much money had been raised etc etc. This year nothing. We turned up, no CCP in sight. We sat ourselves down and waited, then people had to be moved as there was no space at the table for a Dev. The Dev's themselves were fantastic, the food was great, the drink was super and the internet spaceship talk was amazing. But there was no sense of occasion. It was nothing more than if you had sat down at any random restaurant in town and a CCP Dev just happened to join you. A pale comparison on last year.

Anyway the actual meal itself was great and we got lucky with CCP's Solomon, Guard and Seagull joining us. Who else could you ask for?

Me and guard, second picture with 100% added monocle!

The table with (From bearded guy counter-clockwise to CCP Soloman)....

Low sec pvp fw (me, not shown)
Low sec pvp
Hi sec bear
"Ruthless industrial"
Capital/T2 Producer
Null sec logistics
Null sec logi's wife
NPC null pvp
Hi sec carebear
Low sec FW (CCP Soloman)

And the other good bit of the meal....

Looking forward to the keynote tomorrow. Sounds like Eve may be shaken AND stirred with the Odyssey T2 manufacturing changes and mineral redistribution. Especially the blue doughnut!

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