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The Assassin - The Chosen Slave

Fan Fiction Friday! Escape pod here to Terrible at Eve. I'm trying to showcase some other blogs than my usual suspects so delving a bit deeper into the blogsphere to find new ones.

This is part 2 of the assassin series (part 1 here) that leads on from the Jacked series.

On a final note, thank you to all those who offered proof-reading for my Eve Novella. As well as the offers on here I had an Eve Mailbox full in-game!

The Assassin - The Chosen Slave

Holder Sadira left her palace and entered the heavily planted courtyard. It had been a glorious day on Adia III and the sun drenched marble paving of the courtyard radiated stored heat. The afternoon was just transitioning into evening and the clear blue sky was being slowly replaced by the golden hue of the Amarrian nebula. As she walked, slaves stopped their tasks and bowed low. Although she showed no outward acknowledgement, inside, she smiled at their gesture of subservience. Unlike many slaves within the empire these were not fitted with glave collars, nor where they addicted to Vitoc. Holder Sadira simply kept them in line with terror. Almost all of her slaves were families and she had proven in the past that any transgression would not only result in punishment of the perpetrator, but also their whole family. She had also decreed that one in ten random slaves would also be punished. This kept them watching each other carefully.

At the end of the courtyard a Matari male was slumped in a set of wooden stocks. His back was raw from a whipping. Next to him his father and mother were hanging limply from the whipping post. Their clothes torn and their bodies covered with red welts. She stopped and stared at them. A polite cough behind her made her glance back. Tor was stood a respectable distance back.

"Your Excellency. They will not last much longer without care. I believe everyone has seen what happens if you steal food from the kitchens. The lesson has been learnt." he said in a low, subservient voice.

"Maybe my trustee. However they say tomorrow is going to be another glorious day. They may be released at sundown tomorrow. If they survive that long it is a sign that they were meant to live." the Holder replied.

The Matari male bowed slightly, hiding the frown on his face.

"Walk with me." she commanded as she continued.

Tor fell in behind her, he knew not to walk at her side as that might make it seem he thought he was her equal. Tor knew better than that, he was a Matari slave to an Amarrian Holder. Whilst being her 'Trustee' elevated him far above the other slaves, he knew she still saw him as not much above the status of the herds of cattle that the slaves tended to on the fields below. He was old by slave standards and had known little of freedom.

"How are my subjects?" the Holder finally spoke.

"They are content Your Excellency." He used the word content as the truth of they would like to murder her and dance on her grave is something she already knew, but didn't have to be told.

They reached the end of the courtyard and looked down on the vast fields below. The palace was in an elevated position and was surrounded by the farms and slave villages below. As the sun dipped below the horizon they could make out the the workers returning back to their villages. Long shadows stretch by the setting sun.

"Output has been below target this week." she commented.

"It was exceptionally hot Your Excellency. The labourers become fatigued quicker."

"May be they need some encouragement?"

Tor visibly winced behind the back of the Holder. He knew her form of encouragement and would likely entail whips, stun batons and slaver hounds.

"I will go to the villages later and speak with them. I am sure they will work harder knowing your displeasure."

"Good, see to it." she said and turned to go back to the palace.


The next evening the Holder emerged from the palace at the same time. She walked over to the punishment corner where Tor was supervising the removal of the prisoners.

"So did they last?" she asked as she approached.

"The young man looks like he might survive. His parents died sometime during the day." he replied solemnly.

"Bring the man here!" she commanded.

Tor bowed his head. He knew what was coming. With the man's parents dead she no longer had leverage over him. She had angered a man with nothing to lose. Two slaves dragged the barely consious man by the arms to the Holder. She beckoned a guard over and nodded to the slave. The guard removed his pistol and shot the slave in the head. The other two slaves simply held the body up and carried it away.

"Tor, walk with me."

Tor held back the tear that was forming and fell in behind the Holder. As they progressed slaves mopping and scrubbing the floors stopped and bowed as they passed.

"Did you speak to the village elders?"

"Yes your excellency. They were horrified to hear you were displeased. They were sending the children out into the fields today to ensure the quota is not missed.".

The Holder stood at the edge of the patio that overlooked the farms and nodded. She didn't care children were labouring for her. To her the Matari race were one step above animals. And it was not a big step.

As the sun disappeared over the horizon a bright light could be seen in the sky. The drop-ships were coming to collect the weekly harvest. The Holder turned back to the palace.

"Let us hope they did work hard today. Those ships will report their loads to my aide when they leave. If they are light, there will be hell to pay." she said matter-of-factly.

They continued through the courtyard when the Holder suddenly stopped. Something had caught her attention. She beckoned Tor to approach.

"Who is that?" she said pointing.

Tor looked over to a slave sweeping one of the paths in the courtyard. He could have groaned out loud in frustration. He had instructed her to be kept out of sight in the kitchens. What in Divinities Edge was she doing outside?

"It is one of the new slaves that came in last week Your Excellency. She is alone, no family, I know you prefer family units....."

She waved a hand to silence him whilst staring intently at the girl. Tor had done everything he could to prevent this from happening. Someone had messed up. He too looked at the girl, a teenager. Olive skin and jet-black hair made her striking. She was in a word, beautiful and had known that if the Holder saw her, that would be the end of her. There was nothing he could do. He wanted to scream at the girl. He wanted to tell her to run. But it was too late.

"I want her to prepare me for bed tonight. Make it so."

"Yes Your Excellency." he replied with a heavy heart.


"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KEEP HER OUT OF SIGHT!" Tor screamed at the head of the kitchens. The old woman scowled back at him.

"I did! She was told not to go outside. She did it of her own free will. Her own stupid fault." she growled.

Tor couldn't believe this. For years he had managed to hide the majority of attractive young slaves. Then a new, innocent, beautiful girl arrives and she is spotted in the first week. It had been months since the last one was found. He shook his head at the old woman and walked out.

He felt like he was floating down the corridor. Was he a part of this personal hell for his race? He always considered he as trustee helped his kind, that without him his fellow man would suffer more. But now, what he had to do, was he any better than the Amarr? He paused outside the door, knocked gently once, took a deep breath and entered.

The girl was soaking in a large metal bath in the centre of the room. Steam rose from the creamy water which was laced with moisturisers and conditioners. Each side of the bath an older Matari woman was working on her fingernails whilst another at the top of the bath styled her hair.

The girl looked at Tor and smiled a wide smile. He tried to smile back but couldn't quite manage it. She looked excited.

"I've been chosen Tor! I've been chosen to put the Holder to bed! What an honour. Can you believe this, I've only been here a week! I'm getting a full makeover so I look pretty for her! They even shaved me! You know! Down below!" the girl nodded down towards the water and giggled.

Tor knew. He knew exactly what they had done to her and what they had yet to do. The Holder was very specific and any deviation would lead to harsh punishments for the women getting the girl ready. He turned around to avert his eyes as she rose from the bath. He knew what was happening, the women would dry her, apply scents to her body and then dress her.

"Tor" the call came from behind him. "You can turn around now!"

He did and blinked. There she was stood in the finest Gallente underwear.

"I have to wear this. Apparently if I feel sexy I will be more confident when serving the Holder!" she said excitably.

Again Tor gave a weak smile and walked over to the window as the other women finished dressing her in an Amarrian silk dress. He saw three bright dots heading up into the sky, the dropships had finished collecting the harvest. He knew it was under quota. He glanced at the girl who was like an excited bride being attended to by her bridesmaids. May be her death would put the Holder into such a good mood for tomorrow there would be no reprisals against the farm labourers. He shook his head. He was trying to justify sacrificing an innocent girl for the 'greater good' and it was not working. She would die tonight, alone, in fear and in pain, and the farmers would still be punished for the poor yield in the morning. A salty tear ran down his cheek as he stared out of the window with excited girly giggles echoing behind him.


The two guards opened the large double doors as the Holder approached. They snapped to attention as she passed them, closing the doors behind her. In her ornate bedchamber the Matari girl was stood with a look of wonder and fear etched over her face. The Holder approached and she bowed her head. She extended a finger and placed it under the Matari girls chin, slowly raising her head. She looked into her dark brown eyes and smiled. The Matari girl smiled back and relaxed.

The Holder moved over to a counter where a jug and two crystal glasses stood.

"What is your name child?"

"Igna Your Excellency." whispered the girl. The Holder smiled as she poured two glasses. She walked over to the girl and handed her a glass. The girl looked confused.

The holder walked back over to a lounger with her own glass and lay out.

"Please. Sit down." she invited.

Slowly the Matari girl approached and sat down opposite.

"Drink." the Holder instructed. The girl took a small sip and then a larger one relishing the taste.

"You may speak freely here. Do not think of my as your owner, think of me as a friend when we are alone like this."

The girl took another large drink.

"This is the most wonderful thing I've ever tasted." stated the girl, relaxing. "What is it?"

"It is wine my dear. A fine Amarrian vintage. Please refill both our glasses."

The Holder looked at the beautiful girl in her dress. Tonight would be a good night.


Tor downed another shot of fire-water. He winced as the potent moonshine burnt his throat. We waved the shot glass.

"You sure you want more?" the bar keeper said.

"Keep 'em coming."

The 'bar' was not much more than a small hut. Crude benches and tables were scattered about and a make-shift counter served the two available drinks. A potent beer made from grain and the local potato moonshine. Whilst it wasn't officially allowed, the Amarrian guards turned a blind-eye to what went on in the villages, so long as there was no trouble. The barman filled the glass with the clear liquid. Tor downed it one.

"This is about the girl isn't it?" the barman said.

"No this is about me. A traitor to the Matari race. A collaborator. A friend of the Amarr."

"Nobody thinks that. Hell, if it wasn't for you things would be a darn sight worse around here. Those of us who have been moved around know the score. Every plantation has a trustee. Nobody thinks you are traitor. You do what you have to do, and most importantly what we need you to do."

Tor pushed his glass forward. The barman shook his head slightly but poured another shot. He downed it again in one.

"Yeah well try telling that to that poor girl right about now. You know what is going to happen to her right."

The barman looked solemn. "The Black Widow" was all he could say. The name they whispered at night. The Holder was known well for what she did to the young 'playthings' as she called them.

Tor rose to his feet. "NO! Not tonight. Not this one. I'm going to go up there and stop it."

The barman nodded to two men sat at a nearby table, they rose and grabbed Tor by each arm and forcibly sat him back down before taking positions either-side of him. He struggled against their vice like grips.

"You'll be dead before you get inside the palace and that won't help us. You are a good Trustee and we need you. You cannot do anything to help that poor girl. So sit down, shut up and lets drink to hoping that the bitch gets sloppy and kills the poor girl early by accident."

Tor let out a sob.


The two women were laughing like old friends. A jug of wine lay on its side empty on the table and a second was almost gone. The Holder looked at the beautiful girl who was slightly swaying. These young slaves had never had a real drink and their first time on Amarrian wine always was too much for them.

"I must say you look really beautiful tonight."

The girl blushed, coming over shy.

"Now, now. Did the girls give you something nice to wear under that lovely dress."

The girl was clearly embarrassed but also drunk. She smiled and nodded avoiding eye contact.

"Well let me see! Take of the dress."

The girl looked confused, stunned not knowing what to do. She froze. The Holder smiled and stood up and released a clasp at the neck of her own dress. The fine silk fluttered as it fell to the floor. She was completely nude when she sat back down on the lounger.

"See, nothing to be ashamed of. I have nothing on. Let us see what they chose for you."

Slowly and unsteadily the girl stood. She fumbled at the zipper and struggled to get the dress over her shoulder. She wobbled and fell over onto the floor.

Now she was steady she was able to remove the dress and get back to her feet.

The Holder smiled and patted the lounger next to here.

"Come my darling sit here."

Slowly and with a slight sway the girl approached the naked Holder. She sat down on the edge of the lounger and the Holder shuffled up. She started stroking her hair. The girl turned her face away, embarrassed. The Holder placed her palm on the slaves cheek and slowly pulled her face around.

"Don't be scared." she whispered before moving in for the kiss. The slave girl was shocked as the Holders tongue slipped into her mouth and she was pushed back onto the lounger.

Fifteen minutes later the Holder was on her back on her luxurious bed. Her back was arched and her eyes were tightly closed as she grabbed handfuls of the golden satin sheets. She was close, beads of sweat ran down her hot body, tickling her. Another shudder of ecstasy, this slave as good, very good. The best ever. In fact she was wondering if to let her live. Then she thought about the rush. The look on their faces as the cold steel entered deep into their flesh. The gasp as it is twisted and pulled free. The pitiful pleading for help as their hot, red, life-blood pumps out between their fingers. That moment when you can see the life leave their eyes. No, there would be no deviation tonight. She was nearly there, then it would be time. She moved her arm up under the pillow and felt the cold hilt of the dagger. The combination of the slaves actions and the thoughts of what to come were pushing her over the edge. She started to shudder.

Suddenly she felt a sharp stab of pain. Did the slave just bite her? The Holder wanted to sit up so she could strike her. But she found she couldn't move. She was frozen. Her eyes darted about in terror. What was happening? She was totally paralysed. She wanted to scream the palace down but was unable to open her mouth. Air simple rushed though her slightly parted lips.

She saw the slaves head rise from between her thighs grinning, she used the back of her hand to wipe her lips and chin. The slave opened her mouth revealing one of her front teeth that was filed to a wicked point. She replaced a fake tooth cap over the point which she recovered from the sheet.

"The neurotoxin of the Nifflung beaked jelly fish." the slave spoke. Her accent had changed and there was no evidence of slurred speech. She sounded educated and from the Matari homeworlds, not a slave dialect. She also sounded stone-cold sober.

"That is why you cannot move. It was hidden inside a special hollow tooth I have. It is a remarkable poison. You see the Nifflung beaked jelly fish catches larger fish and wants to save its food to be consumed over a number of days. The best way to keep its food fresh is not to kill it. Its venom completely paralyses its victim but keeps them alive. In fact the poison saturates the blood with powerful antibodies and provides additional coagulant. The jelly fish can devourer its meal one small bite at a time and it keeps its meal alive for days whilst doing it. In fact, other than the missing flesh, the fish is probably more healthy than it ever has been thanks to the positive effects of the venom."

The holder just lay there. Her eyes darting as she tried to move.

The Slave went over to the table and picked up one of the wine glasses and drained the drink from it. She dropped the glass onto the hard stone table. The silence in the room was broken by shattering glass. She carefully looked over the remains of the glass as if carefully choosing and picked up a long shard. She approached the Holder and climbed over the bed.

"But the best thing with this toxin? Whilst your muscles are paralysed, the nerves are unaffected." she slowly drew the broken glass lightly along the Holders leg. "Even though you cannot move, you can feel everything. But you already know that right, even though I'm not breaking the skin, you can feel the sharp edge of the glass?". She continued the shard of glass over the holders stomach and chest. "It does nothing to dull pain.". The glass stroked the Holders neck and over the side of her face.

The slave climbed on top of the prone woman and lent forward, looking deep into the Holders eyes as she held her head in her hands as a lover might.

"I see fear Your Excellency, the same fear you enjoy instilling into the slaves that you hurt. I see pure, unadulterated terror in those beautiful eyes. But don't worry, they will be the last thing I take." she whispered.

She brought her lips to the Holders and gave a gentle, almost loving kiss. She pulled back and took the Holders top lip in two fingers, pulling on it slightly. With her other hand she brought the glass shard and started to saw. The Holders eyes flicked up inside her head turning her eyes white as the pain racked her body as her top lip was slowly separated from her face. The slave tossed the piece of meat onto the bed.

"That is one bit done, but I think we've got another hour or two before I need to leave. Now should I start at the top and work down or would you like we to work up from down below as that's what you wanted me to focus my attention a few minutes ago?" the slave teased.

The Holder could do nothing but lay still as she felt the glass bite into her sensitive flesh again.


The Republic Fleet intelligence officer put the datapad down. He looked ill. The man sat across from him said nothing.

"Well that is going to give me nightmares for a while. Where is she?"

"Back at the facility. It was a clean exaction with a cloaked Panther. She is keen for the next assignment."

The intelligence officer shook his head in amazement. "She saw the shrink right?"

"Yes. As soon as we got her back. We'd already seen the preliminary report leaked from our contact in the Amarrian security services. As soon as we saw what had happened in the bed chamber it was straight to the facility psy-doc."


"Clean bill of health." the officer replied. "An almost fanatical hatred for the Amarr, which we already knew, but she is fit for duty."

"Are you serious? She is mentally fit? This report says they started to make love and then she ....... well you know, she slowly took her apart using a small shard of broken glass!"

The officer fidgeted slightly but said nothing.

"Nothing to say? Did you read this report? Did you hear what I just said? The guards who found the Holder thought someone had dumped a pile of raw meat on the bed! It was supposed to be a simple neck-snap or a choke. Not this.... this.... barbarity! This was the forth time she's overstepped her operational parameters."

"Well sir, I would point out the last page of the stolen Amarrian report. It concludes that it was a murder by a mentally unstable slave, working alone who fled the scene and is assumed to be in hiding. No trace of toxins were found. Plus they never suspected an empire sanctioned hit. No one has even thought it might be a assassination. If it had been a bullet to the brain or a strangulation there may have been some suspicion. It was perfect in that way, a professional hit that looked anything but professional. And moving away from the tactical assessment, a notorious Holder who made the lives of countless Matari miserable suffered a slow, horrifc death. Bravo I say."

The officer shook his head slowly.

"This is going to backfire on us one day."


Inquisitor Vorgash looked at the datapads on the desk in front of him. Several powerful and high-ranking Amarians brutally murdered. Butchered. Seemingly unconnected. But there were similarities in what they did for their enjoyment. He was going to find out if there were a connection in the slayings.

To be continued......


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