Monday, September 23, 2013

Winter Expansion 2013

So CCP will be making an announcement this week for the 2013 expansion. Here is my wild stab in the dark of what we'll get. Here are my predictions for the expansion. Tune into TwitchTV on Thursday to watch how wrong I am!

Note I have no sources inside CCP or the CSM. I didn't slip any truth serums into Devs beer on the fanfest pub crawl. The below is simply a stab in the dark.

The Jove
The Pitch - So the Jove are all dead. Snuffed out in a combination of the Jovian Disease and the Sansha getting into Jove space. The Sansha still roam Jove space and are moping up the last of the automated outposts. The Jove themselves destroyed pretty much all evidence of their existence as their numbers dwindled. However, there are a few 'bits and pieces' floating around. Like that structure there the Sansha are shooting. Its destroyed! Whoops! That was one of the last of the wormhole inhibitors left, the reason you never find any wormholes connecting to Jove space even though Jove space is nicely within the cluster. The destruction of that last inhibitor started a cascade reaction and the entire network is now offline. Wormholes are popping up in Jove space!

Why? - The novel Templar One pretty much said the Jove are all dead. CCP at Fanfest 2013 showed teaser slides of players building stargates. Where would players build stargates? 0.0? A possibility but not sure CCP want players messing with the travel routes in null sec. Wormhole space? May be, but I'm pretty sure wormhole players would hate the idea of being able to create a gate over a wormhole to stabilise it and make it permanent. That would just turn wormhole space into null sec. Nope, my call is its all about the Jove!

The Outlook - Interesting. Some new space could add new content if properly implemented. I'm trusting CCP to implement some new content here and not just make Jove space some more null-sec. How could they do this? Well may be make some hi-low-null sec areas but with player controlled space. Could CONCORD be hired to police the 'hi-sec' areas? A high-sec area you cannot reach without going through low-sec? Mmmmmmm! Exploration could be given a boost with older, less powerful Jove tech. You won't find an Enigma BPO, but some new deadspace/faction/officer mods based on Jove tech? How about alliances running entire stations? Not just outposts! Anyway, once you found your way into Jove space, time to get building those stargates and earning some tolls!

Player Controlled Storyline
The Pitch - Tibus Heth, President Roden, Empress Jamyll, the Minmatar dude nobdy remembers. They will be fading out over the next couple of expansions. NPC led stories will be replaced with player led stories. CCP will be looking for players to step up and generate the storyline that they have been telling previously.

Why? - A lot of the story tellers were lost in the 20% following the summer of rage. Since then storytelling has re-emerged somewhat especaily over the last year. That story appears to be plotting the decline of the main characters. At Fanfest CCP said they wanted players doing what NPC's do.

The Outlook - The jury is out on this. I have major concerns and would have prefered the Tony G style of CCP story telling to continue.

New Ships
The Pitch - We are going to get new ship model(s). CCP Manifest has teased us on Twitter by mentioning a great new hull that really suits his play-style. Unfortunately as all CCP employees have to keep their in-game characters shuper schekrit we have no idea what is in store. A mining ship? A combat ship? What does Manifest do in game?

Why? - Manifest said so!

The Outlook - New ships are always good.... other then when they are not combat ships.... then they suck balls (IMO).

The Pitch - There are groups that do a lot for players. RvB, Brave Noobies, the Angel Project. But have you ever tried fitting 10,000 ships? I cannot be bothered with 10. I think there will be new tools to help the 'enablers' and save a mouse or two. You want to buy 5,000 Rifters with these rigs, fittings and ammo? OK here is a button! You want them all fit? OK there is another button. Select the ship, the fit and you can assemble and fit a lot of ships in a short space of time.

Why? - Again from Fanfest CCP, said they wanted to do more to help those enablers. And reading Twitter I'm pretty sure this is top of the list for many of those enablers!

The Outlook - Generally won't have an impact on most of us. Two groups it will help are those who fit ships to give away and for contracts and also market scammers. Market scammers? Yes, those who put items on the market for a price that looks reasonable but has an extra digit. If there is to be an automated system of buying an entire ships fitting off the market, you'd want it to automatically default to the lowest price available for each item right?

Small Things
The Pitch - The last few expansions have gone a long way to fixing Eve. But there are still improvements to be had, still fixes to be made. I'm hoping that this 'expansion' will not be just a collection of these and we get some content at or above the levels above.

Why? - Because there will always be improvements and fixes to be made.

The Outlook - Something will be fixed which will break something else and require a few days of patching, but we'll get there eventually.

The Pitch - Fozzie, Rise and Co have gone a long way to rebalancing the ships, but there is still more work to be done. It think we're about done on the T1's right? Go ahead, I know some of you are racing down to the comments section to post "No! They haven't done X and Y yet Drack, don't you know nothing?". Done? Right onto T2 rebalance. Electronic Attack Frigates, that's where my money is.

Why? - Because EAF need lovin'.

The Outlook - A lot more EAF in space!

I think I'll leave it at that. The rumours are this expansion will have more content than fixes and improvements. Looking at the forums and on social media I'm not the only one suffering from a lack of Eve mojo. We need some refreshing content soon please CCP.

P.S. Cynabal give away from Saturday. Although you obviously worked along the same lines of the previous winner Mr Hunter, you did think about your entry below. S810 jr a close second. Actually they were all pretty awesome, we have some amazing people who play this game!

Congratulations Drackarn!
For the party, I would bring a specially crafted holo projector that would show a mock-up of your first PvP victory in as much detail as possible. After presenting the Holo projector and having a toast with an old Gallente Scotch, I would remotely switch the projector to show a series of fights with the Caldari Militia... (meaning the Holo would show Drackarn attempting to fight various kity/stabbed ships) I figure that after the initial video runs a time or two it will take a long time for everyone to figure out what is now on the display. Should make for some interesting comments later.

- RHunter 13


  1. Jove - No
    Player Controlled Storyline - NO! That would never work.
    New Ships - Those were new models not new ships(like for the Bastion module Maruders for example).
    Enablers - Maby
    Small Things - There is a bit of that stuff
    Tiericed - Thats logical :P

  2. Good stuff.

    I like the Jove Space theory. I hope you're right. Null sec needs to be shaken up some more in my opinion.

    I also hope we'll get a new feature to mass buy a fitting. It can also be useful for the solo pilot that wants to put together 1-10 pvp ships.

    I posted some wishlist/guesses as well here: