Monday, August 10, 2015

Blog Banter 65 - Summary

We got quite a good response to Blog Banter 65 regarding attributes.

Cloaky Bastard says their time is past and CCP should send them to the same retirement home as the skill queue.

Kirith over at Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah suggests replacing them with skill categories and creating long lasting boosters.

Rixx independently came to the same conclusion over Eveoganda. Perhaps a focus for players which boosts SP gain in certain areas such as mining. Wait a minute... is there a Monty Python reference in the title? From an American??? :P

Oreamnos Amric over at Notes from New Eden suggests monthly remaps, repurpose them or if nobody at CCP has time, bin em!

The Ancient Gaming Noob goes to town with a really detailed post on the subject. He originally goes "Learning-skill-ise them" but then reconsiders and suggests leaving or repurposing them.

Rox Lucas over at the Torchwood Archives goes "Science, bitch!" and gets out the scientific calculator. There then follows a great post on how skills and implants can be repurposed. CCP take note!

Some idiot over at, well... this blog suggests going all WoW/LoTR/Everquest/Every MMO ever made and make attributes not tied to SP gain but actually make a difference to you in game. Better perception = better damage.

Travorian Dax over at Target Caller says get rid.... oh wait, there's more... he looks into 3rd party application issues but with regards to getting rid of attributes, he means it.

CSM member Sugar Kyle over at Low Sec Lifestyle asks if we had more remaps, would this be an issue?

A blast from the past, Neville Smit wrote at Crossing Zebras that attributes will not be missed other than by the odd bitter vet with the "capsuleers of today don't know they're born, back in my day...."

Again on Crossing Zebras, Niden wrote up a length discussion between many of the CZ crew about this subject.

Jakob Anedalle of Jakob's Eve Checklist who suggested the topic this month goes all Ripley on attributes and suggests nuking them from orbit (its the only way to be sure).

Morphisat's Blog is another in the make attributes meaningful camp. Damage/tank/healing/learning type attributes as seen in other RPG type games.

So a lot of feedback there and overwhelmingly support something needs doing. Whether that is nuking attributes to reduce complexity and risk-adversity due to expensive implants or repurposing them. Whichever, the banterers all tend to agree. Things need to change!

In about a week I'll be sending potential topics to the top secret little committee I have of Kirith and Rixx. So if you have a burning question you'd like to ask the banternoughts let me know and I'll add it to the list!

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  1. Hmmm, Banternauts or Banternoughts? Voyagers on an talking sea or Dread ships of Discussion?

    Thanks for writing this up, you're doing a sterling job. :D

    I wonder, quietly to myself, whether people just want change, no matter the practicalities, because change is *good*. Abavus has helped crystallise what I've pondered on this. Have we really reached a point where 'Anything is better than this' is the attitude to take?

    Perhaps a 'Bloggers demand change, because otherwise they'd not blog' is too meta for a Blog Banter?


    Something on the prospects and perspectives of change might be general and interesting enough for next month, I'll leave it up to the top secret little (public) committee to decide!