Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gunjack (For Mobile Phones People!)

A few weeks ago I believe it was Chribba who had spotted that CCP had issued a trademark request thingy (oh I don't know how copyright works!) for the name of "Gunjack". Everybody started to speculate. The most common one was this was Project Legion coming soon (TM).

Back at Fanfest CCP had their VR labs set up. Various demos were available. You could throw fireballs whilst wearing the Oculus Rift or you could man a turret and shoot stuffz with the Samsung Gear VR attachment for their mobile phones. Gunjack is for the later.

It's a mobile phone game for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Here is a slide from Fanfest where Hilmar is showing his daughter "help" test the original Eve Online and now helping to test the Samsung VR headset. We can assume that it was the precursor to Gunjack she is playing there.

It was interesting that CCP are heading in this direction, they are obviously throwing a lot of resource into their VR labs.

So what is Gunjack? It looks like a classic arcade shooter. You are a miner in a turret, a bit like one of those ball turrets from a WWII bomber. You shoot the incoming pirates and missiles and get power-ups. It is really chalk and cheese from Eve. Have a look at the trailer if you've not already seen it...

Reaction has been mixed. A lot of people don't realise its for MOBILE PHONES. Its also just a simple arcade type shoot-em up. Its NOT EVE ONLINE! Some of the comments on Facebook and YouTube are just funny!

Will I play it? Probably not as I am not planning to get the Samsung Gear VR headset. I'll get an Oculus Rift and play Valkyrie. However, if you cannot afford a Rift or the PC to run it, the Samsung VR might be a cost effective way into Eve-O VR? Providing you can get over the fact it has "power-ups" of course!


  1. You may not need Samsung VR. All you may need is an android phone. When I went to some movie awhile back, I was given a Google cardboard to work with some app of theirs. There are plenty of DIY instructions to make your own for a couple of dollars

  2. Main difference between google carboard and samsung VR is the fact the the samsung one has an input device and you can adjust the lenses , handy for people with glasses.

  3. At Fanfest I heard that Project: Legion has been put on hold. The focus and developer effort is all on Dust until CCP get Dust in a vaguely portable state for P:L. Even then they won't resume work on P:L until these is seen to be a market force wanting it. That's why no CCP employee spoke about it (except one unfortunate guy who must have missed the official memo).

  4. It's not "Ah-bah-don." It's "ah-BAD-uhn." Ugh.

  5. Agreed, "uh-bad-un" but I hear people say it in weird ways all the time.

    I would love to see a new ship that allowed gunners so that you could have one ship with like 5 people in it. Pilot, Gunners, etc.