Eve Dictionary

Drackarn's Eve Online Dictionary.

For those new to Eve some of the terminology can be a bit mind-boggling. Also there are plenty of abbreviations that make you go WTF? So I've tried to list as many here as possible. If I've missed any (of course I've missed loads) leave a comment, I'll add it and also make a note of who suggested it so your fame may never DIAF.


Arkanor, Bistot and Crokite. The three most valuable types of asteroid in the galaxy.

Active Tank -
Using capacitor reliant modules to repair shield or armour damage.

Ancillary current router. A rig that boosts power plant output.

Aggro -

AF -
Assault Frigate. A T2 combat frigate.

Ancillary Shield Booster. A mid-slot shield boosting module that is loaded with cap booster charges as ammo.

Aurum. A secondary in-game currency to use on vanity (and only vanity for ever and ever) items on the NEX.


Bail -
Run away!

Battle-comms -
Everyone stop chatting on comms. We've got a fight about to happen!

Battlecruiser -
A combat orientated ship between a cruiser and a battleship.

Battleship -
Largest non-capital combat ship.

BC -
A Battlecruiser

Ballistic Control Unit. A low-slot module that increases missile damage.

Belt -
Asteroid Belt. Might be seen as "Belt 5-4" which means the asteroid belt at planet 5, belt number 4.

Bio -
A short break for fleet members to sort out their biological needs in rl. Fetching drinks, nacho's (or other food) and a visit to the little capsuleer's room. Also a quick smoke for those that do!

Black-Ops -
A T2 battleship able to open a jump portal for stealth bombers and some recon ships.

Black-ops bridge -
The jump portal made between two points by a black-ops battleship.

Blasters -
A form of close range hybrid weapon. Currently considered poor against laser and projectile equivalent.

Bleeding -
Damage is leaking to the next level ie from shield to armour or from armour to structure.

Blob -
A fleet usually outnumbering your own. "We had 5 and they had 40. They blobbed us!".

Blue -
A pilot with good or excellent standings.

Booster -
(1) A short duration drug designed to improve a pilots ability in a certain area such as shield boosting.
(2) A member of a fleet in a ship designed to boost all fleet members (such as a commandship or a T3)
(3) A module that boosts the shields and repairs them (as part of an active tank)

Bomb -
An unguided bomb with large area of effect that can only be launched from stealth bombers and only in 0.0 (null sec)

Bounce -
To warp to a near celestial and back. For example when 80km off a gate and you want to be at 0km.

Bounty -
To place a bounty on the head of a player. Whoever kills him (podded) will get the reward.

Bridge -
A jump portal made between two systems. These can be created at a POS by a jump bridge module, by a black-ops battleship (ship restrictions apply) or by a titan.

BS -

Bubble -
A warp disruption field. Can be created by anchoring a special item or from interdictors/heavy interdictors. Creates a visible bubble in space which ships cannot use their warp drive when inside. Only can be used null-sec.

Bump -
To knock a ship off course or away from an area.

Burn -
Make best speed to the destination without keeping the fleet together.


Camp -
A group of ships waiting at a stargate or a station undock. Usually to catch war targets or in the case of pirates, anyone.

Cap -
(1) The ships capacitor. An energy reserve that is used when activating a module or performing a warp.
(2) A capital class ship, usually referring to a carrier.

Cap Charges -
A type of "Ammunition" used with the capacitor recharger to boost capacitor.

Capped Out -
To run out of capacitor

Capacitor Control Circuit. A rig that improved capacitor recharge.

"Check Check" -
Shut up everyone on comms. Important intel coming in. Occasionally followed by a loud "CHECK!" if some nobs haven't shut their traps.

Chuck Norris -
See Loren Gallen

Cloak -
(1) A high-slot module that makes you invisible to the naked eye and all sensors.
(2) A cloaking field projected onto you for the first 30 seconds as you jump through a stargate and land the other side.

Command Ship -
A T2 Battlecruiser. Designed to fit modules that give bonus to fleet members.

The space police operating in systems with a security status of 0.5 and above.

To be killed by CONCORD after doing something illegal in a system with a security status of 0.5 or above

Cruiser -
A mid-sized start ship such as the Caracal or Thorax.

Crystals -
Amarrian laser weaponry and mining lasers use crystals as ammo.

Cyno -
(1) A high-slot module fitted to a ship. Providing the ship also has liquid ozone in it's cargo hold to fuel the module it can create a cyno field.
(2) A energy field created by a ship that ships equipped with a jump drive can lock onto from several light-years away and jump to.


Short for Damage Control Unit. A low-slot module that improves resistances to shield, armour and structure.

Dec -
A declaration of war. A corporation or alliance can dec another so they can fight legally even in high-sec. Does not need to be mutual and will go ahead even if the other party doesn't want to.

Deeps -
Another word for DPS (Damage per Second)

Destroyer -
A small ship in between a frigate and a cruiser. Excellent against frigate sized ships. Will DIAF

DD -
(1) Doomsday Device. A superweapon that can be fitted to titans.
(2) A Daredevil. A pirate faction frigate.

Die in a fire. As it says!

Disco -
A ship using multiple smart bombs. The flashing light show makes it look like something that should belong in a disco.

Docking Ring -
An invisible area around a station within which when a ship requests to dock they dock up almost instantly. Varies between stations.

Doing a Drack -
Getting yourself in a situation that's going to probably hurt your in-game wallet due to cider consumption.

Doing an Eelis -
Tackling a stargate, shooting a gate gun or tackling a blue all by accident.

Doing a Gall -
Not knowing something even though you have eleventy-billion skill points and been playing Eve forever.

Doing a Lock -
FC'ing a fleet and engaging a superior fleet only to win decisively.

Doomsday -
A beam weapon used by Titans. Only works in null-sec and does tremendous damage.

Damage per second. Can also refer to offensive power "This ship is fitted for DPS"

Dreadnaught -
A DPS capital ship. Only really effective vs other caps and stations/POS'. Expensive!

Drone -
A small robotic drone deployed from a ships drone bay. Can be combat, logistics or eWar.


Electronic attack frigate. A T2 frigate specialised in eWar.

A mid-slot module designed to boost sensor strength to prevent target jamming by ECM.

A mid-slot module designed to prevent the targeted ship from being able to lock any targets.

Emergency Warp -
If your client crashes or you quit the game in space you will stay 30 seconds before your ship warps off in a random direction for 1 million KM.

To get so upset you leave the game. Might be for the rest of the day, might be forever.

Empire -
(1) One of the main NPC power-blocs such as the Amarr or the Gallente.
(2) Space with a 0.5 or higher security status although technically it includes low-sec.

eWar -
Electronic warfare. Modules designed to disrupt an enemy ship. Can include ECM, sensor dampening, tracking disruption, warp jamming, webbing.


Faction -
(1) One of major NPC powers such as Amarr, Caldari.
(2) A Navy variant of a ship, module or ammo. For example a Federation Navy Warp Disruptor. Generally a lot better and a lot more expensive than T2.

Fail Jump -
Warping to a gate and jumping on contact when all the FC said was "Warp to gate". Now your all alone on the wrong side!

Fast Tackle -
A ship designed to be speedy, fast locking and have a point in order to catch incoming ships.

FC -
Fleet commander. Can refer to the person in charge of the fleet even though they haven't taken the Fleet Commander position in the hierarchy.

Fitting -
The modules and rigs used on a ship.

Frog -
Derogatory name for the Gallente.

For the Win! When someone does something good, it's FTW.

FW -
Faction War (Lexx Jonlan)


Gang -
A small fleet

Gank -
(1) To gang up on someone with superior numbers. 10 on 1 is a gank.
(2) A large amount of DPS from a single ship. Example "We need 10 gank battleships". The opposite of tank. (Annie Anomie)

Gate -
(1) A stargate that will transport you to a destination system.
(2) An acceleration gate that will propel you into a deadspace complex.

Global Criminal Countdown. A 15 minute timer from a players last criminal act. During this time you'll be CONCORDED if you enter hi-sec and all players can shoot you. Gate guns will also aggro you and you'll receive gun aggro.

GF -
Good fight. Something sporting to post in local chat after the fight whether you win or loss.

Glass Cannon -
A ship fitted for maximum damage at the expense of tank/defensive modules.

Gun Aggro -
A 15 minute countdown where gate guns belonging to the same faction will shoot you. Separate to GCC and is reset every time a gun shoots at you. For example you get gun aggro and warp to a planet and wait five minutes. Then you warp to a station which has guns belonging to the same faction. They will shoot you and you'll have the 15 minute timer reset.

Get the Frack Out. At least I think it's frack.

Gyro -
A gyrostabaliser. A low slot module that increase projectile weapon damage and fire rate.


Heavy Assault Cruiser. A T2 variant of a crusier. Usually for DPS

Heavy Interdictor -
A specialised T2 cruiser that can create warp disruption bubbles.

Hictor -
Heavy Interdictor (Berakhvar)


IG -
In Game

iHub -
A sovereignty structure used in player controlled low sec to give bonuses to that system. (Lexx Jonlan)

Insta or Insta-Undock
A safe spot in line with the ships trajectory when it undocks so it has little or no align time and instantly warps after undocking ((Jared Reidel)

Implants -
Attribute and skill boosting devices that are implanted in your head. Can cost billions.

Interceptor -
A T2 variant of a frigate. Designed to be fast and tackle enemy ships.

Interdictor -
A T2 destroyer designed for launching bubbles in 0.0

Inty -
Interceptor (Lexx Jonlan)

Inter stella kredits. The currency of New Eden.

Isotopes -
Four types of gas isotopes are used in as fuel for jump drivers. For example Caldari ships use Nitrogen Isotopes.

iStab -
A low-slot module that improves the maneuverability of your ship.


JB -
Jump bridge. Jump portal created by a POS module, black ops ship or titan. (Lexx Jonlan)

Jita -
The solar system that players have made the economic hub of New Eden. Station 4-4 (planet 4, moon 4) is the best market in the galaxy for buying and selling.

JC -
See jump clone.

JF -
Jump freighter. A freighter with a jump drive.

Jump Clone -
An extra body that your mind can be downloaded into allowing you to "hop" bodies over huge distances once every 24hrs.

Jump Drive -
A drive system on larger or specialist craft that can lock onto a cyno field generated by a fleet member and jump to that point without the need for star gates.


Kill Board -
An out of game website where you can post your kill mails and see lots of interesting PvP stats about yourself, other players, corps and alliances.

KM -
Kill Mail. In the past when you killed a play you'd get a mail confirming the details. These are now logged in your character sheet, but the name stuck.

K-Space -
Known space. not Wormhole space (Lexx Jonlan)


Lemming -
Trying to help a corp mate by everyone rushing to help and jumping in one at a time and getting killed by the enemy fleet. Like the old Kung Fu movies where the bad guys outnumbered the good guy but they all attacked one at a time!

LO2 -
Liquid Ozone. A fuel used especially for cyno generation.

Local Reps -
A mid or low-slot module which boosts shields or repairs armour on your own ship using energy from the capacitor.

Logistics -
(1) A specialist T2 cruiser designed to repair other ships in space.
(2) Moving items from one place to the other ideally with a freighter or jump freighter.

Logoffski -
To quit the game when being chased or cornered. Considered bad form.

Logofftrap -
Most of a fleet logs off the game in space leaving some bait. Another fleet engages and the others log back in appearing at the heart of the battle. Not sure if this is an exploit, but it bloody should be.

Lol Fit -
A ship fitting that is so wrong it's funny.

Lol Mail -
A Kill mail that is amusing. It could be a lol fit or it could be a small ship destroying a much bigger more powerful one.

Long Point -
A warp disruption module not a scrambler.

Loot -
Modules and cargo left in a wreck that wasn't destroyed when the ship went down.

Loren Gallen -
See Chuck Norris


Marauder -
T2 combat BS.

Medical Clone -
The clone you will wake up in if you get podded. You can select the station where it is kept and what quality it is. Ensure that your clone is updated and has more skill points than you have.

Meta -
Meta level. An indication of how good a T1 piece of equipment is. Meta level 1 is poor, meta level 4 is sometimes nearly as good as a T2 module.

Mind-Links -
A specialised type of implant that gives the play the ability to boost other fleet members.

Mods -
Modules. Equipments such as weapons, shield enhancers, sensor boosters etc fitted to a ship. There are three racks (high, mid and low) and up to 8 modules in each rack depending on the ship.

Mom -
Mothership. The old name for a super-carrier.

Moon Goo -
Minerals and compounds extracted by a POS moon extractor array thingy (Lexx Jonlan)

A micro warp drive. Like an afterburner on steroids. Gives a massive boost for speed but has some serious drawbacks.


Nano -
Generally refers to a ship fitted with nanofibre internal structures which increase speed and agility. Can also refer to polycarbonate engine housings which is a rig that does the same thing. A general term for a ship that is not usually manoeuvrable but has been made so by its fitting.

Neut -
(1) A high-slot module that drains the target ships capacitor
(2) Someone who has neutral standings and is neither a friend or an enemy. "5 in system, 2 WT's and 3 neuts"

Nerf -
A change in game mechanics during a patch or expansion that makes an item less effective as it was over powered.

The Vanity store where you can buy things for your Avatar and can NEVER EVER buy game changing items OK CCP! ;) (Lexx Jonlan)

Noob -
(1) A new player
(2) An insult to a player who has done something foolish. For example a mistake that a new player may have made. "You noob!"

Null sec -
Space with a security status of 0.0. Technically lawless space where your actions are not monitored so illegal activity does not affect your security status.


Officer -
A module that has been modified to be better. Named after the NPC that invented it. Better than faction. For example an Officer fit Raven is a Raven battleship with mostly officer modules fitted.

Our Great and Glorious Leader Gallactica. What we call our numpty of a CEO to his face. (Jared Reidel)

Out of game

Overheat -
To overheat a module by turning off the thermal cut offs. Gives a boost to performance but damages the module and can lead to the module burning out. Requires the skill Thermodynamics.


Painter -
A target painter. A mid-slot module that projects a "tag" onto the target and increases its signature radius making it easier to shoot.

Passive Tank -
Using a large buffer, resists and/or shield recharge to increase the damage you can take without requiring lots of capacitor.

Power diagnostic system. A low-slot module that boosts power, capacitor and shield systems.

Peak recharge -
Shields and capacitor volumes do not have an equal recharge rate and the rate depends on how much is left.

Petition -
To submit a petition to a game master regarding a game issue/problem.

Pie -
(1) Pirate. A player who has a security status at or below -5.0. These guys tend to kill neutrals.
(2) An NPC Pirate such as the Guristas, Sepentis etc (Lexx Jonlan)

Plex -
(1) Pilots Licence Extension. An in-game item that gives you 30-days game time to your account when used.
(2) A complex. A "site" in space which might have an acceleration gate.

Point -
To be engaged with a warp disruptor. +1 point of warp disruption on the target. "Point on Ferox!"

Pod -
The capsule you float in when piloting your ship.

Podded -
To have your pod destroyed and hence die and wake up in a new clone.

Pounce - A Safe Spot not too far from a gate or a station so you cannot be seen but can be at the gate/station in seconds (Jared Reidel)

Player Owned Structure. A small "starbase" created by a player at a moon.

Probe -
(1) A scanner probe used to locate something in space.
(2) To use scanner probes to located someone in space in the same system.



Ransom -
To prevent a pod warping off to hold the pilot to ransom. The victim may pay to prevent having to buy a new clone and especially implants in their head.

Reactor control unit. A low-slot module that gives a big boost to power plant output increasing availible power grid.

Recon -
A Recon Ship. Usually specialised in eWar

Red Box -
To agress with offensive modules. So called as the brackets around the ship turn red.

Reinforced -
When a POS, player outpost and many other major structures are dying, they enter reinforced mode. This makes their shields invulnerable to attack for a set time. This could be hours, it could be over a day. The purpose is that the owners, who could be asleep at the time, can plan a defense for when it comes out of reinforced. POS' need Strontium in them in order to enter reinforced and the amount of strontium defines how long the reinforced mode will last.

RR -
Remote repair. A ship fitted with a high-slot module used for repairing a target's shields or armour.

Safe -
Safe spot. A location in space, saved as a bookmark, which people cannot warp to without being in the same fleet or probbing a ship down located at the safe.

Salvage -
Parts from a wreck that are useful and can be used to create rigs. Needs a salvager (a hi-slot module) to collect.

SB -
(1) Smart Bomb.
(2) Stealth Bomber.

SC -
Squad Commander.

Scammed -
To be ripped off by another player. For example you didn't notice that he was selling you a T1 battleship and not the promised faction battleship. This is within game rules. Most you can do about it is cry or emo-rage-quit. Best is to just accept it and "That's Eve!".

Scrammed -
To have a warp scrambler engaged on a ship. Not only prevents warping off but also shuts off MWD's.

SeBo -
Sensor Booster.

Sec Status/Security Status
(1) The rating of the players standing with the law. At -5.0 other players can shoot them on sight legally.
(2) The rating of the system. 0.5 or above is Empire and "safer". 0.1 - 0.4 is low sec and whilst illegal actions will effect a players sec status there is no CONCORD. 0.0 and below is lawless.

Sig -
Signature radius. A measure of the size of the electronic footprint of your ship. The bigger it is, the easier you are to shoot and the more damage you'll take from missiles.

Short Point -
A Warp Scrambler. So called as it has under half the range of a warp disruptor but also cuts off MWD's. (Lexx Jonlan)

Smart Bomb -
An high-slot module energy weapon that projects an energy blast from the ship.

Sovereignty -
Who owns that system. In certain areas of Null Sec and Low Sec plays can capture Sovereignty of a system.

SP -
Skill points

Speed Tank -
(1) To use a fast ship with an afterburner to move so quickly the other vessel cannot hit it properly.
(2) To tie up the NPC Navy during faction war by using 10 fast ships that they chase but cannot catch.

Squid -
A derogatory name for the Caldari

Stab -
A warp core stabiliser. A low-slot module that negates a single point but reduces targeting range and speed.

Stabbed -
A ship fitted with one or more warp core stabilisers.

Strategic Cruiser -
A powerful T3 crusier.

Stront -
Strontium. A fuel used by a POS to enter reinforced mode and by some cap ships to activate special modules.

Suicide Gank -
To engage a ship in hi-sec that is not a war target (or you have kill rights on) knowing CONCORD with kersplat you.

Super -
A super-capital class of ship. Either a super-carrier or a titan


T1 -
Technology Level 1. The basic level of equipment. Varies in quality depending on its meta level.

T2 -
Advanced version of T1. Almost always performs much better than it's T1 variant but at higher fitting cost.

T3 -
Very advanced technology. Using technology found in wormhole space. Currently Strategic Cruisers are the only T3 items in game.

Tack -
Used to describe 0.0 systems. 2D-WDF could be said "2D tack WDF" (Jared Reidel)

Tackle -
(1) To use a warp disruptor or scrambler to prevent a ship warping off.
(2) A ship designed to lock fast with a long point in order to catch incoming ships.

Tank -
The ability of the ship to withstand damage.

Tarp! -
A trap. Said in the style of Admiral Akbar in Jedi.

Tears -
Moaning in local about losing a ship. Some players are sustained by these!

Transversal -
A measure of speed taking into account the direction you are moving to the target. Orbiting it'll be high, moving in one direction directly away will be low. Think about using a snipe rifle on a moving target. if they running away from you or directly at you, easy to hit. If they running around you, hard to hit. (Lexx Jonlan)




A stasis webifier. A gravity based mid-slot module weapon that slow the target ships speed.

Wing Commander.

WT -
War target.

WH -
Wormhole. Usually refers to a naturally occurring wormhole that links to another point in space. These are nearly always unstable and last only a few days.

W-Space -
Wormhole space. A system unknown to us expect through that there wormhole.... (Lexx Jonlan)



Yellow Box -
To be targeted by a ship but it not to activate any offensive modules against you. So called due to the colour of the brackets around the ship.