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The Outpost - Part 6

Fiction Friday is here. This is the final part of the Outpost story. An escape pod, in case Eve fiction is not your thing, is here to Malefactor regarding the future of the Blogpack and Eve Bloggers website.

The Outpost - Part 6

Sakuri was sat in the main chamber with the rest of the Uneffected thinking about the Captain. He had left with five of their men to get the power-core back to the ship. They would then power up the ship and fly it around to the lower reactor room. That was what had been behind the crates, an old airlock. It was an old style solution to any reactor emergency, vent the room into space. She had been left behind on the insistence of the Uneffected. She was the guarantee that the captain would come back to rescue them.

She had been talking to a woman who was making a vegetable stew for the journey. She was amazed at the ingenuity of the people here. A large pot was suspended under a fusion cutting torch set on its lowest setting which was feeding off the power supply. With no other fuel supply, the Uneffected had to be creative.

Whilst she chopped carrots the woman explain how she'd lost her husband and son in an attack by the Others several years before. Both had been killed defending the main chamber. Sakuri guessed the woman was in her early 40's, making any son probably late teens. A tragedy for her. She explained how the rest of the Uneffected had support those who had lost loved ones and helped her through the dark months that followed.

"And here I am. I am now a cook for my new family which is every......." suddenly the woman blinked and went quiet.

"Are you OK?" Sakuri asked concerned.

"Did you think you could escape your destiny?" the woman replied in a menacing tone.

"I'm sorry?" Sakuri looked confused.

"He will still have you. I will also get my prize. All you have done is doomed these people earlier."

"I don't understand. What are you talking about."

"Do you want me to show you?"

The woman stood up from the rock she was sitting on facing Sakuri. Thats when Sakuri noticed the sharp knife in her hand. The woman lifted her top and exposed her stomach to Sakuri who watched in horror was the woman stabbed herself and worked the knife across her belly. Sakuri screamed.

"See. This one is too old. No use to us. Dry." the woman was talking about herself in the 3rd person as she pulled the knife out and plunged her hand into the gaping would. Sakuri thought she would throw up. The woman pulled her hand out, in it was a fist full of intestines.

"I'll be seeing you soon" the woman said before she blinked again. Suddenly her face turned to one of surprise and confusion. She looked at the horror on Sakuri face and was about to speak as she looked down and saw her bloodied hand full of her own entrails. She screamed and collapsed on the ground and start to convulse. Her bloodied entrails continued to slip from the wound.

This snapped Sakuri out of the trance and she realised what was happening! It had been Mayu!

"MUTANTS!" she screamed and barely a second later the cavern erupted in panic. Suddenly several Yukuli crashed into the cavern from one of the side corridors.

Behind them Sakuri could just see Mayu bring up the rear. She was smiling at her.


The men several decks above had got their suits on but the Captain could see there'd be no time for the helmets or completing the pressure checks before the approaching mutants reached them.

"I've got an idea! Slow them down!" he shouted as he rushed to the power core. The Uneffected men grabbed their weapons and charged at the advancing mutants.

The first man drove his spear into the chest of the lead mutant. It roared in protest as the point sank into its flesh but it didn't penetrate the fused ribcage. The staff broke in two and the the man stumbled forward. The mutant grabbed his head in its two oversized hands and lifted him clear off the floor. He struggled and then screamed as the hulking beast squeezed its hands together. There was a crack and the mans head collapsed sending blood, skull fragments and pieces of brain flying.

The captain looked up from behind the power core which he was desperately rewiring. He saw another man have his armed ripped off as he swung his axe but the mutant grabbed him by the wrist. A shower of bright red blood arced from the remains of the mans shoulder. He continued to work on the power-core as the screams rang out in front of him. As he was almost finished he looked up again. The final Uneffected had been caught and two Yukali were fighting over him. One had him by the wrists and the other by the ankles. As they pulled the man let out a chilling scream. In a soft, wet, ripping noise he was pulled in two. The mutants dropped him as he stopped screaming.

"Oi. Pretty boys!" the captain shouted. "Lets dance."

The mutants started towards him as he flicked a switch on the power core and quickly jumped onto a nearby rock. The hum from the core multiplied and bright flashes sparked around the metal grating. The Yukali froze and then started convulsing wildly. Their feet on the tunnel's metal grating and their bulky bodies touching walls, ceiling and pipeways. A minute later the power core went back to standby and the Captain looked at the smoking corpses.

He removed the wiring between the metal grating and the floor and very slowly pushed the power core towards the airlock.


The scene in the main chamer was chaos. The Yukali had attacked in force and had overwhelmed the defenses. A man ran up to Sakuri, his short sword stained with blood.

"I have a plan!" he said excitedly.

"What is it?" ask Sakuri.

"You have lots of babies with my brother" the man laughed as he drew his sword over his neck. The gush of blood sprayed Sakuri in the face and the man dropped to the floor.

"She's teasing me!" Sakuri thought. "She could take control of me and walk me out of here. But these things don't just feed on our flesh. They also feed on our fear, our pain, our suffering."

She saw the boy they originally met in the gardens and his mother cowering behind a rock. She started to move over when a hulking Yukali started in the same direction. Sakuri didn't think about it. She had a hunch and she would test it. She grabbed the short sword from the fallen man and charged at the Yukali that was heading towards the mother and her son.

The blade sank deep into the mutants flesh and it roared in pain. It span round with its talon like fingers raised, ready to gut whoever hurt it. Sakuri just stood there in terror. The rage in the mutants face disappeared in an instant and it adopted a subservient pose and backed off.

"So they understand they are not to hurt me" Sakuri thought.

She continued towards the mother and son as the battle raged around her. Suddenly she froze, the sword dropped from her hands. She couldn't move. She felt a hand on the back of her neck, it moved down her back gently, over her backside and back to her hip. She couldn't do anything. Mayu walked around her until she was facing her.

"So disappointing that our time was cut short." the mutant purred as her hands continued to expore Sakuri's body. "That Captain of yours will be punished of course. Where is he? I cannot see him."

Sakuri couldn't move a muscle to answer.

"Never mind. We'll find him, he will be taken alive and I will have him. Only now what could have been untold pleasure for both of us will be pleasure for me and untold pain for him." she spat. "But us, I have got my brother to agree to us sharing you. It is going to be wonderful."

The mutant placed her hand on Sakuri head and tilted it to one side. She leaned in and ran her tongue up the side of Sakuri's neck before gently biting. She then went to to kiss her. Sakuri resisted and the mutant to her surprise didn't force her body.

"Yes we are going to have so much....." Mayu suddenly stopped and staggered backwards, a look of absolute shock on her face. Sakuri suddenly felt control of her body return. She immediately punched the mutant in the face knocking her backwards. There was a ripping sound as she hit the floor and the tip of the short sword erupted from her chest. The mother was stood the other side. Her arms still outstretched from where she had plunged the sword into the mutants back.

"Come on!" cried Sakuri as she waved them towards a corridor.

She looked back and saw all was lost, the Yukali were now feasting on the bodies of the fallen as the trio quietly slipped out of the cavern.


The two women and the boy ran down the stairs down to the reactor room. Sakuri knew it was only a matter of time before the mutants realised one of their leaders was dead and that some of the Uneffected had escaped.

They entered the reactor room to find the captain standing there. The rows of cargo crates had been pushed aside revealing the airlock.

"Your carriage awaits my friends" he said "The 13:44 mini-shuttle to the starship Hope will be departing in one minute." he smiled.

Sakuri quickly explained what had happened and that the mother and son were the last of the Uneffected. The Captain nodded solemly and told them to get on the shuttle.

The three started to move towards the airlock when the Captain froze, he appeared stiff and unable to move. "Run" he hissed through clenched teeth. "Run!".

Sakuri realised what was happening and dragged the mother and the boy through the airlock into the small shuttle. The small runabout was designed for getting to places where the Hope couldn't and was cramped at the best of times. It had to be small in order to fit inside the Hope's tiny docking bay. It was designed for two but the three squeezed in as Sakuri looked back from the hatch. She mutter under her breath when Sabu casually strolled into the reactor room.

"Ah Captain! Here you are! I thought you'd escaped. I assume those I saw running into the room behind you include my bride-to-be? I've never been here but as we're so deep I'm willing to bet thats a dead-end room? Mmmmm? No way out?"

"Frack you!"

"Now, now Captain. Don't be like that. You'll be seeing some action too, although after assaulting and knocking my sister out, I doubt you'll be screaming in pleasure. She did mention something about going on top of you whilst slowly skinning you alive."

"Well there are two problems with that." the Captain hissed.

"Oh really?" replied Sabu "And what would they be?"

"Firstly, your bitch of a sister is dead."

Anger flashed in the mutants eyes, his lip turning up slightly in the faintest of snarls.

"And secondly, as your powers are not all consuming and I know I still have a little movement in my fingers, I can do this!"

Suddenly the hatch of the shuttle closed forcing Sakuri to jerk her head back to avoid being hit. The shuttle shook as the engines started to power up. A loud drone reverberated around the reactor room.

Sabu scowled at the Captain who forced a smile. The Captains hand was willed out of his pocket. In his hand was a small remote.

"What have you done?" hissed the mutant.

"I've saved two women and a young boy in exchange for my life, your life and the lives of the rest of your depraved mutants!"

Sabu looked towards the door where he'd seen the others vanish and suddenly realised it was an airlock.

"NO!" screamed the mutant.

There was a massive rush of air as the shuttle, running on a predetermined flight pattern activated by the captains remote, separated from the airlock without closing the airlock door. The Captain and Sabu were blown into the vacuum of space as the entire old station started to de-pressurised.


The flight back to the ship around the outside of the outpost took only a few minutes. Sakuri was being comforted by the mother and son. The shuttle followed its previous flight and was soon docked back with the Hope which was now fully powered with the reactor back online.

Sakuri went up to the cockpit. She'd had some lessons in flying but was wondering how she was going to get them all out of there. She found a scrap of paper on the pilots seat.

Hey Sakuri
If you are reading this then 'Plan B' has been used to get you out of there. Just a pity that means I'm dead. Damn fracking mutants. Can you believe this shit? Of all the things in the cluster! It was mutants that ended me! Anyway, the Hope is now yours, the reactors online and she's powered and ready to fly. But make sure you get that coupling looked at as soon as you dock!

The Navicom has been preprogrammed with an autopilot route. I've set it to follow the route we came in on, so that should get you out of one of those holes in the hanger doors. Then the autopilot will get you out via the same stargate and back to the nearest station.

I need to ask you to do one thing for me. Live!

The Capt.

P.S. Remember how those holes were made? Look down!

With a tear in her eye Sakuri smiled and went to the salvage console.


Daichi was sat in the barren room. His prison exercise shirt was sleeveless and the air-conditioning was uncomfortable. Even the table and chairs were a dull grey metal. The door opened and a suited man entered.

"Hello Daichi I am your State appointed attorney." the man stated "You are charged with treason against the State. I think we can trade the death penalty for a possible life sentence in a maximum security penal colony if we cooperate with the authorities. I have to be honest, things are not looking good for you."

Daichi slumped onto the table and held his hands to his face sobbing at the raw truth.

"Couldn't you have said that a bit more tactfully! I didn't do anything!" he protested. "I faked those database entries and transmissions to frame an ex-girlfriend! It was just revenge after that bitch slept with my sister! I wasn't selling secrets to anyone, I was trying to frame that filthy bitch!"

Behind the one-way mirror a man in a very expensive suit turned to Sakuri and raised a questioning eyebrow at her.

"His sister?" the man asked.

"I caught him red-handed with two hookers first." she shrugged.

The man simply nodded and went back to looking into the room where Daichi was confessing all.

"Well Miss Sakuri I think I can safely say that all charges will be dropped against you." the man stated. "Now if we could move onto, shall we say, official business matters? The partial data you sent us?" he continued.

"Very well." Sakuri replied not taking her eyes off her sobbing ex-boyfriend. "I want 50 million credits plus 5% of profits directly as a result of the research for the next 20 years."

"Two percent." the man replied.

"Three." she countered.


The man took a datapad and entered the figures into a previously prepared contract. Both entered their respective thumbprint and two minutes later Sakuri got a confirmation on her own datapad that the contract had been received by her own independent legal team. She reached into a pocket and pulled out a smaller datapad. She entered a passcode to unlock the security and passed it to the Executive.

"Everything is on a ship called The Hope. It's a salvage frigate docked in the orbiting station. In the cargo hold you'll find the salvage which I sent you the teaser specifications for last week."

"Excellent. Our research team have been dying to get their hands on it since you sent us the partial data. Do you know what it is?" he asked quizzically.

"Not exactly." she replied "But given what I know I'd guess its a type of Sleeper Drone. What you don't know is I found it at a Caldari outpost that had been abandoned for over 150 years. They were firing nukes into a partially stable wormhole that they had found. That thing came out of the wormhole and almost totalled the station. All co-ordinates are saved in The Hopes navicom. There is a another full specimen in the station. Knock yourself out."

The Executive smiled. "Yes, Sleeper tech, that is what our R&D guys reported. However, it is a form of Sleeper tech we have not yet encountered. The Capsuleers have brought back much salvage from the unknown before, but nothing like this." The Executive paused.

"You're an intelligent lady. You surely must know you could have got us in a bidding war with a rival mega-corp and made a lot more money. Instead you wanted your name cleared, 50 million and, to be quite honest, a low share in the profits. Why didn't you go for more?"

Sakuri nodded in agreement whilst watching her ex-boyfriend cry like a baby, protesting his innocence.

"I've had enough problems with escalation over the last few years. Your payment is more than enough so that I'll never need to work again and we've been able to sort this without any issues. You get a bargin, I get just exactly what I want and need."

The Executive nodded, bowed and turned to leave.

"Oh. Have you any special requests with regard to your ex-partner there?" he asked with his hand on the door. "The life sentence can easily be enacted if you would like?"

"No thank you. I'm not that vindictive. I assume his high-flying career is finished. If you could arrange it so he has a short stay in prison for trying to frame me alongside some rather overly-friendly, hardened criminals, then I think we'll be even, given what he has put me through over the last three years."

The executive nodded slightly with a hint of a grin and left the room.


....One year later.....

She stood on the balcony looking down at the secluded beach. It was morning and the sun was already warm, a light breeze blew off the sea and fluttered the curtains behind her. The green nebula that dominated the night sky this close to the centre of the Federation was fading fast, being replaced by a light blue. She looked back and saw her man still asleep on the plush king-sized bed. She thought she'd let him sleep a while longer. He deserved the rest. Thinking back to last night and the reason he was still tired brought a smile to her face. She turned back down to look at the private beach. She saw the young boy running at the edge of the breaking surf. His mother not far behind. They usually walked along the beach before breakfast.

All of their lives had changed radically in the last year. She smiled thinking that change was not on the agenda now, in fact the only thing that had changed recently had been her hair colour. The money, the house, the lifestyle. She had ensured the future would be a happy one for them all. Sakuri also thought about the old crew. The loss of the captain and the others. But also of the joy when she received a picture of Hiroto and Chan. They had both been sealed in the medical bay in the old station when it de-pressurised. The Mega-Corp science team that arrived a few days later had found them. They had been patched up, paid off and last she heard were living the easy life somewhere in the Matari Republic, far from whatever they had been running from on The Hope.

A small shout caught her attention, the boys dog which she hadn't seen before appeared out of the surf with a stick in its mouth. The boy quickly retrieved it and threw it into the sea again, the dog bounding after it.

"Well they are working up an appetite for breakfast." she thought.

Sakuri turned back towards the bedroom. Her lover of the past four months was still stretched out on the bed asleep.

"Working up an appetite for breakfast? I suppose that's not a bad idea." she whispered to herself. She walked back into the bedroom and stood at the end of the bed. She gave it a slight kick. He opened his eyes and blinked before smiling at Sakuri.

"And what do you think you are doing beautiful?" he asked.

"Thinking about breakfast" she giggled as she lowered herself onto him "I think we have about 15 minutes to work up an appetite before they get back."

The End.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three Years of Eve Time +4

At the start of this week I realised something. It was three years ago to the day when I stepped off the plane thinking "What the **** have I done?". I was no longer a British resident. I had become an expatriate. I had taken a massive leap from working in the green and pleasant southwest of England to the orange desert of the Middle East. I was an alien, a legal alien, an Englishman in the heat!

More importantly I had changed Eve Online TZ's! I thought it might be interesting to look at my killboard just before I left, immediately after arriving and then now.

In June 2010 when I left the UK I was with the EU dominated Shadows of the Federation. With BST (British Summer Time) daylight savings in effect I was suddenly catapulted three hours in front of my corp mates. In the winter that grew to four hours. So how did Eve change for me?

May 2010
250 kills, 25.70 billion ISK destroyed, 15 losses, 660m ISK lost, 97.51%

My last full month in England. Wow, I had a lot of fun in May 2010! I do recall I was spending too much time on Eve given I had no idea how Eve would run in the desert or if I could even connect. It was possibly my last month of Eve so I went at it hard!

Looking through my kills I see I was even popping some squids in hi-sec. Wow! That must have been before I went -10!

The killboard is scattered with battlecruiser kills, which were the fleet ship of choice back then. Plenty of BS brawls too. I'm seeing big engagements with 150 a side clashing in Black Rise. Ah! This was the month with the four Chimera kills.

That was a good month of killin'

July 2010
74 kills, 3.44 billion ISK destroyed, 12 losses, 480m ISK lost, 87.79%

My first full month in the desert. Eve connected fine and I was still doing OK in terms of kills. The later nights due to later working hours meant I still was catching some of the earlier fleets. However, I was missing a lot of fleets due to the time difference. In my first month I didn't know anyone really and the girlfriend was 3500 miles away. One interesting thing to note, there were only two solo kills from that total of 74.

December 2010
24 kills, 900m ISK destroyed, 11 losses, 240m ISK lost. 79.02%

Oh dear. Things were very different now. Upon finding out the portrayal of the Middle East region by the western media is full of shit, and that it is a good place to live, my life had changed a lot during the previous five months. I had flown back to England in October, married the gf and brought her out (unmarried cohabiting is illegal). I now had a large circle of friends (aka drinking buddies) who selfishly impacted on my Eve time by asking me to go down to the pub for a beer. Bastards! My Eve time was getting ganked hard. We were also still living in a shared apartment so late night Eve was not really an option when wifey went to sleep.

I did get six solo kills that month, but my kills were well down.

May 2013
115 kills, 2.26bn ISK destroyed, 21 losses, 280m ISK lost, 88.99%

Fast-forward to the present and things have changed. I don't think I have that much more Eve time than back in December 2010. Wifey is still here, so is the pub and the gang. In fact Thirsty Thursday's are better than ever. Admittedly we now have our own villa now so I get some extra late night Eve time compared to December 2010 when we had one room. So what else has changed to make such a difference? Simply, my playstyle.

Back in SoTF the action was in the fleets. We'd be docked up awaiting the fleet to form and have one big roam. Now I am in the US dominated Quantum Cats Syndicate the action is mainly solo and small gang which is much more accessible than the larger fleets that ran once or twice a day.

52 of my 115 kills in May were solo. Other than one kill that had 11 on it, the rest are two to five pilots generally.

This change of play-style has been really obvious in my BattleClinic ranking. I was a 5000'r for a long time. BattleClinic awards points for a kill based on a number of factors. Ship types, numbers on the killmail etc.

If you solo a faction frigate with a T1 frigate you'll get 50 points. You solo that same faction frigate with a cruiser, you'll only get 12.5 points. Solo a faction frigate with another faction frigate, you'll get 20 points. Kill the same ship with five of you, you'll each get 5.1 points each. Kill a Titan with dreadnoughts? You'll only get 4 points each when there are 67 of you on the kill. So if I use a Tristan to kill a Imperial Navy Slicer I'll get the more points than if I was in 12 titan killing hotdrop fleets!

At the end of December I made a New Years resolution. I would break into the top 5000. I'd been hanging 5000-5500 for far too long simply because so many of my kills were fleet kills hence minimal BC points. I would get into that top 5k.

So nearly seven months into 2013 how'd that New Years resolution work out?

Oh yeah!

So in three years my life has changed radically both in game and out of game. And I think in both cases, it is for the better.

P.S. Mondays post was about tears in Eve. Last night I'm sure this squid hadn't read the post. He was flying an assault frigate and attacked a corpie who was flying a T1 frigate. Obviously the corpie asked if anyone was near. I was in the next system in an assault frigate so rushed over to help. The squid died and apparently it was really unfair for me to come. Yeah, because AF verses T1 frigate is so fair! Seriously dude!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Eve is Unfair - Live With It

In my last few days in Eve there have been some epic tears flying about Black Rise. Why does this happen in Eve so much? Does your average Eve player have the memory span of a goldfish? It happens all the bloody time! You kill someone and in local.....

"F***king blobbers!"
Oh, any you only engage if the fleet is equal numbers? If I look back in your kill-board history I'll never see you on a gank/blob kill? If your fleet is sat on a gate and a pirate jumps through you say "Hold fire, it's not a fair fight! Let him go."

Oh you WOULD kill him? So it's OK for you to blob, but not for others? Ooooooooo Kaaaaaaay.

The best on of these recently when we set up a bait ship and a fleet of half a dozen BC's went for it. We then attacked with our fleet of about 12. Local came alive with moans of "Blob!". Erm, guys..... you engaged with a 6:1 ratio in your favour, now you are moaning when you get engaged at 2:1. Can you really moan when you blobbed first? Oh, you didn't blob, you ganked? Ah, not sure I see the distinction.

"F**king ECM'rs" / "Because of Falcon"
The good old Falcon. A real force multiplier in small gang warfare and creator of tears. However, whilst you cry, think. Your gangs NEVER use ECM? If I look back on your killboard I'll not see any ECM boats in your fleets? Oh, it's OK for you to use them, but not for your enemies? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

"F**king Hotdroppers"
Oh and you never hotdrop? Never deploy capitals in that manner?

"I didn't ask for PvP. Leave me alone."
Dude, newsflash. You joined the militia and entered faction WAR. Lets just break this down:-

Faction - "a group within a larger group, especially one with slightly different ideas from the main group...."
War - "armed fighting between two or more countries or groups, or a particular example of this...."

There is a reason why the militia loyalty point store is so much cheaper than other LP stores. I am that reason. Well not me personally, but the entire two opposing militias to the one you joined. When you join faction war you are signing up for PvP even if you just want to farm LP's.

"Unfair fight! #1"
One of the reactions I sometimes get is tears when I kill a frigate with my destroyer. Now granted, if I hunted you down and killed you, its not epically fair and yes, you can moan a bit in local. However, if you attack me first or enter the plex where I am camping you have no right to moan. You came at me bro. You cannot come up to me and kick me in the shins then cry "Bully!" when I punch you back!

"Unfair fight! #2"
My favourite tears of this nature are when I'm in a ship and an enemy tries to kill me with a bigger ship. For example when I'm in a destroyer and they come at me in a crusier. I tactically retreat (run away), reship and come back in a HAC something. When they die that's really, really, really unfair apparently. But? You? First? How can you.....? Never mind!

"No fair, you got backup!"
I like a good solo fight. Check my killboard, plenty of 1v1 action there. However, if you are flying a kitey Condor with sensor damps and sod all DPS, I'm not going to sit there for 10 minutes whilst you plink away slowly at my tank. If you put me in a situation where I cannot win and you cannot kill me quickly then yes, I'm going to type in corp chat "Hey guys, is anyone near.....". If you specifically requested a 1v1 and I accepted then I will sit there and die. But if it is not an agreed 1v1 then yes, I'll see if I can get some help. I roam solo most of the time. If you have a decent PvP ship then this is not an issue. If you are a kitey/dampening/DPS light ship then you have to accept that the reduced damage might loose you a kill or two.

Generalised Tears
People who farm faction war LP's appear to be the most special of special snowflakes. I don't know what it is, but they are very sensitive when you blow them up. This is very closely tied in with "I didn't ask for PvP" tears. My response is the same, but needed to add this catagory in just so I could post this log....

QCat > o/
Farmer > f**king cancer fa**ot
QCat > haah.
Farmer > cancer idiot
Farmer  > die you moth******er
Farmer  > cancer jude
Farmer  > quiting this game because of those f**king cancer faggots like you
QCat > thanks. i'll be sure to send this along to ccp.

Eve Online is a "space combat simulator" (CCP's words, not mine) and we need to remember that. Warfare in our day and age is not fair is it? Why should it be 20,000 years into the future.

Before whining in local and shedding a tear or two.... STOP! THINK! Ask yourself, do I ever do that? This is Eve. Everyone blobs, everyone uses ECM, everyone uses the tactics that will win them the fight that day, but the enemy will use it against them tomorrow.

So please, stop whining like a bitch and HTFU. Thank you.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Outpost - Part 5

Fan Fiction Friday! Escape pod here to an ugly ship worth keeping ugly.

This is part five of the Outpost story, will finish next week with part 6.

The Outpost - Part 5

In their cell, the Captain and Sakuri looked at each other in horror as they heard the blood-curdling screams. The screaming had now been going on for hours. Each time one of them was almost dropping off to sleep through exhaustion, another pain-filled scream of agony reverberated through the ventilation ducts. There was no way to know how close the person was or who it was. The shrill screaming could have come from either a man or a woman.

Eventually there was silence.

Both the Captain and Sakuri had fallen asleep soon after the screaming had finally stopped. They didn't have long before the opening of the door woke them. This time it was a female that entered. She had a similar look to Sabu although the enlarged cranium was not present although other deformities were present slightly hidden by her hair. She carried two bowls. The two captives stared at her.

"I am Mayu of the Samuruso. Please note, I have the same powers as my older brother, so do not try anything." she stated mostly directing the threat towards the Captain.

The mutant placed a bowl next to each of them. It was full of a steaming stew. Both the Captain and Sakuri immediately picked up the bowl and ate hungrily. They were both starving having not eaten in over a day. Mayu leaned back against the wall watching them eat.

Sakuri studied her between mouthfuls. If it wasn't for the deformed head, she might have been seen as attractive. She wore a very old fashioned traditional Caldari dress. Sakuri had only seen then before in historic holovids.

After both had finished eating the mutant picked up the bowls and went to the door.

"The screaming. Who was it?" Sakuri asked nervously.

Mayu turned and smiled.

"Don't worry, that will not be happening to you. She was no use to us as she was barren."

"No! Not Natsumi?" Sakuri knew of the salvage boom operators condition.

"Do not morn her. She died giving pleasure to us, much pleasure. And after we had derived our pleasure from her flesh, she provided a marvellous meal for us all. Didn't you enjoy your stew? I know there wasn't a lot of meat, but her breasts were small were they not?"

Sakuri immediately threw up and the captain turned white.

"So will that happen to us? Half a day of pain and then mixed in with the carrots?" the Captain asked.

"Your woman will be used to continue the Samuruso line. Our last fertile female died in child birth two years ago. We were planning to raid the Uneffeted to take some women of childbearing age, but you came to us. It is almost like it was ordained. My brother is looking forward to starting a family with you Sakuri."

"And me? Am I going to be screaming in pain for hours before you chop me up and make me into a stew?" the captains voice growing more defiant.

The mutant walked over to where he was sat.

"No. I've asked my brother if I can keep you. He gets the girl for his use, I get you. We will see how the arrangement works out. Whilst I am happy with you, you will be well treated. However, do something you shouldn't.... well you heard the screaming."

With that she moved in and sat on the captains outstretched legs, she brought her hands up to his face and pulled it towards hers. He pulled back.

"Now, now Captain. I can take control of your body and force you. But if I have to do that, what good are you to me?"

She took his head in her hands and this time he didn't resist as she pulled his face to hers. The kiss was deep and passionate. He felt her grind into him, his body betraying him.

"Ooooo Captian" she purred as she stood up "Looks like we can have a lot of fun together."

With that Mayu picked up the two bowls and left.

"Well?" asked the Captain as the lock clanged and the footsteps faded.

Sakuri lifted her hand showing the jagged piece of rock she held there.

They might be able to control bodies, but they cannot read minds, or at least not when they are distracted. Next time she comes in, we do it."


He was in some sort of room. The smooth ceiling was different to the rough hewn rock where he had been captured. He tried to move but found he was restrained to something. A bed or a gurney. He couldn't see out of one eye. His good eye could make out something white over it. A bandage? His mind was still foggy. Suddenly a face appeared over him. A woman.

"He's awake."

Another face, a male with the hellish deformities.

"Will he survive two months? We've just had a feast, I'd like to leave it a while before we have the next."

"Yes, I've patched him up. He's lost his good looks when his weapon exploded. That and the loss of his fingers means he's no good for me, just for the Yulaki's games and a feast.

Chan recalled the stories that the Uneffected had told them. Cannibals.

"It should work out nicely." said the male "I'd guess you'll be bored of the captain in about three months so we can use that one in four months time."

The female swatted the male playfully and they walked off.

"A feast every two months. We're getting spoilt" the female said as the door clicked shut.


The Captain and Sakuri waited in the cell. The plan was ready, they just needed the opportunity. Eventually it came.

Mayu entered the room smiling. She had changed to a new bright green dress that showed off her long legs.

"My brother is preparing your quarters" she said to Sakuri "He's making them as comfortable as he can for you."

"When will I go there?" Sakuri replied.

"Soon. Very soon. Then my brother will have you all to himself. Shame."

Mayu walked over to Sakuri and sat on her outstretched legs as she had done with the Captain.

"No!" thought Sakuri "This is not what we need." she squeezed the jagged rock in her hand hidden behind her. The plan was she would bash the mutant over the head with the rock whilst she was distracted with the Captain.

"You are so pretty. Its a shame, I'm sure my brother is no lover and certainly doesn't want you for you beauty."

The mutant placed both her hands on Sakuri stomach.

"This is the only bit of you he is interested in. Your womb. He has no real interest in the delights of the rest of you. And what delights they are."

Slowly the mutant ran her hands under Sakuri's top, back up her stomach onto her chest. The mutant cupped her, squeezed, teased. Sakuri turned her head, embarrassed.

"So responsive." the mutant purred as she expertly used her thumbs to tease her. Sakuri was breathing heavily now, unable to prevent her body responding to the touch of the mutant sat on top of her.

"So, very responsive" smiled Mayu before leaning in for the kiss. Sakuri turned her head as the mutant moved in. The mutant didn't flinch and started to kiss her cheek, moving down to her neck.

Slowly Sakuri thought of another plan and slowly turned to face Mayu. She started to kiss her back with passion, tongues intertwining exploring each others mouth. Sakuri's left arm wrapped around the mutants waist squeezing her tight into her body. Her right arm extended behind the mutant.

"I'm sure I can get my brother to share. Once he has impregnated you he'll have no interest in keeping you satisfied. I will make sure you are." the mutant whispered before resuming the kissing. Sakuri felt the mutants hands drop to the top of her pants and unclipped the button before lowering the zipper.

Finally there was a resounding crack and Mayu stopped and slumped to the floor. Behind her the captain was standing holding the rock that had been in Sakuri's outstretched palm.

"What in Divinities Edge took you so long? I've been holding that rock out behind her back for 5 minutes!" Sakuri complained as she rolled the limp body of the mutant off her and fastened her pants back up. A red patch of matted the hair on the back of her mutants head showed where the Captain had struck her.

"Two things. Firstly it was two minutes, tops. And secondly if I held my hand like this." the captain held the palm of his hand above his eyes like he was staring into bright sun, shielding his eyes "the imagery I was seeing was nearly as good as one of Riku's dirty holo-reels!"

Sakuri swatted him around the head whilst laughing.

"Asshole men! Now if you've calmed down enough to walk without too much discomfort, may be we can get out of here?"


The security detail tensed as the sounds grew louder. Their wickedly sharp points of their spears surrounded the exit of the pipe. Each was raised, ready to strike at whatever came out.

Sakuri's head popped out and she shrieked in surprise when confronted by the spear tips. The men raised the spears out of the way and helped her out of the tunnel followed by the captain.

A group of Uneffected had gathered around with expectant murmurs. One of the guards looked down the pipe and then at the Captain. He just slowly shook his head. Cries erupted from the family gathered around.

The mother who had first met them pushed to the front.

"There were too many." the Captain said sadly "And there is another kind of mutant."

"Yes." replied the mother "The one that can make you do things?"

"You knew?" the Captain raising his voice angrily. The men with spears shifted nervously.

"We thought they had died out. Last we knew there were only three left. One male and two females. We hoped the big ones had eaten them."

"Well they haven't." said the captain sternly. "It sounds like one of the females did die, and the other is sterile. But I'm not hanging around waiting for them to die out. I'm getting off this rock now!"

With that the Captain grabbed Sakuri by the arm and march out of the cavern. A few minutes later they were at a old stairwell. The Captain started to head down. Sakuri followed him in silence. After about ten levels the stairs ended in a cavern with a large set of blast doors set into the wall. There was no viewport in these doors, just large radiation warning symbols.

"The reactor?" asked Sakuri.

The captain just nodded and walked over and hit the open button. A claxon sounded making them both jump and amber strobes flashed as the thick door slowly opened. The room behind was relatively small, most of the space taken up by the huge reactor. The captain stared at it before entering. He looked around and started laughing.

"So what's so funny?" asked Sakuri.

The captain pointed to a object in the corner. It was an odd shape and glowed.

"Its an old emergency micro auxiliary power core." he laughed "By todays standards, a useless museum relic. But for us, gold!"

Sakuri wasn't impressed.

"Surely a modern MAPC would have been ideal?" she replied.

"Yeah true, that thing there will take hours to recharge the cap, a standard one, minutes. But how would me and you carry a two metre by two metre by five metre module that weighs a couple of ton?"

Sakuri looked again at the small portable power-source and realised its true value was not in its power, but its small size. The Captain looked behind a some cargo crates and laughed again.

"Thought so! Would appear our luck is changing!"

Sakuri looked at him quizzically.

"Come on!" he said "Lets get some help and get that core up to the pipe."


"So that's my plan" finished the Captain to those Uneffected gather around him. "If we manage this then you'll all get off this rock safely and I'll drop you anywhere you want on route back to civilisation."

Excited murmurs and whispered conversations broke out amongst the crowd.

"What do you want in return?" asked the mother.

"Nothing." the Captain replied. "Its self-preservation. You help me, I help you."

"But when you are back on your ship. Whats to stop you just leaving us?"

The Captain thought about the question. Trying to come up with a reasonable answer to the question.

"To be honest. Nothing. But I give you my word that..." the mother held up her hand to silence him.

"You do not take four of our men to get the machine back to the ship, you'll take five."

"I cannot take five" stressed the captain "There are only six suits. Two for us and four for...." again he was cut off.

"You take five. She stays with us." pointing at Sakuri.

Sakuri looked at the captain.



The group of six men slowly made their way through the pipe dragging the heavy power module with ropes. It took them longer than expected to make it through the pipe but once they got into the gardens the Captain was pleased to see progress speed up. The way back to the main blast doors was faster but still painfully slow. The route took them in the opposite direction from where the mutants appeared to base themselves, but every time they made a sound they stopped and listened to see if it had alerted anything.

In places the corridor became narrow and they had to break into two teams. One to push, one to pull. It was hard work and wasn't helped by the constant threat of attack.

Eventually they arrived back at the blastdoors which led to the new blastdoors.

"Right there are the suits. Put them on and I'll show you how you fit the helmets after you have....." the Captain stopped as he saw movement down the corridor.

"Quick! Now get the suits on." he yelled.

A group of Yulaki were moving slowly towards them, laughing their throaty laugh.

.... to be continued.....

Monday, June 17, 2013

What is in my Hanger 2013?

Been a while since I had a run through what is in my hanger in my home station. I have caches of ships dotted around the war zone for quick reshipping, but this is what is in my main hanger.

Blarpy and a Snarpy
A blaster Harpy with dual medium shield extenders for close range encounters and a sniper version for annoying people at 100km :)

Mostly rocket, scram and web fit. Ideal for sitting in a plex and waiting for the enemy to come to you. Nice armour tank and selectable damage type.

1300 DPS of pain. Close range structure bashing goodness or for when any Amarrian dreadnoughts try to dock in station.

Either AC or arty depending on the need. Just swap the guns and go. Does not have the raw DPS of the Naga but is more versatile.

My original Amarr BS from back when I couldn't even use small lasers. This tanky battleship comes with a full rack of T2 1400mm artilleries. Hello Mr Falcon. Surprise!

Navy Geddon
Was the standard fleet BS a year ago for me. Standard fleet BS.

Old ship. Fitted as glass-cannon for bashing structures. Sits gathering dust these days as Naga is better, cheaper and has better GTFO-ability.

Not used in anger in a long time. BS fleets tend to be armour. Scorpions tend to get primaried. Not a good mix!

Trust in the rust! Used last week when some squids came to visit and also whenever we have some annoying tit sitting 100km away. An iconic Eve ship.

Expensive ship, expensive fit. Just expensive really! However, you get what you pay for. Great DPS, great tank and amazing web-age.

Pantheon Archon
Its like a huge RR BS! Triage Archons are the responsibility of an alt. Drack handles the DPS.

My first carrier, now used as a transport ship for moving ships around. Was actually set up as an armour tank to be used as bait.

A flying brick! This one is actually nano/dual web.

Not yet unpacked!

4 Hurricanes
A mix of AC and Arty DPS and shield and armour tanks.

Rarely leaves the hanger. Without a cloak people just flee when they see ECM in small gang.

Monster tanking Command ship. With a Crystal implant set and a strong blue pill, the tank on this is silly.

Scout ship. Not even any guns for whoring!

HAM fit usually but can be switched to rapid light launcher if I'm going after small stuff.

I really should undock this, but its a bit expensive! The Loren Fallen fit.

Close range MURDER IT IN THE FACE blaster cruiser. Does what it says on the tin.

Set up with smart bombs after the squids started using ECM drone fleets.

Fleet Stabber
Nice cruiser with good speed and good DPS. Oh and the tanks not bad too.

A Mini-carrier. Drone fun. Sentry drones make a good Cockbag Thrasher camp support.

Close range blast it in the face ship. Not a great ship for this as lack of mid slots are a problem.

10mn laser lovin'. I still prefer the Thrasher version but these are available locally.

Sniper and closer range fits.

10+ Thrashers
So many fits... So few squid targets. There are 1mn and 10mn ABs and MWD versions. Artillery and auto cannon fits. Shield and armour tanks. My favourite faction warfare ship. Hence the collection of them!

When something big needs to die. Still king of the dreadnoughts even after the small nerf in Odessey.

Because of..... it. The ultimate tear making machine. Get bait set up, allow attackers to try and gank it, decloak. Jam and receive kill mails, sweet tears and bacon.

Rocket and light missile versions depending on how runny the squids are.

Not unpacked like most CCP gifted ships

Whoop! Whoop! Here comes the space police! What do you mean they took the light away?

Great fun brawling frigate.

Mix or rocket, light missile and festival launchers. Armour and shield tanks mixed in.

5 Merlin's
Cheap frigates for plexing.

Cyno ship.

To try following Odessey's buff.

The classic frigate. Another iconic Eve Online ship.

Sarum Magnet
Another 'unopened' gift.

A micro-carrier. The triple neut/active tank Tristan is a complex ship to fly but is awesome.

Sniper rail fit.

The Rixx Javix fit. Massive tank making it a great bait ship. Also a fun solo ship.

Because those super carriers won't point themselves. Obviously scripted infina-points in low-sec.

Yes. It is a Battle Badger!

Quaffe Ultra Iterion IV
Still packaged!

Still packaged.

Still packaged.

7 Ibis
Yes. There are PvP Ibis in there!

Low-sec fit, null-sec bomb fit and point fits. Point fits? Triple long point for ganging up on stabbed smart bombing BS and double scram for laying in wait to farm tears from stabbed LP farmers.

T3 Fleet set up. Loooooong points and scrams.

Again a fleet setup but might refit this to a solo ship.

So that's my home base fleet at the minute. Now to get that Navy Cane to Nisuwa which was a present for the awesome S810 Jr for me saving all my pod kill frozen corpses for him!

Friday, June 14, 2013

These Aren't the Posts You're Looking For - 1

I was asked to speak at a conference next week back in the UK. So this week has been rather chaotic trying to get two weeks work done and as you read this I'll be somewhere between the Middle East and England.
So Fiction Friday is postponed today as I've not been able to get the changes and artwork I wanted for part 5 of Outpost. However, here is a story on how NOT to move a dreadnought when you are in faction warfare.

Mondays and Wednesday's posts may also be brief as that includes the two day conference and my travelling back to the Middle East from "sunny" England.
FFF will be back next Friday and normal blogging will resume next weekend!
Fly deadly.... unless you are Amarr Militia in which case please derp your dread into your nearest QCat member ;)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Tale of Two Hawks

I've flown a variety of ships this week. Mostly I've been in Kestrels, Thrashers and Caracals. Of the Thrashers I've been swapping a few fits but the 10mn AB has been the most used as it is the best solo roaming ship for me. It works well and if you get into trouble taking on too much you have a chance of getting out.

As I said on Monday, the 10mn AB Thrasher works great against Harpys. Their blasters versus my 11km optimal artilleries in an unscramable 1600m/sec ship is usually a win for those who trust in the rust*.

However, Hawks are usually bad, very bad. Their optimal is the same as yours and their tank is usually much better. Well it has to be as the 10mn AB Thrasher really doesn't have a tank to speak of! So far this week I've taken a gamble when I've got a Hawk on short scan, and it has paid off both times. This has been pure luck**.

This was my first victim.

There is no need to put a small shield booster on a Hawk. They are made for mediums especially with that ship bonus to boost amount. When I'm hitting you with seven 250mm artillery cannons, a small shield booster is not going to make enough of a difference.

Apparently in the conversation that followed, he's been out of the game for a couple of years so that explains the fit. I bought a new Hawk and my recommended fittings and contracted them to him in Jita. I just hope my destruction of his ship in the first PvP he's had after a two year break hasn't put him off. He appreciated the gift apparently :)

My second one was a tad more expensive.

A few things wrong here. For a start even with the posh Nos, his cap won't last long. Before ASB's, a cap booster was a requirement for the medium shield booster on the Hawk. Whilst the CPU and PG are not a major issue with a T2 frigate hull, the ship does not have cruiser sized capacitor. A medium shield booster will eat your cap even with the posh MWD. I recreated the fit in EFT and the cap is out in 32 SECONDS.

Another thing, that cargo hold! That is a lot of ammo and nanite paste. When soloing are you going to use all that up before someone pops you? What is a good K/D rate for soloing for a good player? 5/1? 7/1? 10/1? This guy does well. He's about 10/1. Still do you need all that in your hold pumping up the cost of your loss mail?

Also I was firing EMP at him. he has got two T2 anti-EM rigs on that. With T1 guns I should have DIAF to a Hawk.

So what is a good Hawk fit? I'm no expert on fitting, I just steal other peoples! How do I fit my Hawks?

Well I've always been a fan of the Smohawk. The fit given to me by Smodab from S0TF. It has gone through a few iterations and changes but basically:-

4 x T2 Rocket Launchers
1 x Small Autocannon or Neut.

2 x Medium Ancillary Shield Boosters
1 x Scam
1 x Web
1 x AB

1 x Meta DC
1 x Nanofibre Internal Structure

2 x Anti-EM Shield Rig

You can play around with the fittings here depending on your fitting skills but that is the basic premise. Ammo you should carry is a mix of high DPS types (Rage) and some long range versions (Javelin) too. With the AB you'll not be able to catch kitey MWD equipped ships that have range on you so you need some range projection to encourage them out of long point range so you can get away.

Ideally you want to run one ASB until it is out of charges. Then run the second one. This will give you plenty of repping with a downtime between the second booster running dry and the first one being reloaded and ready to use. With no other tank other than rigs, you really need to be looting your opponents wreck at the point your second booster needs to reload. Stats with Dracks skills are:-

Damage - 141 dps to 11.8km with Rage rockets, 102 dps to 21.3km with Javelin rockets.
Speed - 924m/sec
Tank - 1169/484/506hp with resists of 53/81/72/54. 5,654 EHP. 133dps repped with both ABS running.

Nice ship and fun to fly! Add some Crystal implants and some blue pills and then its a VERY fun ship to fly ;)

And just as I'm about to hit publish (I sometimes gate-camp whilst blogging) we get another Hawk with a small shield booster :/)

*Yes, of course a Snarpy is a PITA against it.

**My luck ran out last night when I DC'd in a fight and lost a pod :/

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Short Roam

Wifey is hovering so I may get wife agro at any moment. I want to kill some squids but I cannot go too far from a dockable station. So I thought I'd just have a short roam around the area making sure I could dock up with a few minutes notice.

There were reports of a hostile squid frigate fleet out and as I'd be solo roaming I chose a 10mn Thrasher as that is a good ship for GTFO-ability when you are seriously outnumbered. You burn away at 1600km/sec and any frigate who wants to catch you has to activate its MWD. A target with a lit MWD and my seven artillery cannons make for easy frigate popping. So I undock and lets see what is out there.

Into Hirri.
Two squids in local, nothing on scan. One of the war targets is a regular in Hirri, and I'm pretty sure lives cloaked at a safe spot waiting for an empty system so he can plex in peace. I bounce and get a Heron on wide-scan but he is not at any of the plex. I warp to the Pyne gate to leave and find the Heron 20km off the gate. Point! First volley puts him into low armour and he warps off. Stabbed!

Into Pyne
One blue.

Into Oin

Peak into Abune
One red and a lone squid. A narrow D-scan shows that the Squid is in a Tormentor in a Novice Plex and the Red Russian is in a Typhoon... also at the Novice plex. I assume a smartbomb trap. As I cannot get into the novice compound in a Thrasher anyway and I don't want death by smartbomb, I move on.

Back into Oin.
One squid in local, head to medium outpost and get a hound on short scan. Briefly. Of course he cloaks up before I get inside the plex. The timer has been run and the rat is dead so he's in here. I stay in the plex a few minutes and he finally leaves local. I'm wasting his VPT (valuable plexing time).

Notoras via Nisuwa
Notoras is a popular farming location due to being a deadend system and having no passing traffic. Blues and nuets only currently.

Into Kedama.
6 war targets, some corpies, some blues, a couple of reds and some neuts. I warped to a small outpost which scanned clear and a neut Merlin sat on the gate warps off as I arrive. I enter the plex and start short D-scan spam scanning. A Malediction lands on the acceleration gate (on a 21m km scan) but doesn't enter (right choice for him really). Next up a Heron takes a peak but chooses wisely not to come in. A neut Merlin appears again. Then an Ibis. It certainly is a popular complex! Ooooo a Thrasher! I spam the short-range scan. The Merlin has gone and the Thrasher kills the Ibis (can see the dudes pod on scan)! And then he pods the guy (corpse on scan)! Finally the Thrasher comes in and its my old corpie Kik from SoTF....... who are now not blue to us. My overheated guns pop him with me down to 50% armour from his return fire. Good fight!

Back to Kedama
After dropping the loot back at station and patching the big holes in my ships armour with some quality duct tape I head back into Kedama. Not a lot going on now and there is a lack of war targets now. So into the PvP heaven that is Tama.

I pick a small stronghold and hold up in there for a bit. Max scan is full of nasty looking ships like faction cruisers and local is full of reds, a single war target, some neuts and no blues. A few ships land on short scan, most warp off. An Incursus war target forgets himself and activates the gate and warps in. Splat. A T1 frigate is rarely going to do well against a Thrasher. May be he didn't use D-Scan?

I complete that plex and warp to another small. A Hawk appears on scan. Now this is a problem. With the Thrasher fit I'm flying, Hawks are a major problem and will beat me 95% of the time. The other Caldari Assault Ship, the Harpy, is not an issue to this fit. I'll kill them all day long if they are blaster fit, but Hawks are an issue! So my gaming time for the night is almost at an end. Do I quit now with a Incursus and Thrasher kill or try the Hawk and hope he is not well fitted?

The issue here is DPS projection and tank. As far as DPS goes, my optimal puts me within Rage class rocket range. I could swap out to titanium sabot and get a 22km optimal but my ship is not agile. In fact its the opposite of agile with the 10mn AB running so there is a good chance the target can manoeuvre out of the 24km point range and escape. Not to mention sabot does a lot less damage. With regard to tank, I haz none! This fit relies on speed and heavy DPS. The DC gives me some tank, but not a lot. A Hawk usually has a lot of tank. Dual medium ASB are a popular fit and with them running you have to wait for the reload cycle to be able to break the him. Usually that is more than enough time for a Hawk to chew through an average opponent.

Oh sod it! Death or glory! Come at me bro!

The Hawk lands and my overheated guns knock him down to half shield. He starts making range and my 10mn AB makes my Thrasher turn like the Titanic. He gets out to 15km before I'm aligned back to him and gaining again. His shields are almost gone and I'm waiting for them to zoom back up. Next volley puts him into low armour and he's running. Finally I see his shield jump up... a small amount. Eh? I overheat EVERYTHING as he's making a run for it. Overheated point keeps him from warping off and the overheated AB starts to close the range as a finally volley puts him in his pod.

GF in local and find out that was his first fight after returning from a two year break.

I give him some fitting tips (his Hawk was a tad sub-optimal with a single small ASB with the common fit being dual mediums) and I think I might even fit him a proper Hawk later and contract to him as checking his killboard I now feel a bit of a bully :(

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Outpost - Part 4

Fiction Friday. Escaped pod available here where Ripard Teg gives a LOT of advice on fitting your ships in Eve Online!

The Outpost - Part 4

The Captain and Sakuri where sat on the floor in the small cell. It was dark and dank. The captain assumed at one point it may have been a locker for demolition charges. The thick double door was a solid tritanium alloy and locked tight. It also must be adjacent to one of the hydroponic gardens he thought as the wall Sakuri was sat against had some roots and plant life on it.

"Well looks like we'll be here for a bit before the entertainment and eventual cannibalism. Why don't you tell me something I've always wanted to know" the Captain asked.

"What's that?"

"What is it with you and the 'Aren't you going to join us' line?"

"What? How do you know about that?" Sakuri asked in shock. The Captain just laughed.

"You mutter it every time we're in a dire situation and you think nobody can hear. Given the number of times we're in dire situations, you mutter it a LOT!"

Sakuri sighed and leant back against the cold stone wall.

"That phrase is the reason I traded a life of luxury and comfort to serve on The Hope. You don't know anything about my life before The Hope do you Captain?"

"Nope. Same for the entire crew. Nobody signs up for deep-space salvaging on a rust-bucket frigate for fun. I know everyone single one of the crew is running from something. Crime gangs, jilted lovers, the law. I don't ask and they don't tell, normally. I just thought that now we're going to be eaten by radioactive mutants, it won't hurt to share. I just always thought it was a funny thing to say."

Sakuri laughed at the the situation.

"True. OK then, my story is a bit complicated. You know I'm fairly knowledgeable hence you gave the science officer role. I graduated from university with max qualifications and was soon snapped up by a State Megacorp. I had a great job, good money and a real career. Not something everyone in Caldari society can say. I also had a boyfriend who I loved, and I thought he loved me. He was an executive in the corporation where I worked and it was clear he was going all the way. Director minimum, may be even a chief role one day. It was still early in the relationship, we'd not even met each others families at the time. But I knew, at the time, he was the one. After a few months I was attending a three-day conference two systems away. I had done my own presentation on day one. By the middle of the second day I was bored out of my skull. I got an early shuttle back and was home by the late evening, a day earlier than planned. I dressed up specially and went round to surprise my man. I quietly let myself in. As soon as I entered I heard the noises. I think I knew then, but told myself he was missing me and was probably watching a dirty holo-reel. I went into the bedroom, I'll never forget that image. He was there, in bed, with two women, clearly hookers. All three of them froze. It felt like minutes before he spoke. He finally said sheepishly 'Aren't you going to join us?'. I fled the room and ran home. Luckily we worked in separate buildings so over the next week I didn't see him. But my girlfriends in the office told me what he had been saying about me. Boring in the bedroom, clingy, needy. All crap to make it look like he dumped me."

The captain nodded.

"Pretty crappy, but really its not something you need to get hung up on and repeating that line over and over." he stated.

"Oh Captain. It gets worse, much worse. After hearing that I decided I needed revenge on that little shit. One Friday night a few weeks later everything was in place. I sent a message to him saying that all was forgiven and I had a very special surprise waiting for him. I think the words I used were 'the best night of his life'. I sent him the code for my apartment door and waited. Of course the bastard took the bait. He was around in record time and almost crashed into the bedroom. His smile looked like it was going to split his face in two as he saw me wearing my best lingerie and highest heels laid out on the bed whilst a petite, tattooed blonde woman had her head between my legs. I looked at him with my best 'come to bed' face and repeated the line 'Aren't you going to join us?'. He stepped forward grinning that idiotic smile, his hands going to start unfastening his shirt buttons. My question and his footfall made the blonde look up. She screamed, he screamed."

The Captain laughed.

"That sounds like you did something horrible."

"I did. It was his sister."

The Captain roared with laughter.

"How did you manage that?"

"He had mentioned his sister had been cut from his fathers inheritance given her orientation. And I knew the city she lived in. Didn't take me long to track her down, find her favorite club, there are not many of those types of clubs around, seduce her. I set up a date at my apartment and that was that.

Anyway, the week after extracting my revenge, I'm coming back from lunch and one of my friends is hanging about on the street outside the office. She see's me and she looks terrified. She runs up to me and tells me that Internal Security are all over my office. The rumour is I've been selling corporate secrets to the Amarrians and they had proof. That bastard set me up. Not just something embarrassing to get back at me, no, he had set me up on a charge of treason against the State. He escalated from my 'sleeping with his sister' to his 'get the bitch onto death-row'. Of course I ran. Rather than go to the main starport where I knew they would be looking for me I headed to the old cargo port in the industrial sector. I managed to find a dropship pilot who would get me off-world for a price. Bastard wanted more than a first class ticket on a executive shuttle, plus, shall we say 'extras' during the flight. I couldn't get any more credits, they would have been tracking my accounts. All I had was the money in my purse. I had no choice, if I'd stayed they would have caught me. So I had to agree to his terms. By the time I got to the orbital station I was almost broke, used and a wanted fugitive."

"And thats where we met?" asked the captain.

"Yes and since..."

Sakuri was cut off as the double doors were opened. A sickly-thin man with a deformed head wandered into the room and smiled.


Hiroto ran fast keeping up with what was left of the group. There were only three of them left together. Others had been slowly split off from the group. Once every so often a blood curdling scream would echo down the stone corridors. Hiroto wasn't running as fast as he could, he was maintaining a position in the middle of the other two men. He'd already seen what happened to anyone at the front or back of the group. Ahead he saw movement, a mutant stepped out from a side entrance and rammed its elongated hand forward. It caught the lead Uneffected in the stomach stopping him dead. The Mutant retracted its arm, its hand contained a fistful of bloodied entrails. The Uneffected turned round and started staggering back very slowly towards Hiroto with a look of horror on his face. With every laboured step he took jolted more intestine which fell from the gaping wound in his stomach. The man dropped to his knees holding his hands out towards Hiroto pleading for help before collapsing first face into the dirt.

Hiroto grabbed the shotgun that was slung over his back and ran forward. He pulled the trigger as he rounded the corner and unloaded the gun into the mutants chest. It exploded in a red mist. A sheet of white bone was revealed as the monster staggered back screaming. Hiroto pumped the shotgun and fired again and again and again. He yelled in anger and walked forward as the mutant squealed and realled backwards under the assault. Finally it tumbled backwards, a deep void in the centre of its chest. Hiroto was panting. Suddenly there was more movement, 3 more mutants turned the corner ahead and started walking towards him. He turned around back the way he came. Another mutant was stood there holding the severed head of the last Uneffected, complete with attached spinal column.

"Ug sic hal" it smiled at him.

Hiroto raised the shotgun at its head and pulled the trigger.

The shotgun clicked empty as the mutants advanced.


"I assume you're the leader Dominix head?" the Captain said to the thin man with the bulbous head.

"Sorry" he smiled "I don't know what a Dominix is, you see, we're a bit cut off here."

The Captain suddenly sprang without warning towards the man with his outstretched arms aiming at its thin neck. The mutant just smiled and suddenly the Captain froze.

"Now, now Captain. You must behave otherwise you'll be punished."

The Captains face was of one of frustration.

"I cannot move! What have you done to me?" growled the Captain. He was utterly paralysed. He was able to move his eyes, his lips and the tips of his fingers slightly, but that was all.

"Oh don't worry. No lasting damage. But you need to learn not to try that again." the mutant smirked.

Slowly the Captain started to move again, this time towards Sakuri in slow, jerky movements as if the movement was being forced. She remained motionless in fear as the Captain fell to his knees in front of her. Suddenly the Captains arm swung out and slapped her hard across the face. She screamed in shock before his hands clamped tightly around her throat and squeezed.

"Stop this!" pleaded the Captain as Sakuri hands clawed at his wrist. Her face was turning red.

"Why Captain. You wanted to choke something. I am letting you!"

"You're forcing me you freak!"

Sakuri face was bright red now, her mouth open trying desperately to suck in air.

"So I take it you'll not try that again?"

Sakuri eyes were wide in terror. Her hands which were desperately assaulting the captains wrist started to slow and become weak finally falling limp at her sides.

"Yes! I mean no! Please. Make it stop!" the Captain cried.

"Very well" responded the mutant.

The Captain collapsed into a sobbing heap as Sakuri breathed in large rasping breaths of air.

"We'll talk later. When you're feeling better." and with that the mutant left locking the door behind him.


Natsumi was woken by a gentle touch. She immediately recoiled in horror and was about to scream when a hand was placed over her mouth. She suddenly realised it was Riku. His wrists were bloody, had had managed to slip his bonds.

"Be quiet" he said as he unfastened the chains around her wrist "We need to get out of here."

He eased her gently to the floor and took her hand. They moved to the wall by the entrance to the cavern and Riku stuck his head out.

"Clear. Lets go."

They slowly and carefully moved through the dimly lit caves that functioned for corridors in the old part of the station. After a few minutes they reached a door blocking their way. They retraced their steps back to the previous junction, that corridor ended in a pile of rocks completely blocking the way. Eventually they found their way back to the double blastdoors leading to the new station. The first door was open and their pile of suits and helmets were neatly stacked against the outer door leading to the newer outpost.

"Lets suit up and get back to the ship for some proper weapons." Riku said and jogged ahead. It was only when he neared the pile of suits did he remember they'd left them in the cave beyond the airlock, not inside. He turned just in time to see Natsumi press the button to close the inner blast door. Riku sprinted back but was too late. The huge door slammed shut. He looked through the viewport and could see a terrified look in her eyes. Her lips were tightly pressed together. She was crying and tears were streaming down her face. He screamed at her to open the door. Slowly she raised a hand in slow, jerky movements. As if she was trying not to do it. Her hand flopped up and down in a strange wave. Her head was shaking and tears streamed down her cheeks as she hit the de-pressurise button. Riku eyes went wide with terror as the alarm inside the airlock sounded and amber strobe lights flashed. He turned back towards the pile of spacesuits but there was nothing there, just the empty corner of the airlock. He looked back through the viewport and saw the suits stacked against the rock wall exactly where they'd left them. He was confused. He was certian he'd seen them in the airlock. A sudden hiss of escaping air brought him back to the present. Natsumi was still there staring in, crying and shaking her head. Riku screamed for her to hit the abort and open the door. He raised his hands to his ears as the pressure dropped and they started to ache. He was having trouble breathing. His lungs burned from the thinning air. His eyes swelled making his vision blurred. His entire body felt as if it was being stretched. He screamed in pain but no sound emerged. Just a few droplets of blood left his wide open mouth. More blood started erupting from his ears and eyes and Riku lost it. He was spinning around in agony as the near vacuum assaulted his body. He was blind now, otherwise he might have seen Natsumi with her face pressed up close to the viewport, wide-eyed taking everything in. His skin blistered and broke showering the walls with bright red blood. It poured from his eye, ears, nose and mouth where soft tissue had ruptured. Finally Riku collapsed in a bloodied heap, convulsed for a few seconds and then stopped moving.

Sabu stepped out of the shadows. Natsumi slowly turned and walked towards him with jerky moves.

"Did you enjoy watching that? I did! When I am in control of your body I can see everything you see." the bulbous-headed mutant asked with a smile.

"You bastard!" she sobbed "You are pure evil!"

The mutant smiled.

"Actually that was a pleasant death compared what we're planning for you" Sabu said cheerfully. "Such a pity what daddy did to you. If he hadn't made you barren, I'd have happily let you live and bare my children."

The two walked off back towards the main caverns.


The captain suddenly came to. He shot upright to find Sakuri cooling his forehead with a damp rag.

"What in Jita happened to me?" he said raising a hand to his head.

"It would appear there are two types of mutant here. The heavily deformed soldier types we saw originally in gardens, and these others. It would appear they have some form of evolved mental powers. Physic powers if you will."

"Bullshit!" replied the Captain "No way."

Sakuri lifted her chin revealing purple bruises ringing her neck. The Captain gasped.

"I thought I dreamed that!" he said "I'm sorry....I...."

Sakuri lowered her head back down.

"It wasn't you. It was that thing. It was able to control your body. I could see in your eyes it was forcing you against your will."

The Captain slumped back down.

"So we're prisoners to super-human sadistic mutants with physic powers. And the good news is?"

"Each mutant is an individual as we've seen and there may be only one of these 'brain mutants'. And I have a plan. First we need to undertake a small test when he comes back."


Natsumi and Sabu walked into a large chamber bustling with activity. Several of the large mutants were using rocks to draw symbols on the wall.

A large stone slab with a leather harness was laid out in the centre. Slowly with unsteady footsteps Natsumi walked towards it.

"What's going to happen to me?" she sobbed.

"Well I'm afraid it is not good" Sabu said with a smile "You see whilst I cannot read your mind as such, I can control your body, make you see things and also see your memories. Unfortunately that includes the time your mother took you to the doctors when you were 15."

The memory flashed into her thoughts, dredged up from deep by the mutant.

"All that abuse was bad enough. But the infection he gave you as well. Well that was the final insult. Unchecked for so long it made you sterile didn't it. That is unfortunate. I need a mate and was hoping it could be you. However the other new-comer will have to do. So therefore you are not much use to me."

Natsumi sobbed as she undressed herself clumsily and sat on the stone slab before laying down, her body controlled by Sabu.

"See those marks my distant relatives are making on the wall? They are placing bets. Bets on how long you'll last. The Yulaki thrive on pain. You'll see many are holding knives, spikes or sharpened hooks. Whilst you are, shall we say, accommodating them, they will use those implements on your flesh. And that's what the betting is for. You see the human body can take a huge amount of pain. Amazing really the capacity the body has. However, there comes a time when the, shall we say the spirit? The soul? Whatever you want to call it. When it cannot take any more and just gives up. Doctors called it 'losing the will to live'. I'm betting my share on you lasting 11 hours."

"Share? What share?" Natsumi sobbed as she affixed the restraints to her own ankles before laying back and applying another to one of her wrists. It took several attempts as she still had some use of her fingers and she fought Sabu's control as much as she could. Finally the restraint clicked shut on her right wrist and Sabu tightened the final one to her left wrist which she had already moved into place behind her. She was now fastened on stone slab with her wrist and ankles affixed together.

"What share you ask? Well your flesh of course." Natsumi screamed as Sabu relinquished control of her body now she was securely tied on top of the slab. "When we feast on you later the winner gets extra meat." Sabu said slowly backing off as one of the mutants approached, it had a look of glee on its deformed face and it held up a shining metal hook with a wicked point in front of it.

The Captain and Sukiri looked at each other in horror as they heard a scream of pure terror drift through the ventilation ducts into their cell.

.....To be continued......