Sunday, June 2, 2013

Three Fights over the Weekend

I had a few fights over the weekend before someone DDOS'd TQ. Three I'd like to blog about....

1 - Death by Doing F All

I was mooching around yesterday when I came across a pair of squids plexing. A scan showed they were a Griffin and a.... actually who cares what the second ship was, I ain't trying to solo them with ECM on the field. Next system.... two more squids. Scanned them down to a plex and they were in a Griffin and a....

HANG ON A ****ing SECOND! Is everyone out with Griffin backup today?

I doubted that these were two players, it'll be one guy dual boxing. In fact it could have been one guy for both pairs quad boxing! A Griffin to jam and a Condor for DPS.... in a light way. But with the ECM ship it can take its time. Damn sneaky squids.

So I start trying to work out how I can take out these guys. ECCM is one option but its never 100% foolproof. There is still always a chance a jam will land. Then I had an idea.

I have a triage Archon/Moros alt who doesn't get used a lot these days. So I had put her into a "support Dragoon". The ebil idea here is to rack up T2 drone damage augmenters in the lows and lob on a cloak. She can hide in a plex and if I need, she declaoks, assign drones to Drack and I've got my backup. To be honest, I've never used her like that, I prefer 1v1's where possible. However, I need a 2v2 given the ECM here. She's actually docked in this system so here is the plan.

1. Warp her into the plex.
2. Deploy drones.
3. Wait for Griffin to jam.
4. Warp Drack in and hope to kill Griffin before he can deactivate ECM mods off alt and put them on him.
5. Finish off Condor if he's dumb enough to stick around.

I thought about this and it appeared to be a good plan. If it is just one player dual boxing then he's doubtfully dumb enough to agress the Dragoon first with the Griffin, the drones would rip him a new one. He'll probably get the Condor to agress and then jam with the Griffin after the drone agro is already taken. Actually jamming the Dragoon is rather pointless as all she has is a cloak, a MWD and some drone damage augmenters. The CPU is stretched with the three T2 DDA so no point and no tank. However our squid doesn't know that does he.

I warp the alt to the plex and align Drackarn ready for the 0.7AU warp (the plex is near a station). She lands, I activate gate with her and warp Drack to the gate.

Now they say no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

'They' are not always right!

After the alt drops her drones the Condor agresses followed by the Griffin who jams her up. Drack is straight in after and burns towards the Griffin as I hear low shield alarms going off on the alt. I get close enough to the Griffin and the artilleries from my Thrasher take him down before he can take the ECM off the Dragoon and put it on me.

OK, one down, one to go. I turn my attention to the overview and click on the Condor and hit lock. It never completes the locking cycle and I assume he's warped off. No. He's in his capsule.

My alt in a Dragoon, with no offensive mods, other than the drones has just solo'd the Condor by sitting there.... rather still.... doing nothing. I can only assume the player was in such a tizzy he didn't realise he wasn't pointed and was concentrating on the Griffin and didn't realise his Condor was being taken apart by a flight of Hobgoblins.

Two squids down and the system was soon plexed down to stable.

2- Ha! That Showed Them

A squid had gone next door into Notoras in a Retribution. I shipped up to a Vengeance and went after him. After sitting in the only plex and not getting a bite I brought my probing alt in. Unfortunately I suck at probing. After a while another QCat joined me and tried to talk the guy out of system by telling him we defend this area and if he tried to plex in this system he will DIAF.

His smug response was - "Probably, but not today. ;P". As he left system he was probably feeling....

I wonder what his face looked like when his grid loaded the other side of the gate and he found most of the bored online QCats that had been told there may be a assault frigate jumping into our home system in a few minutes. The Cockbag Thrashers blotted out the sun.

As I was the "chase him out the system dude" they kindly held the pod so I could whore.

3 - That's Soooooooooo Unfair

I was off a plex gate when a squid Blackbird landed 60km off me. I was in a Thrasher so no match for a Blackbird. The dude came at me like a bro. I asked on comms if anyone was around. I slowed my speed and let him catch me.

So I'm jammed and he's killing me. Then my backup turns up. Apparently its really unfair I called for help? Now if he'd engaged in a frigate hull or destroyer I'd have agreed. But he agressed me in a Blackbird. Oh well.

Three fights of several over the weekend, but these were the more unusual ones!


  1. Maybe it's because I'm not a great player, bit I'm having trouble understanding why the Griffin bothered jamming the dragoon? As a drone boat, it's not like the jam would have done much once the drones were active

    1. To stop the drones targeting the Griffin which is what I would have done if he hadn't have jammed me.