Monday, June 24, 2013

Eve is Unfair - Live With It

In my last few days in Eve there have been some epic tears flying about Black Rise. Why does this happen in Eve so much? Does your average Eve player have the memory span of a goldfish? It happens all the bloody time! You kill someone and in local.....

"F***king blobbers!"
Oh, any you only engage if the fleet is equal numbers? If I look back in your kill-board history I'll never see you on a gank/blob kill? If your fleet is sat on a gate and a pirate jumps through you say "Hold fire, it's not a fair fight! Let him go."

Oh you WOULD kill him? So it's OK for you to blob, but not for others? Ooooooooo Kaaaaaaay.

The best on of these recently when we set up a bait ship and a fleet of half a dozen BC's went for it. We then attacked with our fleet of about 12. Local came alive with moans of "Blob!". Erm, guys..... you engaged with a 6:1 ratio in your favour, now you are moaning when you get engaged at 2:1. Can you really moan when you blobbed first? Oh, you didn't blob, you ganked? Ah, not sure I see the distinction.

"F**king ECM'rs" / "Because of Falcon"
The good old Falcon. A real force multiplier in small gang warfare and creator of tears. However, whilst you cry, think. Your gangs NEVER use ECM? If I look back on your killboard I'll not see any ECM boats in your fleets? Oh, it's OK for you to use them, but not for your enemies? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

"F**king Hotdroppers"
Oh and you never hotdrop? Never deploy capitals in that manner?

"I didn't ask for PvP. Leave me alone."
Dude, newsflash. You joined the militia and entered faction WAR. Lets just break this down:-

Faction - "a group within a larger group, especially one with slightly different ideas from the main group...."
War - "armed fighting between two or more countries or groups, or a particular example of this...."

There is a reason why the militia loyalty point store is so much cheaper than other LP stores. I am that reason. Well not me personally, but the entire two opposing militias to the one you joined. When you join faction war you are signing up for PvP even if you just want to farm LP's.

"Unfair fight! #1"
One of the reactions I sometimes get is tears when I kill a frigate with my destroyer. Now granted, if I hunted you down and killed you, its not epically fair and yes, you can moan a bit in local. However, if you attack me first or enter the plex where I am camping you have no right to moan. You came at me bro. You cannot come up to me and kick me in the shins then cry "Bully!" when I punch you back!

"Unfair fight! #2"
My favourite tears of this nature are when I'm in a ship and an enemy tries to kill me with a bigger ship. For example when I'm in a destroyer and they come at me in a crusier. I tactically retreat (run away), reship and come back in a HAC something. When they die that's really, really, really unfair apparently. But? You? First? How can you.....? Never mind!

"No fair, you got backup!"
I like a good solo fight. Check my killboard, plenty of 1v1 action there. However, if you are flying a kitey Condor with sensor damps and sod all DPS, I'm not going to sit there for 10 minutes whilst you plink away slowly at my tank. If you put me in a situation where I cannot win and you cannot kill me quickly then yes, I'm going to type in corp chat "Hey guys, is anyone near.....". If you specifically requested a 1v1 and I accepted then I will sit there and die. But if it is not an agreed 1v1 then yes, I'll see if I can get some help. I roam solo most of the time. If you have a decent PvP ship then this is not an issue. If you are a kitey/dampening/DPS light ship then you have to accept that the reduced damage might loose you a kill or two.

Generalised Tears
People who farm faction war LP's appear to be the most special of special snowflakes. I don't know what it is, but they are very sensitive when you blow them up. This is very closely tied in with "I didn't ask for PvP" tears. My response is the same, but needed to add this catagory in just so I could post this log....

QCat > o/
Farmer > f**king cancer fa**ot
QCat > haah.
Farmer > cancer idiot
Farmer  > die you moth******er
Farmer  > cancer jude
Farmer  > quiting this game because of those f**king cancer faggots like you
QCat > thanks. i'll be sure to send this along to ccp.

Eve Online is a "space combat simulator" (CCP's words, not mine) and we need to remember that. Warfare in our day and age is not fair is it? Why should it be 20,000 years into the future.

Before whining in local and shedding a tear or two.... STOP! THINK! Ask yourself, do I ever do that? This is Eve. Everyone blobs, everyone uses ECM, everyone uses the tactics that will win them the fight that day, but the enemy will use it against them tomorrow.

So please, stop whining like a bitch and HTFU. Thank you.


  1. You think that's bad? We popped our static one EVEning to find a Cap group running sites... they saw our scouts and POSed up... well, all except the Archon who was pointed by the Sleepers... The Nefarious FOrces of Naptime held him there long eough for our scrub fleet to jump the hole and begin burning him down...

    Then he started the selfassplode countdown...

    Then his corpmates warped in to save him, and with the Sleepers they were too much for the Logi we had so we were looking at disengaging...

    But the Archon pilot forgot to stop the selfdesruct.

    We warped out, losing a few ships (my Loki among them) but nothing to tear up about, I mean we accepted the risks, its EvE and it's Anoikis man, This Is What We DO!

    However, directly after, we were asked... "Why did you gank us?" "Why didn't you ASK for a fight?"...

    oh effin please... where do these people come from??

  2. HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!LMAO...Too true, thanks for the laughs...