Monday, March 30, 2015

Fanfest The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Final Fanfest post from me giving a quick roundup (as two weeks off work means I'm super busy this week and have limited time)...

The Good

Most things to be honest. I had good chats with CCP Seagull, Explorer and others and Eve seems to be really on the right track.

The awesome community is still awesome and was great to finally meet some fresh faces for the first time like Rixx and Niden to name but two.

Reyka vodka.

The eclipse.


Drinking A LOT with other Eve nerds.

That Eve Valkyrie "trailer"

Tweetfleet hats from General Stargazer!

Chilling out in the blue lagoon.

This dude's T-shirt.

The Mittani - For an evil space overlord he his extremely friendly and approachable!

The Bad


No new Permaband song. Although Killing is a Means is a tough act to follow. I hope CCP Guard follows up my suggested title for the next song - Boom Bitch!

The queue at the Eve Shop. 40 minutes being jostled by nerds. FML.

March Icelandic weather. It took my Tweetfleet hat from me :(

Not being able to get sufficient kebabs at the charity dinner buffet.

Those players who took way too much time with niche problems and bugs at the roundtables. "What happens if I complete a level 5 skill whilst jumping through a gate in a capital whilst injecting a booster, dropping fleet and changing corporations?". The CCP guys faces usually said it all.

The Ugly

The players who just didn't get Eve and want to be able to mine safely..... with no PvP.... in null-sec.

The cold.... it was so cold.....

I've already covered the major of the ugly from Fanfest in a post last week. Basically CCP give high-level concept ideas and suddenly everyone is doom-saying...

CCP Fozzie - We are going to look at the role of supercarriers.

CCP Ytt.... The French Guy - Here are our high-level ideas on structures in the game.
WH Dwellers - ZOMG! CCP are going to destroy wormhole space by adding local, docking and cloning to it!!!

Hilmar - Welcome to Fanfest.....
Eve Players - NOOOOO! Hilmar is going to destroy Eve by saying hello to us....

All in all an excellent Fanfest and looking forward to 2016!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

SCASSSS - Svipul OP?

A destroyer that can tank 30k? OP? Maybe? That's an armour tank, may be shield isn't that good? Here's a short video from this dudes many.

Friday, March 27, 2015

MOAR Fanfest Pics

Got home at nearly midnight Thursday night. Whilst at Fanfest I had a great idea for a Friday Fiction I need some time, which is something I've not had in the last two weeks. Fiction back next Friday, for now, more fanfest pictures starting with some funnies.

I thought of this meme so got Lexx Jonlan to recreate it with me.

Post pub crawl...

Of course the big news of Fanfest was Sindel and Bahgi didn't make it. I 'helped' out by editing a C&H cartoon.

As a Caldari militia I was 'gifted' one of these. Thanks guys -.-

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This is Why We Cannot Be Told About Nice Things

So that is Fanfest over. Back in the UK for a couple of days before heading back to the sandpit. I want to talk about a couple of things at Fanfest which made me, well....

No names here, you know who you are. This is why CCP are so scared to tell us anything and seriously dumbs down some of their presentations. Here is a conversation I had at the Party on Top of the World.

Person - So did you enjoy Fanfest?
Me - Absolutely. It was brilliant. You?
Person - Well, not so much with CCP destroying wormhole space and all that!
Me - WHAT? I never heard this, whats happening?
Person - They are adding local to wormholes.
Me - What? I cannot believe that. CCP know that will be against everything wormholes stand for. When did they say this?
Person - Well they didn't. But those new structures will add local to wormholes.
Me - What? Where did you hear that?
Person - Well didn't hear it as such, but.....

After a bit more questioning I got to the thought process of this corp who were all convinced that local would be added to wormholes. They were all really upset!

1. The Observatory Array is all about intelligence gathering.
2. Local chat is a good source of intelligence gathering.
3. Ergo, the observatory array will add local chat to wormholes.

Nothing I said could convince this guy otherwise. Even when I used the same thought process that they had used to show there was potential for the new assembly rays to construct space kittens with fricking laser beams and ruin Eve, he still did not see it.

Even though he admitted CCP had not even mentioned local chat at any of the structures presentations or roundtables his group were 110% convinced this would happen and destroy WH space. When asked if this very worried corp (who are utterly convinced that CCP are going to ruin their game) posed the question at the roundtable which was right after, no, they didn't go. They went to watch the Eve Valkyrie competition and thought it best to whine on the forums.

My wingman even pointed out some sections of the Dev Blog. They mention THREE times that these are high level ideas that need a lot of work and feedback.

Even CCP Ybe.... Yybi.., Ytt,,,, CCP The French Dude said....

"Observatory Arrays focus on intelligence gathering and disruption tools, like tampering with Star Map filters, D-scan disruption, ship intelligence disruption, player tracking capabilities or being able to pinpoint cloak users"

And from the specific Observatory Arrays and Gates Thread....

"We are planning on some of the structure to be placed in W-space yes, the exact type and numbers are up to discussion based on the gameplay consequences they are going to have there. It all depends if we feel they're going to negatively impact this area of space or spice up gameplay.
Edit: and I'm referring to all the structures here, not only Observatory Arrays and Gates."

A bit later at the party I was talking to a member of CSM X. I told them this story and they said they had someone say something very similar.

CSM X'r - What?
Person - Fozzie said they are going to look at the roles of supercarrieres. Therefore he's going to turn my Nyx into a link ship.
CSM X'r - Riiiiiiiiiight........

Its quiet worrying that we jump to these conclusions. Actually if you spoke to Fozzie, one example he gave (of some high-level brainstorming) was like Battlestar Gallactica. In the middle of the battle using massive flax cannons to defend other ships. Now I bet as some super pilots read this they are jumping to conclusions again. Oh no! Fozzie is going to turn my Nyx into a point-defence ship! IT IS THE END OF EVE!!!!!1!!1!!!!

All this is going to negatively impact Fanfest. Anyone remember Fanfest 2013? The one after the original PoS rage? We heard bugger all that year because of the hassle CCP got from players following 2012. So please, stop jumping to conclusions and flying off in a rage. Stop a dev, ask them the question and smile when they look at you if you are trying to troll them with your question!