Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fanfest 2015 - Day 1 - Part 2

The Eve Keynote!!!!! This is a brief highlight of what I think was important. Best to watch the full 90 minutes if you have time.

First up was the intro and a look back. The 'This is Eve Trailer' was covered and then clips of the three player entries for the TiE competition was shown following the whole winning trailer which was the Korean one.


Next we had CCP Quant who gave us some statistics about Eve.

Each day, CONCORD do 3 million hitpoints of damage to players!

During Burn Jita this jumped to 20m in one day!

Player to player damage averages at 400m HP per day.

B-R jumped to 1.4 BILLION HP damage inflicted!

Players grind 5 billion HP a day on structures. When Poco's first were introduced this jumped to 37m in a day!

NPC's inflict approximately 5 billion HP damage on players, which pales into insignificance against the 24 billion HP we inflict against them on a daily basis!

We often joke that the logs show nothing. However, we create 52gb of raw log data every day! CCP are making this available to 3rd party Devs so you'll be able to see everything from minutes logged in to how many times you've scrambled, web or repped someone! Awesomesauce!


CSM had most candidates ever. Voter turnout was better than 2014. Most of my votes worked - Sugar, Mike, Steve etc.


CCP are happy with 6 week release cycle but are planning to do releases between releases. A new website, Eve Updates, will present all updates in a timeline format so you can see what is coming and what has been.

They are also looking at the tech support sites to try and reduce the number of petitions. More guides and more videos to help people and reduce pressure on the petition system.


From end of April CCP will be introducing "two-factor" authentication. Either through Google Authenticator or via emailed codes.

Download on Demand

We knew this was coming. Rather than new players waiting for an hour they can dive in within 5-10 minutes. You can tell the launcher to just download ALL THE THINGS if you'd rather. However the big thing here is that this will allow them to introduce a new feature we've been asking for... optional high res textures!!!!!

Opportunities and Ghosts

CCP have been trialling a system called opportunities that replaced the tutorial for around 50% of new players. Feedback is good so will be rolling this out from March. Also coming is Ghost Fitting.... EFT in Client!!!!

Ship Skins

As previously revealed SKINS are coming. You buy the license and can add the new colour scheme via the fitting window. What's more, you can do it in space. The colour change is similar to the new cloak effect and looks awesome.

102 new skins are coming soon (TM) to add to the existing 28 in game. All are mega-corp based (eg Ishukone or Quaffe) however the Art Department are looking at unique ones atm.


A new art book is to be released soon (tm). Collectors edition will be available in fifteen and a half hours at the time of posting. Lots or art and concept art from Eve's infancy right up to current unreleased stuffz (tm).

The ship models are coming soon (tm).

Megathron will be under $100.

A die-cast Rifter at 1/400 scale will be availible painted or unpainted.

The mega 24" Nyx with lighting and mag-lev stand will be out later this year for a price that will probably make you go all John Rouke in Clear Skies..... "HOW MUCH?"

Core Game!

Now this is what I'm talking about!!!

Road map still on course.

Alliance logo's back on following legal issues. All logo's will have CONCORD star adding in game so that they are different. CCP own in-game with watermark/star, players own OOG.

Capitals to be rebalanced in 2015.

Structures and POS to be big thing soon (TM).

Currently 62k POS and 1100 outposts on TQ.

CCP to re-imagine structures into 8 new classes.
  • Assembly (build stuffz)
  • Research (labs)
  • Drilling platform (Moon mining, reprocessing, other heavy industry)
  • Offices and Market Hub (corporation offices/hangers and markets)
  • Observatory (Info gathering including player made locator agents!)
  • Administration Hub (iHub V2)
  • Gates
  • Advertisement Centra (Billboards and replace anchored cans)


New null sec outpost will be over 100km. Allow for mooring captial ships!

Corps and alliances will have a single structure inventory.

Structures to have their own fitting screen. Rigs will allow more corp offices or better ME effeciency and such! Anchor restrictions will be gone allowing you place them anywhere. They can have BIG guns and even drone defences that you can take control of. 1st initial release late in 2015.

CCP are looking to continue feeding us little information like the current Jove story line and Caroline's Star. 

Wait..... what's going on here.....

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  1. First - thanks so much for the posts about fanfest, I am appreciating them. Second - good god that video.