Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fanfest 2015 - Day 0

So the day started OK, picking Lexx Jonlan on the services on the M1. I'd allowed 4 hours for the 2 hour drive just to be safe. Whoops.

A major pile up resulted in 2 of the 3 lanes on one of the most busiest UK motorways to be shut. I was not a happy bunny as we crawled along in pretty stationary traffic as the car's SatNav ETA told us "Lolz! No way mate!".

Thankfully the crash was cleared and after an hour of crawling at under 10mph we got free and made it to Heathrow sort of on time. A full English breakfast and a pint and then onto the plane which was "full" according to the announcement. I got lucky!

Which was nice! Even better when the trolley came past!

Then it was into Iceland...

I quickly showered and changed into some fresh clothes and then down to the Celtic Cross.

Ali of the CSM, General Stargazer, Lucas and others.

Crossing Zebras. A podcast of mutual respect between Xander and Niden!

Fuzzy Steve of the CSM.

Me and the man, the legend.... CCP Guard.

The oversized Lexx Jonlan with CCP Guard.

Big props to General Stargazer for the hats and badges. Gutted that mine became parted with me in the wind on the way back to the hotel! :(

Unfortunately some "unstable" person knocked a full pint of Gull over.... and onto me.... not nice. Oh well, swings and roundabouts! Early night given the fully soaked leg!


  1. That last picure is not a disaster.. beer brand appears to be Grolsch, which is sewer water diluted with piss. In my region the preferred brand is Bavaria.
    -just trolling you know, no need to get upset if anyone here actually likes Grolsch.

  2. thanks for sharing the pics with us ! have you meet the new amarr emperor?