Friday, March 20, 2015

Fanfest 2015 - Charity Dinner and Eclipse.

I attended the charity dinner at Fanfest which started with drinks on the top floor of CCP HQ. AWESOME!!!!! I'm telling you.... I was there!

We had a bit more pomp and ceremony this year which was missing last time I attended in 2013. Spoke to Rise, Explorer, Hilmar, Guard and Kakur as well as loads of various players.

"Dinner" was a buffet which was a bit unexpected and a bit of a rush for food. It also appears either the Samsung Galaxy 5 cannot take too much awesome in one picture which is why my picture with Guard and Hilmar is blurred, or maybe Lexx Jonlan is a shit camera man ;)

Good night if a little expensive for a standing room only buffet. I took revenge on Lexx for being a bad camera man.

Next morning was the eclipse. With days of cloudy and windy weather we didn't expect much.


The weather gods smiled on us! Result!

 Even the Amarr couldn't stop the sun being blotted out!

Later today will be posts on low-sec faction war and crime watch plus ship and module balancing and the Worlds Collide Tournament. Coming soon (tm).

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  1. Yeah, I'm a terrible cameraman, sorry. :(

    I was actually surprised your head was in the photos!