Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fanfest 2015 - Day 3 - Part 2

Dogma and Brain in a Box

Went to the presentation on the legacy code and the implementation of Brain in a Box. Basically there is a lot of horror code in Eve Online. The concept of "Brain in the Box" was first mentioned in 2012. They talked about it a FF2013 and looked into in 2014. It all appeared to be going well and were looking at a September release....

The horror code caused massive issues. The code is now sorted and testing shows that BiaB has halved the time to jump between systems. Coming summer 2015? May be.......

Got to say Hedgehog/Prism X made what should have been a dry and boring subject a funny and interesting presentation to a non-expert surrounded by Python coders!

The Closing Ceremony

No big reveals, nothing really new, just a recap of Fanfest and a good laugh. One of the best bits was where they filmed one of the Valkyrie assistants having a go. BOOM BITCH!

Dates for the diary...

Evesterdam is 26 - 27 September
Eve Vegas is 23-25 October
Eve Down Under is 27 - 29 November
Eve Fanfest 2016 is 21-23 April 2016

The results of the Cosplay competition were revealed and the Worlds Collide winners, Camel Empire, collected their DK2's. We had a couple of engagements over the course of Fanfest too.

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