Monday, March 9, 2015

Approach to Fanfest

This week is turning a bit hectic. As normal, work has gone bonkers as my two weeks off approaches and everyone panics that I won't be here for two weeks so piles three weeks worth of work into one.

Not got a lot of time for Eve Online so not got a massive amount to blog about this week. Here's some Eve news about the high-sec ganking arm of the Goons getting hit with a 250bn ISK theft!

House needs sorting and of course packing for our two weeks away. I've already got the t-shirts ready:-

The other Fanfest related tradition for me is the unwrapping of my one and only coat. As I live in the Middle East, where even in the depths of winter it rarely drops below 10C even at night, there is not much need for a coat!

If you check the date on the plastic covering from the cleaners you'll see its been like that since post-Fanfest 2014!

It'll be daily posts from next Wednesday with Fanfest so might not be a bad thing to keep things short and sweet until then!

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