Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brrrrrrr Fanfest

Work is manic and home is manic as we rush to get ready for the flight on Thursday back to the UK. Not a lot of time for Eve. Just a quick frigate kill here and there this week. So looking ahead to Iceland... yeah, its looking a bit chilly. I'm scheduling a stop in the UK to buy warm clothing and boots. These can then stay at my dad's in the UK and I can collect these each year before Fanfest. The Devs have been tweeting their pictures of Reykjavik which is in a bit of a winter storm currently!

CCP Punkturis Tweeted...

CCP Explorer Tweeted...

CCP Rzarector Tweeted...

CCP Guard (having to do this on the phone as an addition as he posted this overnight ) did it in his own special way...

Yeah, I think I'm going to be cold. My work location as those Tweets came in yesterday...


  1. CCP guard looks even smaller as RL in that picture.. a pale oompa loompa.

    That desert looks warm and nice.

  2. being someone familiar with cold (-20 c or colder happens here) and warm (36c + in the summer is no slouch either) I have to say on of my favorite things for both climates is (depending on who's name for it you are using) the shemagh, or keffiyeh. 2 of them folded together can wrap around the head to cut the cold quite nicely. And people in climates that would make me scream (that last picture looks much too warm to me) know how well they can shade and cool under the right circumstances.

    One note, (mostly for people who might not be familiar with this clothing accessory) careful of the colors you choose, some are symbolic of various things you may or may not support, so make sure you know that before someone makes snap judgments about you


    Yes Michigan sees those temperatures, not all the time, but those are well within our record temps.