Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fanfest 2015 - Day 3 - Part 1

The Pubcrawl.

What happens in Reykjavik stays in Reykjavik.

Galactic Party Planning

As I was thinking about attempting an Eve meet in the Middle East I went along to this roundtable. The first RT of the day and these party planners do like to party... those are beers that were passed around!

Got some great advice so might give it a go!

Art Panel.

As usual this is a quick summary of the parts I felt were good/important. Watch the stream if you want the full thang.

Jackets and hats we already seen and know about.

Ships redesigns. The Intergalactic Space Potato has not been mentioned since last Fanfest. However the Chimera is getting a work over in 2015.

The Caracal is going pointy. I like it.

The T3 Dessies were previewed. The 1950's Strategic Bomber style of the Gallente is hawt!

I mentioned on here the dirt and scratch details they can now build up over time the longer you have your ship.

We've seen the skins. They are working on new booster graphics. Roaring blue flames are nice!

Indirect lighting is getting tweaked so if someone assplodes near you the explosions will light you up.

They are also introducing temporal anti-aliasing which will reduce some of the flicker between edges. Lots of new effects coming including:-

  • Structure assembly
  • Structures building
  • PoS bubble (magnetic field with 'northern lights')
  • Clouds


The one we've been waiting for!

Investigation being going on since 2014. All work in process but CCP wanted to show us "months in advance".

Structures will be like ships. Highs, mediums and lows for weapons, eWar and damage mods as per ship.

New 'Services slots' will be fuelled and add industry and services to your structure. Like ships there are roll bonuses. You can fit a laboratory service to your mining outpost just as you can fit small hybrids on a shield tanked Legion. You can do it, but no body is saying its a good idea!

Rig slots on structures will be focused on buffing the items in the services slots (better ME for your lab, better refining on your reprocessing etc)

Some bonuses will be tied to sec-status and all items will suffer stacking penalties as usual.

There will be four sizes with the XL structures being a good 100km! Generally the mediums are platforms, the large are centres and the XL are HQ. So Assembly Centre is a large etc.

They will have roles:-

The Assembly Array - Builds stuffz.

The Labs - Research and may spawn datacores!

Market and Offices - Local market, clone services including jump clones, corp insurance for SRP? Takes over PoCo. Interbus shipping? Want just a couple of modules from Jita? Buy them remote and have these NPC's ship them to you. An AI NPC convoy bringing you stuff into deep low/null? Yeah I'm sure nobody will shoot them......

Drilling - Reprocessing, moon goo, reactions, mining, gas and Heavy Drilling. The later is a concept of super sized asteroids that normal mining ships cannot mine as they are two big. Your drilling array smashes bits off the mega roid so miners can mine the smaller chunks.

Observatory - Intel gathering. Potential to block starmap filters. 'Number of ships destroyed in last hour? Yeah edit that so it shows 2 not 202 and we'll keep the gate camp running another hour....". D-Scan improvements/nerfs. Probing made harder or easier. Player tracker like locator agents. Plus..... cloak pinpoint. Either locates cloaked ships after a period or sends out a pulse every so often uncloaking all in system.

Gates - Bonus to speed/agility of corp. May be small jumps like replacing jump bridges. Adjustable cloak delay and distance from gate you spawn at. Wormhole spawn adjuster.

Admin - Territory flag. Tweak nul sec sec status? NPC agents? Pirate swapping (chose which pirate faction to have in your system). NPC security? Your own NPC AI space police. WHOOP WHOOP!

Advertisement - Billboard / Epeen measuring device. Adverts, monuments, corpse piles (don't ask).

They want structures to have decals, corp and alliance logos plus skins.

Destructible! Need to work out what happens to peoples stuffz first.

Protection and Capture still being worked on along side Sov revamp. Expect entosis links to feature.

Transition plan -

1. Remove bonus from PoS and outposts to encourage people to swap to new structures.
2. Wait a bit.
3. Remove ability to manufacture from legacy POS and outpost.
4. Wait a bit more.
5. Delete POS/POCOs etc and set TQ to deny any new outposts.


  1. Eve meet in the Middle East ?

    1. Why not? Lot of potential players in a small area.

  2. There is a lot of eve players in Middle East ? I did not know that ? Demographic by ccp ?

    1. I wouldn't say a lot. But with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain and Oman all an hour from each other. There are millions of Expats a short hop away. I'll try and see what happens.