Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fanfest 2015 - Day 1 - Part 1

Not got a lot of time so will do this as a three parter. This is a very rushed morning and afternoon summary! I'll do more when I have time. Important things to do currently!

The queue at the shop was ridiculous :/

Then we got into the Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VR. Key points:-

  • Just under 1200 here.
  • 11th Fanfest
  • Was planned back in 2010 when a player put on the forum the eclipse would be a good time.
  • Nothing new to talk about with Project Legion
  • "CCP is in its best shape ever" - Hilmar
  • Less talk on vision - More action
  • Less hype - more substance

The we had a bit on VR. Amazing Valkyrie video! Nice to hear it will have a single player mode to get you into the story and teach you to fly!

A cool Samsung mobile phone VR headset - Project Nemesis. Looks nifty. Basically 3D turret shooter on a cap ship! Here is Hilmar's daughter "helping" with the original Eve development and now testing Project Nemesis!

Then onto Sov 5,0. Fozzie didn't have a massive amount to say new to the dev blog announced a few weeks ago.
  • June 2015 is estimated as the date.
  • In April Sov Structures will be reduced in size so most can fit and be deployed from in a deep space transport.
  • IHub upgrades will be able to be manufactured by players
  • The prospecting array will only make null-sec ore belts appear and they will contain all null-sec ores.
  • Each system will be able to produce ALL null-sec ores if you mine them out and get them to respawn.
  • Holding a competition on SiSi to test. Alliance who wins will be named in Entosis Link BPO description.
Next up.... well I ate. Then we hear about the upcoming book, the History of the Great Empires of New Eden (or similar! I'm pushed for time!)

After that was the amazing artwork of Rixx Javix!

After that was the Rixx Roundtable.

30 minutes to shower, change and get to the CCP offices. Eve Keynote and Charity Dinner will be separate posts as well as more expansion on today. I HAVE NO TIME!

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