Friday, March 20, 2015

Fanfest 2015 - Day 2

Eclipse was covered in this earlier post. These are my notes and I take no responsibility for mishearing, misremembering or just vodka induced/in a rush mistakes!

First up...

Low Sec and Faction War.

This was mostly about players shouting ideas out and Fozzie and co 'umming' and 'arring'.

Entosis link use in faction war?
Likely to be the iHub capture method in the near future with plex capture a 'may be' possibility.

Bring back the hay-day of the Battlecruiser. These days its all cruiser/destroyer/frigate and we all miss the battlecruiser battles of 2009/10.
CCP want to get all four T3 destroyers in, see how they integrate into PvP and then relook at plex sizing and requirements.

T3 Dessy in Small Plex
As above.

LP Payments for PvP need to be Better.
Fozzie said they might look at keeping the LP payment at standard payout no matter what the warzone control level is (YES!)

Discussions on LP and control vs farming mechanics.

CCP may look into breaking down the alliances and rather than Amarr/Caldari vs Gallente/Matari have a four way (YES!)

Pirate factions?
Nothing on horizon.

Neut Pirates to use entosis links in plex to ruin militia players day?

Suspect timer if you activate a plex gate so person inside doesn't have to take sec status hit for firing first.
Complex and with issues (Dracks opinion - Man up and go -10)

Incursions - No scouts sites in low which is not good for newbies in low.
May look into adding these

Entosis link on iHub to spawn more plex of a certain type.
Mmmmm maybe,

Balancing issue. Soon (tm)

FW warzone control to influence high-sec
Good idea but a can of worms.

More on sec status penalties.
Man up ;)

Docking in enemy high-sec and faction police response.
Something they do want to look at.

Plex timer rollback
Something they definitely want to look at.

Bubble mechanics?
Go back to null!

Team Space Glitter may have some time to look into some FW iterations in 2015.

Niden of GMVA asked me to video the RT. Mmmmm the GoPro isn't ideal, but.... bugger. Max size on here is 100mb and this is 2.1gb. YouTube soon (tm)

Ship Balancing

Next on the list for module teiricide are the MWD and AB along with shield extenders and armour plates.

Prospect appears to be a success and is happily sucking up most of the gas in New Eden.

Worm is now most popular pirate frigate after being one of the three least popular. Garmur is second.

Gila is the top cruiser (in usage)

Vindicator is top faction BS.

Garmur may be a little OP but no plans to nerf it yet.

Recons are now a lot more popular but CCP are keeping an eye on the medium plex issue.

So what's coming in Scylla? Well we know most:-

Ishtar, T3 sub, Skynet and medium rail nerfs.

Got some info on ships putting out most DPS. Ishtar is top damage, doing double that of top spot. Ishtar also is top attacker, attacking twice as many ships is the one in second place.

Big ships are to be looked at in 2015+. Battleships, capitals and super-capitals.

Onto T3 destroyers. Svipul is currently most popular destroyer then Thrasher, Algos and Confessor.

Caldari T3 destroyer will be out in June. Its a light missile boat called the Jackdaw. Not as fast as the Confessor or Svipul (33% in propulsion mode). 7H 6M 2L.

Gallente T3 destroyer will be out in July. Its a Hybrid boat called Helate. Its designed to be hull tanked! 7H 4M 4L.

Ghost fitting we saw yesterday. EFT in client!

Low Sec and Crime-watch

More low sec space!

Boosters - Not really understood by all.
CCP would love (has appetite to) revisit boosters. From manufacturing all the way to legality and policing. CCP Fozzie suggested a potential removal of contraband status and customs NPC's until fixed. Potential for players to police. Lots or work needed. New AI for customs NPC's? Chasing players across multiple systems?

Ransoms - Need eBay style 'Ransom Satisfaction' so victims know who will honour.
Nope! Do it yourselves as a 3rd party site. Begs the question who will do this whilst scrammed and webbed?

Low-Sec 'Flag Planting'. A way to say this system is OURS beeatch!
Been looked into long ago. May be one day....

Structures Rebalance - Don't forget about low sec
CCP won't.

Edge cases that very rarely happen and minor bugs
Far too much time and full-bodied whine on these

Kill Right UI and Transfer Issues
Sounds like lots of issues. Will be passed to UI teams.

Incursions - Issues with being dropped.
People around me didn't see what was the carebear's issue. How can you be dropped with cyno-jammers. If local spikes....may be time to GTFO? Its low-sec, what do you expect????

Remote assistance on gate-camps not getting criminal flag and therefore no gate-gun fire.
Massive can of worms and issues if you make logi take the criminal hit.


Short - Looking good! Great skins and dirt effects that can be increased as your ship 'ages'. Oooooooo, new Caracal model...

Queue funny bit with oversized weapons on noob ships....

.... and freighters....

Sisters of Eve Drifter BS????

The rust, trust in it.... except as it gets worth, then you need to get that shit sorted!

Worlds Collide

We won*

* Sorry but I have 15 minutes left and I don't have any trousers on!!!!

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