Sunday, March 1, 2015

SCASSSS - Camelising CCP Rise

Following the o7 show someone made this picture in reference to CCP Rise nerfing the Ishtar and the 1987 movie of the same name...

CCP karkur then sent out a small request linking the above picture...

So I thought I'd try something as I was bored...

Next up I really tried to do it...

I really need to find the motivation to undock more -.-

Oh and have you seen CCP Rise's Twitter avi? I have appeared on BBC documentaries. I have been a speaker at international conferences. I have dived with sharks. I have been to Fanfest and seen the northern lights. Nothing compares to lifetime achievements as to having CCP Rise use your "art"work :P

P.S. The camel head is a photo I took locally too when we went down to the local camel market!

SCASSSS - Stands for Sand, Cider and Spaceships Special Sunday Short. I originally started these when I made the blog list on Jester's Trek. Technically I didn't meet his requirements of a post every other day as I posted three times a week. Jester's Trek is now dark but I still continue these sort posts on a Sunday.


  1. Camel Rise looks better as the original!

  2. You really dived with sharks? Isn't it stupid? (Well, i've dived in a bubble full of PL Machariels yesterday - but that's not an excuse for you...)