Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Odyssey - First Impressions

So it appears the patch went fairly OK. Firstly...


If you had all racial cruisers trained to the appropriate level and destroyers and battlecruisers to level five then you should* have got over 6m SP for free! That pushed Drack over his current clone and I had to upgrade to the 120m SP/10m ISK one (Eta?). Thankfully CCP have reduced medical clone costs by 30% in the patch.



*Apparently some people didn't get the skills refunded correctly and squid Dessy and BC are the ones appear as injected by 0 SP. CCP are fixing this but those effected (I'm not, both are at V) not to inject any SP or train these skills.



Due to the attacks over the weekend, CCP have given us 50,000 skill points as 'little free hugs'.

OK Onto Odyssey.

I'll be honest, Odyssey was never going to rock my world. I'm a hardened pirate/militia fighter and am in this game for the PvP. I used to carebear, in fact my main started as a carebear. Then I went PvP and used alts to carebear. Now I just buy PLEX to fuel my PvP habit.

However, there are some things bringing a smile to this hardened PvP'rs face.

The new gates and gate effects are great. As a sci-fi nerd these are great.

The new Navy BC's look like they'll be fun. But no way I'm spending that sort of money. Give it a few weeks for the markets to stabilise and I'll have my navy Hurricane!

Not seen the new pod death transition and tbh I don't want to see it. May be I'll let a low skill/no implant deplexing alt DIAF so I can see it.

Tags for Sec is another I want to try, but am waiting for prices to stabilise. Caldari hi-sec is full of carebears in the militia as it has 0% tax. Nice juicy targets for the slaughtering. Also the "I didn't ask for PvP" tears are extra special as yes they did ask for PvP specifically by joining the militia!

There are some things that are annoying me.

The undock button has been moved from the bottom left of the screen to the top right. It is going to take a while for my hand to stop moving the mouse down and to the left every time I want to undock. Every. Bloody. Time.

On the old radial menu the jump command for a gate was in the, you guessed it, bottom left of the radial (7 on a 12 hour clock). Not it is top (12 position). Again its going to take me a while to get used to the new locations!

I use the D-Scanner. A lot. Where I used to just hit the scanner button I now have an extra click to open the D-Scanner. Admittedly not a massive issue, but it is another click I don't want on a PvP toon who will never use the other options such as Moon Survey and probing.

All-in-all Odyssey is a 'not bad, nothing to get excited at' expansion for me. But as I said in the beginning, the previous two expansions have been PvP orientated so not that I can complain about it!


  1. The Two button mouse - For multi-taskers.
    The three button mouse - For multi-taskers using small windows

  2. I've always had my undock bound to ctrl+d and scanner window bound to alt+d. No need to hunt for a button and click when you can just press a key.

    Still, there's no immediate feedback that you're actually undocking, which is kind of annoying.

  3. I've just discovered your blog. Great stuff! Keep up the good work. You have a gift for writing. Now, I'll have to go back and read your older posts.

    BTW I've been on a same path of discovery. I'm still somewhat of a new player. I started as a hisec carebear, then dipped my toes into the world of PvP. I started using a carebear alt to fund my PvP, but I'm finding it to be a pain in the arse and I'm thinking it may be far better to just use Plex to fund my PvP fun. I'm aiming for that perfect -10 status.

    I also really enjoyed your post where you offered to help players remove those nasty bounties placed on their heads. I pray your advice has helped thousands be free of that unsightly mark on their profile. You were even thoughtful enough to save them that long trip back home as well. Bless you!