Friday, June 14, 2013

These Aren't the Posts You're Looking For - 1

I was asked to speak at a conference next week back in the UK. So this week has been rather chaotic trying to get two weeks work done and as you read this I'll be somewhere between the Middle East and England.
So Fiction Friday is postponed today as I've not been able to get the changes and artwork I wanted for part 5 of Outpost. However, here is a story on how NOT to move a dreadnought when you are in faction warfare.

Mondays and Wednesday's posts may also be brief as that includes the two day conference and my travelling back to the Middle East from "sunny" England.
FFF will be back next Friday and normal blogging will resume next weekend!
Fly deadly.... unless you are Amarr Militia in which case please derp your dread into your nearest QCat member ;)

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