Monday, June 17, 2013

What is in my Hanger 2013?

Been a while since I had a run through what is in my hanger in my home station. I have caches of ships dotted around the war zone for quick reshipping, but this is what is in my main hanger.

Blarpy and a Snarpy
A blaster Harpy with dual medium shield extenders for close range encounters and a sniper version for annoying people at 100km :)

Mostly rocket, scram and web fit. Ideal for sitting in a plex and waiting for the enemy to come to you. Nice armour tank and selectable damage type.

1300 DPS of pain. Close range structure bashing goodness or for when any Amarrian dreadnoughts try to dock in station.

Either AC or arty depending on the need. Just swap the guns and go. Does not have the raw DPS of the Naga but is more versatile.

My original Amarr BS from back when I couldn't even use small lasers. This tanky battleship comes with a full rack of T2 1400mm artilleries. Hello Mr Falcon. Surprise!

Navy Geddon
Was the standard fleet BS a year ago for me. Standard fleet BS.

Old ship. Fitted as glass-cannon for bashing structures. Sits gathering dust these days as Naga is better, cheaper and has better GTFO-ability.

Not used in anger in a long time. BS fleets tend to be armour. Scorpions tend to get primaried. Not a good mix!

Trust in the rust! Used last week when some squids came to visit and also whenever we have some annoying tit sitting 100km away. An iconic Eve ship.

Expensive ship, expensive fit. Just expensive really! However, you get what you pay for. Great DPS, great tank and amazing web-age.

Pantheon Archon
Its like a huge RR BS! Triage Archons are the responsibility of an alt. Drack handles the DPS.

My first carrier, now used as a transport ship for moving ships around. Was actually set up as an armour tank to be used as bait.

A flying brick! This one is actually nano/dual web.

Not yet unpacked!

4 Hurricanes
A mix of AC and Arty DPS and shield and armour tanks.

Rarely leaves the hanger. Without a cloak people just flee when they see ECM in small gang.

Monster tanking Command ship. With a Crystal implant set and a strong blue pill, the tank on this is silly.

Scout ship. Not even any guns for whoring!

HAM fit usually but can be switched to rapid light launcher if I'm going after small stuff.

I really should undock this, but its a bit expensive! The Loren Fallen fit.

Close range MURDER IT IN THE FACE blaster cruiser. Does what it says on the tin.

Set up with smart bombs after the squids started using ECM drone fleets.

Fleet Stabber
Nice cruiser with good speed and good DPS. Oh and the tanks not bad too.

A Mini-carrier. Drone fun. Sentry drones make a good Cockbag Thrasher camp support.

Close range blast it in the face ship. Not a great ship for this as lack of mid slots are a problem.

10mn laser lovin'. I still prefer the Thrasher version but these are available locally.

Sniper and closer range fits.

10+ Thrashers
So many fits... So few squid targets. There are 1mn and 10mn ABs and MWD versions. Artillery and auto cannon fits. Shield and armour tanks. My favourite faction warfare ship. Hence the collection of them!

When something big needs to die. Still king of the dreadnoughts even after the small nerf in Odessey.

Because of..... it. The ultimate tear making machine. Get bait set up, allow attackers to try and gank it, decloak. Jam and receive kill mails, sweet tears and bacon.

Rocket and light missile versions depending on how runny the squids are.

Not unpacked like most CCP gifted ships

Whoop! Whoop! Here comes the space police! What do you mean they took the light away?

Great fun brawling frigate.

Mix or rocket, light missile and festival launchers. Armour and shield tanks mixed in.

5 Merlin's
Cheap frigates for plexing.

Cyno ship.

To try following Odessey's buff.

The classic frigate. Another iconic Eve Online ship.

Sarum Magnet
Another 'unopened' gift.

A micro-carrier. The triple neut/active tank Tristan is a complex ship to fly but is awesome.

Sniper rail fit.

The Rixx Javix fit. Massive tank making it a great bait ship. Also a fun solo ship.

Because those super carriers won't point themselves. Obviously scripted infina-points in low-sec.

Yes. It is a Battle Badger!

Quaffe Ultra Iterion IV
Still packaged!

Still packaged.

Still packaged.

7 Ibis
Yes. There are PvP Ibis in there!

Low-sec fit, null-sec bomb fit and point fits. Point fits? Triple long point for ganging up on stabbed smart bombing BS and double scram for laying in wait to farm tears from stabbed LP farmers.

T3 Fleet set up. Loooooong points and scrams.

Again a fleet setup but might refit this to a solo ship.

So that's my home base fleet at the minute. Now to get that Navy Cane to Nisuwa which was a present for the awesome S810 Jr for me saving all my pod kill frozen corpses for him!

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  1. What can I say, it brought a tear to my eye when you said how long it would be before you got your hands on a Navcane. Plus the help with expanding the play rooms for no ISK what so ever meant I just had to.

    (Still have about 60's worth in LP if anyone is looking to buy ]; )