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The Outpost - Part 4

Fiction Friday. Escaped pod available here where Ripard Teg gives a LOT of advice on fitting your ships in Eve Online!

The Outpost - Part 4

The Captain and Sakuri where sat on the floor in the small cell. It was dark and dank. The captain assumed at one point it may have been a locker for demolition charges. The thick double door was a solid tritanium alloy and locked tight. It also must be adjacent to one of the hydroponic gardens he thought as the wall Sakuri was sat against had some roots and plant life on it.

"Well looks like we'll be here for a bit before the entertainment and eventual cannibalism. Why don't you tell me something I've always wanted to know" the Captain asked.

"What's that?"

"What is it with you and the 'Aren't you going to join us' line?"

"What? How do you know about that?" Sakuri asked in shock. The Captain just laughed.

"You mutter it every time we're in a dire situation and you think nobody can hear. Given the number of times we're in dire situations, you mutter it a LOT!"

Sakuri sighed and leant back against the cold stone wall.

"That phrase is the reason I traded a life of luxury and comfort to serve on The Hope. You don't know anything about my life before The Hope do you Captain?"

"Nope. Same for the entire crew. Nobody signs up for deep-space salvaging on a rust-bucket frigate for fun. I know everyone single one of the crew is running from something. Crime gangs, jilted lovers, the law. I don't ask and they don't tell, normally. I just thought that now we're going to be eaten by radioactive mutants, it won't hurt to share. I just always thought it was a funny thing to say."

Sakuri laughed at the the situation.

"True. OK then, my story is a bit complicated. You know I'm fairly knowledgeable hence you gave the science officer role. I graduated from university with max qualifications and was soon snapped up by a State Megacorp. I had a great job, good money and a real career. Not something everyone in Caldari society can say. I also had a boyfriend who I loved, and I thought he loved me. He was an executive in the corporation where I worked and it was clear he was going all the way. Director minimum, may be even a chief role one day. It was still early in the relationship, we'd not even met each others families at the time. But I knew, at the time, he was the one. After a few months I was attending a three-day conference two systems away. I had done my own presentation on day one. By the middle of the second day I was bored out of my skull. I got an early shuttle back and was home by the late evening, a day earlier than planned. I dressed up specially and went round to surprise my man. I quietly let myself in. As soon as I entered I heard the noises. I think I knew then, but told myself he was missing me and was probably watching a dirty holo-reel. I went into the bedroom, I'll never forget that image. He was there, in bed, with two women, clearly hookers. All three of them froze. It felt like minutes before he spoke. He finally said sheepishly 'Aren't you going to join us?'. I fled the room and ran home. Luckily we worked in separate buildings so over the next week I didn't see him. But my girlfriends in the office told me what he had been saying about me. Boring in the bedroom, clingy, needy. All crap to make it look like he dumped me."

The captain nodded.

"Pretty crappy, but really its not something you need to get hung up on and repeating that line over and over." he stated.

"Oh Captain. It gets worse, much worse. After hearing that I decided I needed revenge on that little shit. One Friday night a few weeks later everything was in place. I sent a message to him saying that all was forgiven and I had a very special surprise waiting for him. I think the words I used were 'the best night of his life'. I sent him the code for my apartment door and waited. Of course the bastard took the bait. He was around in record time and almost crashed into the bedroom. His smile looked like it was going to split his face in two as he saw me wearing my best lingerie and highest heels laid out on the bed whilst a petite, tattooed blonde woman had her head between my legs. I looked at him with my best 'come to bed' face and repeated the line 'Aren't you going to join us?'. He stepped forward grinning that idiotic smile, his hands going to start unfastening his shirt buttons. My question and his footfall made the blonde look up. She screamed, he screamed."

The Captain laughed.

"That sounds like you did something horrible."

"I did. It was his sister."

The Captain roared with laughter.

"How did you manage that?"

"He had mentioned his sister had been cut from his fathers inheritance given her orientation. And I knew the city she lived in. Didn't take me long to track her down, find her favorite club, there are not many of those types of clubs around, seduce her. I set up a date at my apartment and that was that.

Anyway, the week after extracting my revenge, I'm coming back from lunch and one of my friends is hanging about on the street outside the office. She see's me and she looks terrified. She runs up to me and tells me that Internal Security are all over my office. The rumour is I've been selling corporate secrets to the Amarrians and they had proof. That bastard set me up. Not just something embarrassing to get back at me, no, he had set me up on a charge of treason against the State. He escalated from my 'sleeping with his sister' to his 'get the bitch onto death-row'. Of course I ran. Rather than go to the main starport where I knew they would be looking for me I headed to the old cargo port in the industrial sector. I managed to find a dropship pilot who would get me off-world for a price. Bastard wanted more than a first class ticket on a executive shuttle, plus, shall we say 'extras' during the flight. I couldn't get any more credits, they would have been tracking my accounts. All I had was the money in my purse. I had no choice, if I'd stayed they would have caught me. So I had to agree to his terms. By the time I got to the orbital station I was almost broke, used and a wanted fugitive."

"And thats where we met?" asked the captain.

"Yes and since..."

Sakuri was cut off as the double doors were opened. A sickly-thin man with a deformed head wandered into the room and smiled.


Hiroto ran fast keeping up with what was left of the group. There were only three of them left together. Others had been slowly split off from the group. Once every so often a blood curdling scream would echo down the stone corridors. Hiroto wasn't running as fast as he could, he was maintaining a position in the middle of the other two men. He'd already seen what happened to anyone at the front or back of the group. Ahead he saw movement, a mutant stepped out from a side entrance and rammed its elongated hand forward. It caught the lead Uneffected in the stomach stopping him dead. The Mutant retracted its arm, its hand contained a fistful of bloodied entrails. The Uneffected turned round and started staggering back very slowly towards Hiroto with a look of horror on his face. With every laboured step he took jolted more intestine which fell from the gaping wound in his stomach. The man dropped to his knees holding his hands out towards Hiroto pleading for help before collapsing first face into the dirt.

Hiroto grabbed the shotgun that was slung over his back and ran forward. He pulled the trigger as he rounded the corner and unloaded the gun into the mutants chest. It exploded in a red mist. A sheet of white bone was revealed as the monster staggered back screaming. Hiroto pumped the shotgun and fired again and again and again. He yelled in anger and walked forward as the mutant squealed and realled backwards under the assault. Finally it tumbled backwards, a deep void in the centre of its chest. Hiroto was panting. Suddenly there was more movement, 3 more mutants turned the corner ahead and started walking towards him. He turned around back the way he came. Another mutant was stood there holding the severed head of the last Uneffected, complete with attached spinal column.

"Ug sic hal" it smiled at him.

Hiroto raised the shotgun at its head and pulled the trigger.

The shotgun clicked empty as the mutants advanced.


"I assume you're the leader Dominix head?" the Captain said to the thin man with the bulbous head.

"Sorry" he smiled "I don't know what a Dominix is, you see, we're a bit cut off here."

The Captain suddenly sprang without warning towards the man with his outstretched arms aiming at its thin neck. The mutant just smiled and suddenly the Captain froze.

"Now, now Captain. You must behave otherwise you'll be punished."

The Captains face was of one of frustration.

"I cannot move! What have you done to me?" growled the Captain. He was utterly paralysed. He was able to move his eyes, his lips and the tips of his fingers slightly, but that was all.

"Oh don't worry. No lasting damage. But you need to learn not to try that again." the mutant smirked.

Slowly the Captain started to move again, this time towards Sakuri in slow, jerky movements as if the movement was being forced. She remained motionless in fear as the Captain fell to his knees in front of her. Suddenly the Captains arm swung out and slapped her hard across the face. She screamed in shock before his hands clamped tightly around her throat and squeezed.

"Stop this!" pleaded the Captain as Sakuri hands clawed at his wrist. Her face was turning red.

"Why Captain. You wanted to choke something. I am letting you!"

"You're forcing me you freak!"

Sakuri face was bright red now, her mouth open trying desperately to suck in air.

"So I take it you'll not try that again?"

Sakuri eyes were wide in terror. Her hands which were desperately assaulting the captains wrist started to slow and become weak finally falling limp at her sides.

"Yes! I mean no! Please. Make it stop!" the Captain cried.

"Very well" responded the mutant.

The Captain collapsed into a sobbing heap as Sakuri breathed in large rasping breaths of air.

"We'll talk later. When you're feeling better." and with that the mutant left locking the door behind him.


Natsumi was woken by a gentle touch. She immediately recoiled in horror and was about to scream when a hand was placed over her mouth. She suddenly realised it was Riku. His wrists were bloody, had had managed to slip his bonds.

"Be quiet" he said as he unfastened the chains around her wrist "We need to get out of here."

He eased her gently to the floor and took her hand. They moved to the wall by the entrance to the cavern and Riku stuck his head out.

"Clear. Lets go."

They slowly and carefully moved through the dimly lit caves that functioned for corridors in the old part of the station. After a few minutes they reached a door blocking their way. They retraced their steps back to the previous junction, that corridor ended in a pile of rocks completely blocking the way. Eventually they found their way back to the double blastdoors leading to the new station. The first door was open and their pile of suits and helmets were neatly stacked against the outer door leading to the newer outpost.

"Lets suit up and get back to the ship for some proper weapons." Riku said and jogged ahead. It was only when he neared the pile of suits did he remember they'd left them in the cave beyond the airlock, not inside. He turned just in time to see Natsumi press the button to close the inner blast door. Riku sprinted back but was too late. The huge door slammed shut. He looked through the viewport and could see a terrified look in her eyes. Her lips were tightly pressed together. She was crying and tears were streaming down her face. He screamed at her to open the door. Slowly she raised a hand in slow, jerky movements. As if she was trying not to do it. Her hand flopped up and down in a strange wave. Her head was shaking and tears streamed down her cheeks as she hit the de-pressurise button. Riku eyes went wide with terror as the alarm inside the airlock sounded and amber strobe lights flashed. He turned back towards the pile of spacesuits but there was nothing there, just the empty corner of the airlock. He looked back through the viewport and saw the suits stacked against the rock wall exactly where they'd left them. He was confused. He was certian he'd seen them in the airlock. A sudden hiss of escaping air brought him back to the present. Natsumi was still there staring in, crying and shaking her head. Riku screamed for her to hit the abort and open the door. He raised his hands to his ears as the pressure dropped and they started to ache. He was having trouble breathing. His lungs burned from the thinning air. His eyes swelled making his vision blurred. His entire body felt as if it was being stretched. He screamed in pain but no sound emerged. Just a few droplets of blood left his wide open mouth. More blood started erupting from his ears and eyes and Riku lost it. He was spinning around in agony as the near vacuum assaulted his body. He was blind now, otherwise he might have seen Natsumi with her face pressed up close to the viewport, wide-eyed taking everything in. His skin blistered and broke showering the walls with bright red blood. It poured from his eye, ears, nose and mouth where soft tissue had ruptured. Finally Riku collapsed in a bloodied heap, convulsed for a few seconds and then stopped moving.

Sabu stepped out of the shadows. Natsumi slowly turned and walked towards him with jerky moves.

"Did you enjoy watching that? I did! When I am in control of your body I can see everything you see." the bulbous-headed mutant asked with a smile.

"You bastard!" she sobbed "You are pure evil!"

The mutant smiled.

"Actually that was a pleasant death compared what we're planning for you" Sabu said cheerfully. "Such a pity what daddy did to you. If he hadn't made you barren, I'd have happily let you live and bare my children."

The two walked off back towards the main caverns.


The captain suddenly came to. He shot upright to find Sakuri cooling his forehead with a damp rag.

"What in Jita happened to me?" he said raising a hand to his head.

"It would appear there are two types of mutant here. The heavily deformed soldier types we saw originally in gardens, and these others. It would appear they have some form of evolved mental powers. Physic powers if you will."

"Bullshit!" replied the Captain "No way."

Sakuri lifted her chin revealing purple bruises ringing her neck. The Captain gasped.

"I thought I dreamed that!" he said "I'm sorry....I...."

Sakuri lowered her head back down.

"It wasn't you. It was that thing. It was able to control your body. I could see in your eyes it was forcing you against your will."

The Captain slumped back down.

"So we're prisoners to super-human sadistic mutants with physic powers. And the good news is?"

"Each mutant is an individual as we've seen and there may be only one of these 'brain mutants'. And I have a plan. First we need to undertake a small test when he comes back."


Natsumi and Sabu walked into a large chamber bustling with activity. Several of the large mutants were using rocks to draw symbols on the wall.

A large stone slab with a leather harness was laid out in the centre. Slowly with unsteady footsteps Natsumi walked towards it.

"What's going to happen to me?" she sobbed.

"Well I'm afraid it is not good" Sabu said with a smile "You see whilst I cannot read your mind as such, I can control your body, make you see things and also see your memories. Unfortunately that includes the time your mother took you to the doctors when you were 15."

The memory flashed into her thoughts, dredged up from deep by the mutant.

"All that abuse was bad enough. But the infection he gave you as well. Well that was the final insult. Unchecked for so long it made you sterile didn't it. That is unfortunate. I need a mate and was hoping it could be you. However the other new-comer will have to do. So therefore you are not much use to me."

Natsumi sobbed as she undressed herself clumsily and sat on the stone slab before laying down, her body controlled by Sabu.

"See those marks my distant relatives are making on the wall? They are placing bets. Bets on how long you'll last. The Yulaki thrive on pain. You'll see many are holding knives, spikes or sharpened hooks. Whilst you are, shall we say, accommodating them, they will use those implements on your flesh. And that's what the betting is for. You see the human body can take a huge amount of pain. Amazing really the capacity the body has. However, there comes a time when the, shall we say the spirit? The soul? Whatever you want to call it. When it cannot take any more and just gives up. Doctors called it 'losing the will to live'. I'm betting my share on you lasting 11 hours."

"Share? What share?" Natsumi sobbed as she affixed the restraints to her own ankles before laying back and applying another to one of her wrists. It took several attempts as she still had some use of her fingers and she fought Sabu's control as much as she could. Finally the restraint clicked shut on her right wrist and Sabu tightened the final one to her left wrist which she had already moved into place behind her. She was now fastened on stone slab with her wrist and ankles affixed together.

"What share you ask? Well your flesh of course." Natsumi screamed as Sabu relinquished control of her body now she was securely tied on top of the slab. "When we feast on you later the winner gets extra meat." Sabu said slowly backing off as one of the mutants approached, it had a look of glee on its deformed face and it held up a shining metal hook with a wicked point in front of it.

The Captain and Sukiri looked at each other in horror as they heard a scream of pure terror drift through the ventilation ducts into their cell.

.....To be continued......

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