Monday, November 2, 2015

An Eve Vegas Skill Plan?

My skill plan these days is a simple one.

"Meh, just train all the things!"

All the skills I use in day-to-day Eve are level 5's. I'm nearing 140m skill points. I just added every ship and module related skill to the queue and let it run. Doing signature focusing V currently. 5% to target painters, woo hoo. Basically when my skill queue finishes in 537 days there is nothing but the skills I'll probably never use left to change. Years of science and industry skills, but nothing Drack needs.

Towards the end of that queue are the capital skills. I rarely use caps. Dreads rarely these days, carriers more for moving than fighting. I stuck in a few skills but do you really need V's for every cap skill if you rarely use caps? Meh.

However.... Eve Vegas!

The headlines as I saw it were:-

Titans and Supercarriers can be "docked" in XL Citadels meaning they are no longer space-coffins.
Carriers losing their logistics role and will no longer have repair bonus or triage. Their new role is to project damage over an entire battlefield.
A new capital logistics ship will be introduced to take over from carrier reps.
Dreadnoughts are the in your face DPS masters but will have the option of capital/structure or sub-cap shredding guns.
Titans will become bigger dreadnoughts and the feared power!

Interesting. very interesting. It appears capital warfare may get a bit more fun. The use of carriers especially so. Carriers will no longer be able to use drones. Instead they will use squadrons of fighters. Fighters will come in three flavors. Lights that are good versus smaller ships and other fighters, support (ewar?) and heavy which I assume will be good against bigger ships.

You'll be able to control three squadrons so technically you could be using one of each. It all sounds a bit "Homeworldy" and looks amazing fun (especially as nobody is relying on you to save their arse!"

The other thing is that new capital modules are coming. These include plates and shield extenders, T2 guns and.....

Wait! T2 guns? That means I need level 5 in the capital guns skills.

So I am now looking at changing my skill plan.

Gallente Dreadnought V was a few months away, I'm certainly pulling that up the queue the same with Capital Hybrid V. Capital ships V is also being hauled up from the bottom of the queue. I have Amarr Carrier V already but fighters are only at 3 and not even in the queue. 4 and 5 are being added.

So basically my skill plan has gone from "train all the things in any order" to "Hey I need these skills!"

You know, its almost like CCP planned it this way!

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