Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Command Destroyers - Coming Soon (TM).

The new T2 destroyers are sort of on the test server. The ships are visible on the market but there are no sell orders yet. You can see them, just cannot play with them yet. Soon(tm)!

They are tankier than the other destroyers including interdictors but their DPS is weaker. Their main use is that they can fit warfare links and the new Micro Jump Field Generator.

The MJFG appears to be an "interesting" module. Basically it has a 9 second spool up time. Then anything within 6km will be jumped 100km in the direction the Command Destroyer is pointing.

Obviously some of the things you'll be able to do are obvious. Get one of these into a ball of enemy logi and send them away or pounce your fleet mates on top of an unsuspecting enemy.

However there is more. For a start the jump field will teleport bombs in flight and dictor bubbles. With a bit of careful timing (and aiming) you could jump a dictor bubble and a handful of bombs on an enemy 100km away!

Within low-sec and specifically faction war I can see these being used a lot. Warfare Link with a 10% bonus at level 5 skill on a relatively cheap ship that can probably fit in a small plex? Faction warfare fleets are likely to be using these regularly depending on the price. With the other T2 destroyer, the interdictors, being around the 40m ISK mark I assume they'll be around there. Same as a couple of Assault Frigates or three faction frigates.

For me, I want to trust in the rust!

Minmatar Destroyer per Level:
10% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile Damage
4% bonus to shield resists
Command Destroyer per Level:
2% to Siege and Skirmish Warfare link effectiveness
5% reduction in MJFG spool up time
Role: 95% Reduction in Powergrid Requirements for Warfare Links
Role: 50% Reduction in MWD Penalty Signature Bloom
Role: Can fit Micro Jump Field Generators
Role: Can fit one Warfare Link

Full details and attributes in CCP Rise's spreadsheet here.

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  1. The jumping of Dictor bubbles will be abused to no end, and will be altered very soon after it is introduced.