Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Back in the Goo

Sod it. Blood pressure be damned. I wanted to go and shoot stuffz last night.

I logged on after the patch and saw a war target in local. I love it when they come to me! I looked him up on the killboard and see he likes flying Enyos. So I hop in a Thrasher (I know, shocking right!) and undock. He's not on scan but there is a plex 20au off so I warp there. Enyo on scan, obviously this guy really, really, really likes Enyos. His board was full of them. I activate gate, land, he's not there. Not on scan so off I got to search.

I don't get him on scan anywhere in system. Is he using a deep safe? Is he warping in circles? I warp back to the distant plex and there he is. I enter. No sign. What the deuce is going on?

I go back to his killboard. Then I see it. Do you spot what I missed dear readers?

Of course you do. You'd have also probably looked around and seen this...

...and are saying "Seriously Drack? How long did you spend away from PvP? That's an LP farmer!"

So I know the Enyo is cloaked in the plex and as a medium he's already ran it for 18 minutes. He was only 2 minutes off getting his LP. So what do I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I simply sit there and watch the timer roll back.

Eventually he gets bored and decloaks 50km off and warps to a small plex. I follow him. Then its back to the medium. I am still stopping this poor farmer from farming. Then another Frog enters system. I spam short scan (the new scanner is awesome). Stabber.

I warp back into station. I have a single Stabber hull but its still this awful fit I created specifically to kill a certain ship. I have a Flabber. Would he engage that? May be? I jump in the Flabber and warp to the plex assuming Mr Cloaky Enyo doesn't have the balls to decloak even with a friendly Stabber there. The stabber has drones out when I arrive and its on like Donkey Kong. We're both AC fit and we start slugging it out. My shield drops much faster but incoming damage drops dramatically as he hits my armour tank. He see's this and tries to run. He gets out of scram range but the falloff from my autocannons and my drones kill him before he can warp off. GFs in local and back into a Thrasher to see if Enyo will decloak.

Another Frog enters system and looking at his KB he flies T1 frigates. I swap to a Kestrel and head over to a remote Novice Plex I assume he's in. At the gate I have an Atron on short scan and I entered. I glimpse the Atron as he warps off. I hope he'll return so wait. He does. He comes in and attacks me, his blasters hurting my shields badly. However I am dual web and AB and with a bit of overheating I'm scam-kiting him and my Nova Rage rockets win the day.

Back in the Kestrel, back in the Medium with Mr Cloaky. He won't even decloak for a T1 frigate. Stabber bloke comes back in another Stabber. Two options here. He's really dumb and come back with same fit and tactics which he lost to my Flabber or it's option 2. Option 2 could involve a refit to counter my Flabber or a small collection of mates the other side of the gate after he asked in his corp chat "Anyone want to kill a Fleet Stabber?"

I assume option two and swap to a Twin Prop Vexor with a flight of ECM drones. If it is a trap then I have some GTFOability before his mates arrive. He's kitey and I cannot catch him even with my MWD on. We play the range game but he keeps out of range. In the end I recall the damage drones, stick the ECM on him and warp out. He can have the plex! Two kills, no loses. That'll do me.

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