Monday, November 23, 2015

Blog Banter 69 - Because of Space-Magic

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Because of Space-Magic

CCP sometimes get stuck between a veldspar 'roid and a hard place when they try to blend realism with sensible game mechanics in our sci-fi simulator. Sometimes they create a scientific answer such as 4th dimensional drag to explain our 'submarines in space'. Other times, not so much. When a null-sec Citadel is destroyed players 'stuffz' is to be magicked to another station. Why should a citadel be different to a titan? Should CCP ensure that 'space magic' always has a plausible explanation or do we need just to say "Well, its only a game!" and engage the willing suspension of disbelief? How should it work when a citadel goes boom, how do we balance risk with reward, and how should any "space-magic" be explained?


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  1. UR stuff should POP period. No different than current station mechanics in the sense that I have had my stuff locked in Null-Sec stations sometimes for months on end before I could get it out, yet it should have blown up along with the station vice just rolling over. I wonder how null sec games would be different if stations were destroyable from the being... how might the land layout look today? Citadels that move all your stuff magically, bahh just another crap mechanic to keep the avg player from losing their stuff. Course I still won't park currently unparkable in a Citadel if it can be lost, too much isk and time invested.

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  4. I'm gonna disagree with Kirith and Neville here.

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  7. Well, with the loot denial (aka saftery), pos like structures go from 0% protection to 100% protection(large+medium citadels).
    So safety is increased even more in null sec then ever before.
    And since fozziesov ratting has become so easy and riskless that prices for null loot have been at an all time low because of to much stuff getting ratted... .
    This makes that null sec loses even more meaning... . Why fight for a citadel? The stuff will get out anyway... .
    I predict the next way to bore someone out will be to seed their space with citadels... . Try to kill 600+ medium citadels in au timezone per system...

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