Monday, January 18, 2016

Birthday Suicide

So last night I undocked my carrier that I've had for years in order to suicide it in celebration for my birthday today.

I've had that Chimera for years acting as a suitcase, jumping my stuffz around New Eden each time I moved home. You might be wondering why it's an armour tanked Chimera? That is a good question and it goes all the way back to my Shadows of the Federation days in the Gallente militia. This was the golden age of faction war in the late "noughties". The Caldari Militia didn't fly stabbed ships and regularly undocked fleets of battlecruisers led by good old Gavin Goodrich. Oh, those were the days.

Anyway it was suggested that it might be fun to bait with a Chimera on the Nisuwa station. However, that Chimera would be armour tanked. The plan being I'd agress with the others staying docked playing AFK. The enemy fleet would become all excited as my shields started to fail, the SoTF boys would start to undock but smelling blood the enemy fleet would commit as "the carrier is almost dead!". Whilst they are overheating their guns thinking they'd get a carrier kill, they get a surprise as they hit my armour tank, the others would grab points and we undock a couple of Thanatos to keep my Chimera alive as the cap ran out from the dual reps.

BOOM! Dead enemy fleet all because of "Armour Chimera!".

That was the plan. It never worked.

In hindsight, SoTF baiting with a carrier on their home station was a bit "obvious bait is obvious". Anyway I didn't intend the Chimera to be combat ship so left it fit like that for the next.... wow... seven years? It even had large rigs!

So with the big four oh today I thought it would be the flagship for a Stay Frosty Fleet last night and see if it could die in a glorious fire (obviously I won't be on Eve tonight as I'll be down the pub for birthday drinks!). I filled the hold for a party with dancers and booze and undocked. I'd said bring anything and that's what we had. Over a dozen ships from T1 frigates to faction battleships and a bit of everything in between. I remembered as we undocked I've not FC'd in over three years. Oh well....

We headed out to Nikkishima where we found a Confessor jumping gate. We waited a few seconds and jumped finding him sat decloaked on the other side. Not a good idea when a fleet of blood thirsty pilots jump behind you. He died horribly and was podded too. He convo'd me wonder what happened. I explained "Bloody pirates!"

We headed down the short Nikki pipe and back again until a Proteus landed on us. Oh shock I wonder what's going to happen next?

As expected, after only 25 minutes of roaming, the cyno went up and the carriers, dreadnoughts and BLOPS dropped on our heads. With no logi (I don't count as they were shooting me!) it was a slaughter!

RIP Chimera. You did your job.


  1. Happy Birthday! Was half tempted to submit an app earlier than I anticipated, just to tag along. Alas football and the Christmas present of Witcher III got in the way...

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy a pint or three tonight in celebration :)

  3. Happy Birthday my friend. That was fun, but a bit of a bummer that they brought much, much more than they needed. But that's Eve for you.

  4. Happy Birthday - sorry the EVE celebrations came to a close earlier than hoped.