Sunday, January 17, 2016

SCASSSS - Yes its a *Blank* Chimera

In a few moments I'll be undocking this to go for a roam!

I do not expect to dock it back up. Tomorrow is my birthday and it's a big one. In fact, rather depressingly, its the big "four oh".

So in 'celebration' of this event I'm going to take some Frostonians out and see if I can gloriously DIAF. This was my first carrier in Eve Online and has only been used in anger once or twice. It also has one of the oddest fits you'll see on a Chimera. This was for a special thing many years ago. I cannot say why its fit like that right now (no intel whilst its still in one piece), that story is for tomorrow where I will explain why its fit like that after it's dead. The main reason I'm posting this now is that people might post the loss mail with a "WTF? Is that an *Blank* Chimera? SRSLY?" They can be directed here and to tomorrow's post on why it is fit like that!

So if you're out and about in the low-sec Ishomilken area right now (17:00 Eve Time on Sunday), you might see a Chimera with a kitchen-sink fleet roaming (slowly) about. Feel free to stop by and shoot me in the face!


  1. I'm not gonna say how long it took me to realise that *Blank* meant a swear word...

    I thought it was about a skin, I thought it was about a special faction Chimera...

    I am not a clever man :D.