Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Myths of Piracy

Over the last couple of weeks I've had a couple of times where I've had a fight and wondered, now why did they do that? My conclusion is that my security status is minus eight "point something" (and therefore a red, shootable pirate) and they have the medical condition - omgitsapiratekillit-itus. For all those people out there infect with this, here are some notes to help dispel some of the common myths about pirates that I'm seeing.

We're both on a gate, I'm in an Assualt Frigate. You lock me up in your cruiser and orbit me. You deploy drones. Then you do nothing but smack because I'm not shooting you. Look mate, you can shoot me as I'm an outlaw without any consequences. If I shoot at you, I'll get GCC and gate guns..... in a frigate hull.

If I then warp off to the sun I am not running away, it's the Eve equivelent of "Come at me Bro!". Warp to the sun, where there are no gate guns, and we'll dance! Don't want to? Oh I see! It's me verse you AND the gate guns that hit for 300+ DPS or GTFO?

Oh and to the pilot who did similar to this last week and jumped through the gate leaving me a present of a flight of five Hammerhead II's, thanks!

Generally Pirates Tend to Know How to PvP
The whole reason people are -10 generally is because they've PvP'd a bit. Whilst there are many, many terribad pirates out there, the percentage of bad pilots is much lower than say in null-sec or Faction War.

If you engage a pirate, the chances are he knows what he's doing in regard to PvP.

The Good Guys Don't Always Win.
Sorry bro, but the good guys don't always win in Eve. In fact some might say the good guys rarely win in Eve! Now ignore the fact that I'm a pirate. Compare my ship to yours. Do you think engaging with that ship against mine is a good idea? Will my Assualt Ship hurt your frigate? Hell yes. Will my faction cruiser make short work of your destroyer? Do bears sh... in the woods? So if you wouldn't think about engaging me if I was just a regular war target, why would you attack me in a inferior ship just because I'm a red pirate?

Gate guns will only back you up if I fire first or if I am already GCC. They won't go "Oh you know what, that brave pilot is taking on that nasty pirate, lets help him!". The calvary isn't going to come charging over the nearest space-hill as you valiently go up against the odds to back you up. What will happen is you'll die. Quickly.

So please. Think before you start shouting to yourself "ZOMG A PIWAT! KEEL IT!". There is nothing great about whelping someone in the space of 5 seconds who is in an inferior ship when I'm out looking for a good fight (this was a bloody good fight -

P.S. On a totally unrelated note - This, RAZOR Alliance Glorious Informational Film #1 , is a work of pure genuis and I salute those who made it!


  1. On one hand I certainly encourage smarter flying. On the other however, idiots are fun. As I've learned over the years, no amount of education will prevent idiots from flying and dying. Plenty of room for stoopid in the universe.

    1. I can see what you are saying, but I personally prefer a really good 1v1 rather than whelping someone, looking at their fit and then throwing up a bit in my mouth. Takes away any sense of achievement when you feel like you've kicked a puppy ;)

    2. Oh I totally agree with that sentiment, I've just learned that good fights are hard to come by and kicking puppies can also be fun. There are just so many puppies around. lol

    3. Meh, there's 2 schools on that, epic killmails of a frig solo'ing a battlecruiser can only happen if you first tackle said battlecruiser in a frigate.

      Yes, tackle first worry later, will mean you die quite a bit. But it does not always mean the pilot that did it is 'dumb' some people genuinely don't care about loosing ships or killboard stats and will happily whelp 20 ships to get that one amazing killmail!

      r1fta has quite a lot of the latter category, many not dumb I assure you. Gun-ho? Yes. Often overconfident in their own ability? Yes. Stupid? Not so much.

  2. As a relative noob to lowsec and PVP in general, totally agree on all points raised, particularly with the "good guys always win" mantra. The negative sec status/assume experienced PVPer assumption has saved my ass a few times too
    From what I've seen EVE needs more pilots looking for an "even" fight rather than what they hope will be an easy killmail. Makes Sadcat sad...

    Also, that hawk fit, I hear it's more or less becoming the norm. Would have been an interesting standoff for sure xD