Sunday, September 23, 2012

Simple Rules for a 1v1

There appeared to be some confusion last week, so here are my personal rules for a 1v1 in Eve Online.
First of all a 1v1 MUST be EXPLICITLY agreed before it can be considered a 1v1. For example:-
12:34:02 Mr Bigglesworth > Hey Drackarn! 1v1?
12:34:14 Drackarn > Sure!
Now that is an agreed 1v1 in my book. An offer was made, and it was accepted. In a 1v1 verses me personally the following steps will be performed.
1. A fleet formed between us so that nobody has a booster giving them an extra edge.
2. A burnable safe spot will be made and one person will go there for the other to warp to them so we are not distrubed.
3. A fight will occur.
4. Win or lose, gf's will be had, and said, at the end.
I think that is all sensible. Nothing onerous there. Certainly do not require a leather glove and a "Sir! I challenge you to a duel! Pistols at dawn!".
I myself have an alt with max leadership skills (other than FC V, they've got IV) and a mindlink with a selection of boosting ships for fleets. Number one in the above list protects you as much as it does me (when I've not got him logged on ofc).
Providing you stick to those points above, so will I. I do not dishonor agreed 1v1's.
The main point is that a proper 1v1 has to be agreed. If not, then it's just random fighting. In which case all bets are off and all legitimate tactics are allowable. If I have an alt in system I can bring them in, if my fleet mates are next door, I can bring them in. If I have a cyno fitted....... well it might be a big surprise for you!
This is Eve Online, not Queensbury Rules Boxing!
Lets take an example. Mmmmmm let me think of one....... If I'm plexing at the weekend and you enter the plex to find me engaging half a dozen rats and I'm already in two-thirds shields and attack me, that is NOT a 1v1. Therefore any backup I bring along to the party is fine. You don't really have the right to say "gay" in local if you started the fight when I was already under attack and had already lost a third of my shield in a shield tanking ship and have six angry rats hammering me. Neither is it the best way to get a mention on here either, mate! ;) I would say 80% of the time when I roam solo, I am really solo. I love a good 1v1 and winning a fair fight is a real buzz. But there are times, for example when I'm plexing, that I may have an alt with me. The main reason for that is if you attack me whilst I'm neck deep in rats, at half shield and you think you've got an easy kill.... you haven't.
Following that encounter, Quake590 turned up wanting a 1v1. I wasn't in the ideal ship to face his Thrasher and that guy kills me every time I face him. But I thought screw it, by law of averages at some point I have to kill him just by getting get lucky (his PC crashes, his cat knocks a glass of water over the killboard, his area experiences a 7.4 magnitude earthquake etc etc). The fight was his Arty Thrasher vs my Blarpy (blaster Harpy). On paper if I got him at 0 and under his guns then I should easily win. As always with that basta..... erm I mean player..... there was more to his fit than met the eye. He had an interesting web and bounce tactic which kept putting him at 10km which is optimal range for small arties with high-damage ammo and well out of range of small blasters. Was like we were connected with a big elastic band! Going back over his losses I see he uses an oversized 10mn AB. Cunning bar steward, scram makes no effect and web means he's still going very fast and more than enough to make 10km range! Oh well may be next time there will be that PC crash/cat and glass accident/earthquake......


  1. I also usually like to establish the pod rules before the fight. I had just gotten new implants a few weeks ago and the other guy wouldn't agree to "no pods", so we ended up not fighting. Personally if someone wants to good fight me, I usually let their pods go. But only if we agree beforehand.

  2. I fit my Harpy with Nuetron blasters, a TE, and a hybrid locus coordinator II (13 mill). It gets a 9.6km optimal with Null.


  3. This is EVE, you expect 1v1 and no pod rules to be honoured? How quaint.

  4. Gotta love a good 1v1, and as for no podding, if you're going to use 3bils worth of pods, I'm sure as hell going to take pot shots :P

    That is assuming no agreement for no podding was made beforehand.

    And as for that particular 1v1, the thrasher's a tricky ship to counter in that situation. If you're mwd/web fit I can't keep range at all, and you toast me.

    On the other hand, if you load null then you hit me better at 10kms than I hit you, Ivan Butz decimated me the other day with that tactic :P

    Love your blogs as always, keep 'em coming mate.