Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse, Killing Quake590 and a PLEX for a Reader

So the world didn't end on Friday and the Mayan calendar rolls onto the next long count. SHOCK! Do those who truly believed have this problem every year when our own Gregorian calendar reaches December 31st? "OH NOES! THE WORLD ENDS TOMORROW! THERE ARE NO MORE DATES IN THE CALENDAR! Oh wait! There is another year! Silly me!"

Fridays are the day off here so after posting my Friday Fan Fiction post and having a few good fights in Tama I knocked this up at downtime as I was bored. It was posted to the Eve Online Facebook page too. Nothing like two and a half thousand likes to cheer you up!

Bloody picky Eve players! 

Yes, it doesn't have guns, I didn't have an Apocalypse so its the preview from the market. Yes the lighting is wrong, I didn't spend an hour trying to find a picture of Mayan ruins that had the sun shining in the same direction as the lighting on the Apoc. No, the scale isn't wrong, the Apoc is simply further back from the Chichen Itza. An Apoc is 1.5km long, Chichen Itza is 56m ish wide. Looking at the photo the Apoc appears 1.2 times the width of the Chichen Itza. Therefore the Apoc is behind the pyramid a distance of 32 times that of the distance from the pyramid to the camera. So if the camera was 100m from the Chichen Itza the Apoc is 3.2km plus 100m away! Happy?*

I did get some good PvP over the weekend. Other than some POS reinforcing in my dreadnought where I did join a fleet, I was generally solo'ing.

Friday afternoon saw me capturing faction war plex in Tama. Obviously one does not simply capture fation war plex' in Tama without a fight. First up was a Condor and a Merlin from the Caldari Militia who thought they'd double team me. Condor came in for tackle and died..... horribly. By the time I was back on the "warp in" his mate arrived and also died quickly. One of them wasn't in a rush to get their pod out and therefore lost one of those CA-1 implants..... and a clone.

A short while later one of the local resident pirates came knocking in a Federation Navy Comet. He landed as the Republic Fleet Fusion ammo had finished loading. Bam!

To be fair to him he simply went back to the station, got a new ship and came at me again, this time in a Republic Fleet Firetail. I had him on scan and had swapped to Republic Fleet EMP rounds ready. BAM!

So in 40 minutes I had 5 kills, 90k LP's for plexing, 3k LP's from killin', 13.5m ISK in bounty payments (has the percentage payout gone up?) and about 17m in loot. All from my trusty Thrasher!

Unfortunately that Thrasher died on Saturday. A good fight was had with a Wolf. We were both well into structure when I popped. Good fight, good fight!

I reshipped to a Hawk, which I haven't been flying in a while, in fact I needed to re-insure it. Whilst sat in a plex I saw a Thrasher on D-Scan and decided to wait for him to come in. A few seconds later he arrived.... and it was Quake590! You may remember me talking about this guy before. He's my "bogey opponent". I had never beaten him in a fight ever. He likes 10mn AB Thrashers which are a pain to counter. Well he's here, so lets have round 20 or whatever it is.

My rockets start pounding him, but he's not burning away? His shield is dropping fast. Hang on, not only is he not burning, but he's also not firing? Kaboom! And I'm in 100% shield. What's going on? His pod sits there. Then I realise something is wrong. Quake590 is certainly not the sort of player who gives anything away for free in PvP. He's a cold, hard killer. I sit and watch the pod. It's not moving and I could easily point and pop it. I'm now pretty sure he's got PC problems so I don't pod him. Eventually the pod springs to life and starts burning and he says in local his client crashed when he activated the accelleration gate. He was surprised I hadn't podded him. I pointed out that if he had fought back I would have tried to pod him but I didn't think it was fair as he'd obviously crashed.

He reshipped and came back in a Thrasher again. This time he fired! His arties hit hard, but the consistent DPS from my overheated weapons (actually my fit is based on Quake590's own Hawk fit spookily) was better and I was able to take him down as I started to enter armour. It was when I tried to loot his wreck and I found that my cargo bay was full. It was at that point I realised the Hawk had ASB's fitted and I'd forgotten about them. I was fighting in an active tanked ship and didn't activate the active tank. Fail!

Quake590 did come back again, but with armour damage and my cooked mods from all the overheating I warped off before he landed.

Some good fights. Had nice convo's in local both with the pirate guy on Friday and Quake590 on Saturday. Its nice to be fighting guys who realise this is just a game and there is a difference between our characters fighting in a game and the real life us. Hell Quake even asked if I could sell him some Federation Navy Comet BPC's (as Gallente Militia I have plenty of LP's to buy them from the store in Fliet). 30m ISK and 300k LP exchanged and sold for to Quake 100m ISK.

And finally, at the end of Friday's fan fiction post I added a discreet P.S. stating that this blog was about to hit 150,000 views. I said I'd give a plex to a random person who added a comment on that post to mark the occasion. SC&S hit 150,000 on Saturday morning and the random number generator says number 2. Bugger. Jared is a mate and ex-corpie so that looks really fecking suspicious doesn't it! Going to have to do two now! This time its a 7. Ignoring the deleted double-posted comment and my own comment, comment number 7 was......

Redlack. Congrats Jared and Redlack. There will be a plex contracted over to you both this week! If you've not seen anything by the weekend give me a nudge, there will be A LOT of drink consumed over the next few days! I may forget where I live never mind sending those two plex!

And one last thing...

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all!

*I don't care if my maths is wrong. Sod off!

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  1. LOL just an FYI but, Mabrick, the dyed-in-the-wool carebear... the Hisec Industrialist turned Wormholer who has never had a PvP kill in FOUR YEARS in EvE...

    Got his first kill, in our C3, on "Quake590" with a Stealth Bomber to boot!