Monday, June 22, 2015

The Thrasher WiP - My View

OK I didn't do my usual and leap in with a ragey post. I waited, I chatted to some people, I pondered the redesign. My calm and collected view on the work in progress Thrasher redesign CCP showed us last week is...

I LOVE the Thrasher. There are loads of posts on here about Thrashers and the varied fits I use. I just love that ship. The redesign WiP I have nothing against generally as a ship. It is going a bit more Generic Starship Type B which is a direction CCP seem to be heading. Eve Online ships tend to be unique. Most people can spot an Eve-O ship a mile off if they've played it and might not have even seen that model. Eve Ships are generally recognisable. Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen Eventually and the others tend to have similar generic sci-fi designs. Here's some concept art from E:D, SC, ME along with one from Eve Online. Which is which?

Easy life! Lets look at the new Thrasher WiP. If you take away the heat sinks/solar panel things and what is it? Give me, someone with terribad Photoshop skills, 20 minutes and I'll give you...

A new Caldari Destroyer!

Lets look at the current Thrasher. Its an iconic ship. We love the Thrasher.

It looks nothing like the new WiP. Whilst I'm not against a rework of the Thrasher to bring it up to date, it has to look like a Thrasher!

Its a bit stumpy.
Its rusty.
It looks like some shortcuts were taken here and there especially in the middle section.
It has frills.

So please art guys, don't take our iconic Thrasher. The WiP looks a good ship and I like it. However, it is not a Thrasher so save that for something else. New ORE ship maybe? Looks a bit on the industrial side. Lets keep our Thrasher looking like a Thrasher. Pleeeeassssseeeee!

P.S. Look how serious I am on this. Not a single demotivational here!


  1. CCPs EvE art team seems to be heading toward Caldarification. Look at the new T3 dessys. The are all Caldari with different colour schemes. Look at the Mordus line introduced last year. Look at the drifter battleships. Look at the new Moa, Caracal, and rook. Notice strong resemblances ?

    Minmatar ships are lumpy, kludgy (look at the hauler line). They look like pre 1990 automotive engines. Wires, pipes, tubes, lumps, bulges. Things that go from here to there. They are not smooth, not sleek, they are raw. Muscle, sinew, nerves, blood vessels without skin. There is no padding, no pockets of baby fat to smooth the exterior. They are angular, sure, but not flat. They are not "optimized". If 120 units are needed, bits are slapped on until we get to 120 or 140 or 180 even. They are unrefined. Their beauty is in their statement of bare functionality, of reuse of materials at hand. They work. The are prototypes, mass produced. Not nth versions. They are like the hand-built factories with extra facilities still attached that were once important, not the computer modelled, sleekly perfected chemical plants of today.

    Street fighters, not pro boxing. Sumo, in all of its speed, power, and ferocity, but stripped of its tradition, formality, and grace.

    1. I'd love to hear you describe all the other design philosophies like that :)

    2. This has to be one of the most 'awesomist' comment I have ever seen on this blog!

    3. Yes. Tell us more about your vision of the spaceships. But, stay true to your matari roots. Do not compromise your prose with any flattering of the Amarrian blingy vessels.
      Quite the contrary: open the box, and tell them how the weapons and other equipment should look when autocannon rows unload their rage of fire to the slavers luxury boxes.

  2. This hull would be great new cyclone for instead, or change talwar - it looks so bad, but NOT thrasher PLEASE

  3. I dig the new style... also on a side note they have the typical thrasher nose as an attachment for the tII versions so not everything is lost.
    still I like the new desing as it looks... believeable. alot of ccp´s early designs are extremely cartoony and unrealistic, sometimes even just plainly weird (looking at the old caldari ships, or the navitas, which basically resembles a half rotten fish)
    this new hull keeps the crazyness of minmatar engineering, but also makes it look like something that has been actually put together in a fashion that makes it work.
    together with the probe and slasher the thrasher will move minmatar designs to a 20/21st century design philosophy, while keeping all the crazy angles and low tech features like outside walkways, inspection hatches, exposed framework and so on.
    I see that many people are mad about minmatar appearing seeminly more hitech, but really, does the new thrasher not look alot more low-tech with its framework and maintenance railings, running on 20th century chemical rocket engines against a sleek, fully covered and streamlined version?

    (yes I am fully aware that I have commented on a 2 year old post)