Monday, November 30, 2015

Jump Around! Jump Around!

At the weekend I had a play with the Command Destroyers. Erm.... interesting.

They are fast. I really mean fast! The fit I made was focused on speed as I wanted a fit that can get to the heart of the enemy quickly. However 3500m/sec with a standard unheated MWD, no links and an empty head is a bit silly for a destroyer. Hang on... what does it do with those? Fuuuuuuu.......... 5,510m/sec unheated and 7,700+ overheating the MWD.

I can outrun most things on the battlefield with that including assault frigates. AF are the heavy tackle of New Eden? Sorry guys, you just lost that crown!

They are not designed for DPS but I have heard some people getting some tasty DPS so I had a go myself and couldn't get there. Simply playing around with my "Speedy Bifrost" I got 250 DPS at 8.5km. Not great for a Destroyer but not bad.

CCP said they are beefy. But how beefy? My speedy CD only had 15k EHP. However this is with the Command Destroyers skill only at level 3! There is a 4% resist bonus per level so at 5 its going to be higher.

Micro Jump Field Generator
Now this is what people want right? Activate the mod and it sets your ship speed to 100% (you cannot change this whilst the MJFG is active). After 9 seconds (reducing by 5% for each level of the Command Destroyers Skill) it fires and everything within 6km is jumped 100km in the direction you are facing. 

I say everything....

Does get jumped - You, any player that is friend or foe, any NPC, any bomb, any dictor bubble, any cloaked ship (and yes, cloak is maintained) and any pod.

Does NOT get jumped - Capitals, asteroids, CONCORD Billboards, gates, stations, sentry guns or wrecks (all tested by yours truly. I was so hoping to find something CCP had missed)

Now if you venture onto the forums there is basically a wall of text how these things will destroy the game and ultimately the planet earth and even possibly the galaxy.

I don't see that. The range is pretty poor on the jump field. 6km? OK they may be able to break a logic chain for a second but if they can jump your entire logistics away in one go, they are too bloody close. These things will be primaried straight off the bat. A link boat giving boosts to the enemy fleet and the ability to feck up your logi, target caller or FC (obviously these will target the FC to move him 100km from the fight). They may be tanky destroyers but they are still only destroyers.


  1. You're suffering from the idea that people will only use one or two of them. They won't.

    I fully expect to see at least 4 per fleet, and likely more. Fleets for serious timers will have so many more. If having to assign multiple guys to your fleet just to "sit tight and make sure we don't get jumped away" is your idea of compelling game-play, which I suspect it isn't, then have fun.

    It seems to me there's a willing suspension of disbelief going on here. The MJDGF (or whatever the acronym is) is an 'I-win' field. You lose 25% of your Logi and you've lost the battle.

    Whilst I acknowledge that the forum poster(s?) are being hyperbolic, I do think there is an essential seam of truth behind their posting.

    1. Why don't you just put points on it? It can't MJD and life goes on.

  2. I have to agree that the threat to logistics is high, but then again, I think that logistics are over powered to begin with. Since I fly in lowsec and only in small gangs/solo, I don't use logistics so there is that... From the lowsec perspective, it will create some interesting gameplay. The speed and tank alone will make it worth looking into for solo roaming -> or small gangs looking to tackle T3 destroyers. We will see, I am training for the ships now.

  3. These things are way way OP. The speed and tank as you said make them insane heavy tackle ships. And that is without all their other capabilities.

    They have to be nerfed, hard, before they even make it to TQ.