Sunday, January 31, 2016

#evefanfest Memories

Last few weeks have been chaos and I missed the Twitter thingy where people were sharing fanfest memories to win prizes. Here is a few I could have posted.


My First Fanfest. Going solo? Doesn't matter, I was meeting spaceship people before I even left Heathrow.

I Tweeted "Wow Sindel looks amazing at charity dinner". Tweetfleet responded with "PICS!!!!". So next time she passed I asked if I could take a picture. This was the result!

ZOMG! I'm with the Big Boss Man!


Charity Dinner and sat next to a monocled legend!

An eruption

The follow-up to the 2012 picture!

Snow Storm just before the Golden Circle Tour

The Pub Crawl that Turned into CTF


Unveiling the Monument

Being invited to try Valkyrie on the Sony Morpheus Headset

A tradition had been started!


Meeting Xander and Niden, obviously a highlight!

The Eclipse

Visiting CCP HQ for Pre-Dinner Drinks!

No hugz :(

Meeting Mr Space Pope...

...and of course Rixx!




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