Monday, May 9, 2016

I Wasn't Expecting That!

Sometimes in Eve things still can surprise you (or at least me).

Over the weekend I took a Kestrel out looking for some PvP. I found two sorts of players.

2. I'll come at you Bro.... in my Faction Frigate.

Yeah thats no surprise in my TZ, that comes a little later. Anyway, no-one wanted an equal fight. Great. After a while I gave up and flew back to base and swapped to a faction frigate myself and went back out. I then spent 30 minutes finding only one sort of player.


It would seem that those guys in faction frigates who came at my T1 weren't as keen when I was in a Comet. I've said it before, my TZ sucks!

Anyway after a while I enter a system with a Comet on scan. He vanishes off but local hasn't changed. There are a few about so I go sit in the Novice Plex and see if he comes. He does. Super job! A probable 1v1 given the other ships I've scanned cannot get inside this plex.

I drop my drones and get ready. He enters and he engages immediately but is trying to make range. I assumed there was a chance he'd be a rail-kite so I had pre-overheated my web, scram and AB. He's was also doing the same. This is where I derped the fight. At this point with us 7km apart and the range not changing as we're both on OH AB and webbing each other I should have stopped my guns and swapped to null ammo. I didn't as I was too busy trying to close the range when it should have been obvious he was running an overheating AB too. Eventually I realised this pilot was too fast and finally remembered to swap ammo. By that time I'd lost the edge. He was in mid structure as I popped. 

In the end it was one of those fights where you leave everything overheated knowing one of you is going to die before anything burns out. His active repper was just able to beat my passive tank. Looking at his previous Comet loses it looks like he T2 rigs his Comets too. I really should do that. However I'm pretty sure if I'd have just loaded null near the start I could have won.

All this was because I hadn't counted on a kiting AB blaster boat. I assumed either a blaster brawl at point-blank range or he'd be MWD rail fit. Also looking at his last pod loss he may have had both the Zor implants (10% AB duration and 5% AB speed increase) which would have given the edge speed wise. I really herpa-derped the fight!

Oh well, gf and lesson learnt. Be more careful about choosing my ammo. Maybe I should get some advice from my CEO Rixx?

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