Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rust is Good on Matari Ships....

.... not so good on a player.

Things have been a struggle for a while out here work wise. I've just not had the time nor the energy for Eve. In fact I'm typing this in a break after I've done a full days work but I've got to work tonight as well. Yes things are not great but you have to put things in perspective. I mean look at the year Rixx Javix had last year. I'm having a party compared to that!

Anyway on Sunday I logged in. Drack is still in Ishomilken. I did relocate with Stay Frosty when we moved last but found my GMT +4 TZ at the new home was dead. Whilst its not exactly party time in Ishomilken, there are a few solo PvP'rs about. Looking in my hanger there were certainly a lot of cobwebs and a lack of ships. I had a few T2 and some faction frigates but didn't want to risk them. I noticed a stack of Kestrel hulls so assembled one of those, fitted it up quick and undocked.

I'd been keeping an eye on local and there were some going suspects and the odd "gf" there. A quick scan showed several assault frigates in space. There was a novice faction war plex open so I warped there and could sit there until a bro came at me. I entered the plex, set an orbit around the button, started spamming the D-scan on a 2AU radius and opened up a news site on another monitor.

Confessor. Pilgrim. You know what I'm really worried about with the Tangerine Twitler? Our comedians are not having to work for their craft currently. Its too easy. When he's out of the White House are they going to be so out of practice making good comedy that the whole genre will die? Hawk. Vengence.

Rifter. Wait....? Rifter?

Narrowing down the scan range showed he was on the gate. I checked my ammo. Whilst I had Rage rockets their explosion radius is a bit large. I decided on CN Scourge. The Rifter was likely shield tanked but you never know. He warped in and I set a 7km orbit and opened up. It started so well. My dual web and AB set up kept him out of optimal for his guns. Then he started making range. So I overheated the AB to catch up and making a noob mistake REALLY caught up. I started to make range again and rather than turning off the overheat on the AB I turned the module off. It was like we were tethered together with a space-elasticband. BOING! I forgot how to fly!

Thankfully my big armor buffer was enough as he'd already had to actively rep for too long when I wasn't derping at actually flying my ship. Also he'd made the mistake that I count on when in that fit, he'd been firing EMP into my 400mm armour plate. I was low armour when he popped. He got his pod out, "gf" in local, scoop the loot and GTFO!

Looked at my killmails. Yeah, first kill in 100 days! Damn!

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