Friday, September 30, 2011

Excuse me, can you just sit there whilst we shoot you?

Ouch and urrrggghhhhh. Please forgive any errors or mistakes in this write up. It's 12:08pm local time as I start to write this and I got up 10 minutes ago with a hangover from hell. Morning after is not bad if you don't see the morning. I think last night was a very good night and here's what I remember. I'm sure S810 JR will correct me as he's rather good at spotting my "Flamingo up's"*.

So the arranged roam was for a p3n1s fleet of Thorax's. Yes, we went out in a T1 cruiser gang for sh1ts and giggles. First port of call was to be Enaluri as that's where the PvP Caldari Militia are based (as opposed to the mission running I don't PvP Caldari Militia, more on that later).

We undock from Nisuwa and I get the black-screen-of-nothingness so have to re-log. This bug is really starting to get on my nerves. I'll undock one time and I'll be entering space an a couple of seconds, others I'll be staring at a black screen for 2 minutes before giving in and restarting the client, which when I log back in will instantly enter space???

We take the long route hoping to catch a few squids. We make a few jumps and we're reported in Caldari Militia as a 62 man fleet. We've got 23. And yes, shock horror, we do have spies in the Caldari Militia just as the Caldari Miltia has spies in the Gallente Militia. I convo the guy and put him straight :o)

First up we find a few squids in Pyne and catch a Hyperion. This Hyperion REALLY wanted to be a carrier! A full repping Hype?

We also snag his mate in a Harbinger -

So we head up to Kedama, I don't know why, I cannot remember but we obviously did go there next as we killed this Drake -

Funny route from Nisuwa to Enaluri! Anyway that's what the kills show....

Then we defo started to head to Enaluri as we kersplatted this Drake in Hallanen -

We get to bottom station in Enaluri and I sober up some, as my overview starts to flash orange. There is a squid BC fleet at the undock.

Now all I really recall is that there was no coordinated fight from the squids. They have a carrier out but are not engaging all together. We're "Ghetto Alpha'ing" them in T1 cruisers one at a time. Every so often one agresses and we kill him, but generally they weren't agressing properly on us. Every so often one we're shooting would dock, undock and we'd kill him as he undocked. I admit I wasn't in the best condition to remember what was happening, but it was mighty strange.

They killed a few of our cruisers, but we killed a lot more including Command Ship, HAC, BC's and bombers.

We're still getting intel in squid militia and one of the guys in Enaluri is having a go in their militia channel. He posted "WHERE IS EVERYONE?". So I post in local something about missioning. He convo's me and asks if I was saying he was a missioner. I explained no, he was clearly a PvP'r but the others in his militia channel were obviously missioning. Another cool guy and left on a friendly "lol may the best win ;)"

I also noticed Ganndor in local. He's the squid I had a great 1v1 with a week ago which was the subject of this blog - I linked him the blog post. I woke up this morning afternoon to a nice Eve mail from him saying it was indeed a very good fight. We do have some nice guys in this game, which is easy to forget with all the scamming, rage and hate we sometimes see in game.

Anyway, what hasn't been killed has docked up except for the Archon and we remove his shields before he docks. That was a good fight and we move on.

We grab a Brutix in Nennemalia and I get top damage in my AutoCannon Thorax of Doom - No idea how that could happen as I'm assuming I was controlling the mouse with a foot and mashing the keyboard with my forehead at this point.

I also get his pod. There has been a lot of discussion lately if the CarbonUI has lead to a small increase in lag when your ship gets destroyed which in turn has lead to an increase in podding. I know I'm losing more pods these days in low-sec than I did before Incarna. And if I'm so "tired and emotional" that I cannot remember the fight, yet I got the pod kill, the pilot was either fail, or there is an issue with ship-to-pod lag.

I must have burnt home at this point as that's where my kills for the night end. For a change I woke up in my home station. Usually when I log out like that, next time I log in I wonder why I am in null sec 30 jumps from home!

Generally I've had a bad week with work. If you look at my kills you'll see I've not done much PvP and my kills are down. Also for anyone who reads this blog you'll have noticed the distinct lack of battle reports like this. Anyway, job situation is looking better after some news yesterday and hence my celebration drink or 20. What a great way to break a barren spell!

*A Flamingo Up is like a cock up, just much, much bigger.

P.S. Only 4 corrections by S810 JR :o)

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