Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September. Time for a New Intake

I've been noticing a lot of recruitment related blog posts this week. Rixx Javix ( and Jude Lloyd ( have both posted those blogs on this subject.

I am assuming many corporation's are coming out of the usually quiet summer period and now looking at consolidating their numbers as Eve becomes (we hope) more active. Whilst I don't personally know Lucifer's Hammer, I'll give them a shout anyway as Rixx is such an active member of the Eve Tweetfleet/blogsphere community. Heritic Army I do know, and they are a fantastic bunch of guys and can thoroughly recommend them for some low-sec piracy PvP action in the Amamake area.....

However if you are yearning for some Militia related PvP in an active, social and rather drunk corporation, then look no further, Shadows of the Federation is for you.
I could write a wonderful piece about our corporation, but I think Eelis Kiy's recruitment video sort of sums us (SoTF) up rather nicely:-

So who are we? Shadows of the Federation are a PvP corporation within the Gallente Militia. We are NBSI and have a fair few -10.0 in the corp. However, we will not force you to the darkside and have many members who are not pirates.

The Corporation was formed as a facion war corp in 2008. In 2009 it was one of the founding members of the Villore Accords MDP, seen by many as the turning point where the Caldari dominance of the war zone was halted and the Gallente fight-back started. I personally joined at that time too when my corporation "Revelation Space" (-RS-) merged into SoTF.

After wtfpwning the Caldari things got a bit stale in the Gallente-Caldari warzone towards the end of last year. So during late 2010 we took a break from Faction War and sampled NPC 0.0, Sov Holding 0.0, low-sec alliance and even low-sec piracy. In September 2011 we returned to faction war as we'd found nothing that fit our play style better... and, to be perfectly honest, 0.0 is really ****ing boring for PvP!!!

We fight seriously, but that's where our seriousness ends. The corp has always been more about the people in it rather than killboard stats. If you have a quick flick though this blog you'll find stories like this which show the sort of corp we are.

The long term plan of the corp is the same as the medium term and the short term:-

"To have a corporation where people can log on when they want, shoot what they want, and log off when they want with a fun, often drunk and sociable crowd"

That might sound like some to be a non-serious bunch of drunkard gamers who are only playing Eve for a laugh. In some respects we are, but check our Kill Board. We're not to be taken lightly!

Would you like to know more? Visit our website -

Oh and just in case you've never seen a CEO in a PVC French Maid's outfit.... Eelis original recruitment poster....

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