Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CCP Giveth, and CCP Taketh Away

CCP Giveth! 

"Ah, the agony of choice"
Captain Edmund Blackadder

Apparently CCP will give us a choice to redeem ONE of the following Xmas prezzies from 22nd December. Just watch out for the redeem item button on the 'Character Selection' screen. It should be lit now actually. The CA-2 implant can be redeemed from today until December 21st!

The Christmas pressie choice are as follows....

Destroyers. Receive ALL of the following:
- Destroyers skill book
- 3 destroyer hulls - race of your choice
- 10,000 of each navy ammunition - race of your choice (e.g. you can get 10k of each type of federation navy small ammo, or 10k of each type of caldari navy small ammo, etc)

Previous gift ships. Choose ONE of:
- Primae OR
- Zephyr OR
- Echelon (with purloined Sansha codebreaker)

Implants/boosters. Choose ONE of:
Genolation CA-1 implant
+3 implant set
5x Quafe Zero
+1 Neural Remap
Standard boosters: Blue pill, drop, exile, crash

Fuel. Choose ONE of:
1000x of each racial fuel blocks
One of each racial fuel block BPO

Navy ammo. Choose ONE of:
5x of each large navy crystals
10x of each medium navy crystals
2500x of each large navy ammo, race of your choice
5000x of each medium navy ammo, race of your choice

2000 Aurum
For my Archon alt account it's easy. The Neural remap will mean I can remap to ships and then remap to drones. She's almost finished the Int/Mem skills after over 6 months and can only fly a frigate. So that remap will be useful!
My other carebear support account is a bit inactive currently. I guess maybe the faction ammo and pass it over to Drackarn?

For Drackarn it's not so easy.....
I love destroyers so the Dessy pack with the 10,000 rounds of each type of small RF projectile ammo (of course it has to be Minmatar! Trust in the rust!) is tempting.
Not interested in the previous "gift ships", they are carebear ones.
Got the CA-1 implant, BUT, will they increase in value as people get podded and lose theirs? Will that little implant become much more valuable in future?
Neural remap? Got two saved up already plus struggling with skill planning. 60m SP's and I don't know where to go now! Remap isn't going to help me.
Boosters? Always handy.
Fuel? Don't own a POS, but would they sell OK?
Navy Ammo? Defo an option, I always need ammo!
Aurum? Depends. Is Space-Barbie crap selling well on the market? If I used that, added it to the rest of the AUR we've been given and bought some stuff with it to chuck on the market. Would I make a decent profit? Are there sufficient people buying that stuff?

On a side note, I do think that boosters generally are undervalued in game. I wonder if the option of some free ones might make people think "Go on, I'll try them". However as Standard boosters, they are illegal in hi-sec. I wonder how many people will redeem them whilst sat in a high-sec station?

And CCP Taketh Away - Part 1!

"We've got less choice than a Welsh Fish and Chip shop!"
Dave Lister

68mb for tomorrows patch! Damn and Ouch CCP!
OK I might be in a minority, but I have less choice in my internet provider/service plan than at an Amarrian multi-faith church. i.e. Your choice is THIS ONE!
My 10gb allowance (the most expensive and top-of-the-line data plan) has already taken a beating this month, we're not yet halfway through and I've got a full nine days off work at Christmas of which three are "wife free - play games all day" days. Google image search is what really eats my bandwidth. But it's needed for writing the entries to this blog. Therefore it's Eve Online related. Therefore its CCP's fault ;)

Anyway if you want to know what you're getting for your 68mb of download, here's the Crucible patch notes.

And CCP Taketh Away - Part 2!

CCP... why Iceland?

Do you know the arse it's proving to be to get to fanfest. And the cost. Flights for £900 with two stop overs. WHAT? Feck that! 

There is one which has one stop over? 



Actually two stop overs isn't THAT bad!

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  1. Just one thing worth pointing out mate. The pressies (not the 2nd implant) have to be chosen from your Account Management page on eveonline.com, and only then will your gift appear as a redeemable item on 22nd December.