Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Hangover

"My head feels likes there's a Frenchman living in it"
Lord Edmund Blackadder

"Were you up all night playing that bloody game?"
The Wife

First off, the eagle-eyed amoung you might have noticed a new page in the menu bar above. I've added "Fan Fiction" to detail the short stories I write, given the positive feedback. So now onto the battle report from last night....


Well I've woken up at 1pm with a sore head. My guts ache and I feel sick. There MUST have been a good fleet out last night. Let me log into Eve......

Yup, I'm in a T3........ logged out in space...... with armour damage...... many, many jumps from home.

MUST have been a Tek fleet. Let me ask in Corp......

[08:54:27] Drackarn > Ooooooooooch! What THE [flip] happened last night/this morning? I've woken up at 1pm with a huge hangover and to find myself logged out randomly in space, in a T3 in armour damage?
[08:54:34] Drackarn > Oh................ a Tek fllet?
[09:10:38] Tek's Twin > lol
[09:11:06] Tek's Twin > u were properly [flipping] smashed mate
[09:11:07] Tek's Twin > was funny as [flip]
[09:11:21] Tek's Twin > had an awesome fight tho
[09:11:26] Tek's Twin > check ur killboard

Ah. Opening Notepad I see I was taking notes, although not very well. Here is an example line from my notes from last night...

"wtf! epuc battke between fleets. They got l,oits of caps, e got lots og BD, it's 5am ffs."

Apparently Senshimaru is a hero and I have no idea who Sanshimaru is! (although as a scuba diver it sounds like a shipwreck in Truk Lagoon) And our killboard looks awesome. Anyway here we go................

OK. It's Friday night. Time for a drunken fleet. What shall we fly? Well T3's of course!

I'm in a Loki with Notepad open to record what's going on as I'm rather "tired and emotional". May be I should close the Twitter window..... after the last time :)

With the boosts, I have a 97% EM resist. That's just silly!

We hear of a pirate fleet in OMS so head down there, but their scout in a Rapier spots us and they run!

Some more flying about and a lone pirate cane jumps into us, POP!

Domi WT reported other side of the gate as we murder the 'Cane. POP!

Bit more flying around and we find a Fleet Typhoon on auto-pilot..... laugh away...

So we head into 0.0 and find a nice fleet to engage. They have BS and ECM. Not sure if the carriers were already there or if we got hotdropped. Neither I nor the FC remember. Apparently there was a cyno so likely we were hotdropped. Nobody remembers!

The funny part was we smashed their support fleet and tacked the carriers, but we couldn't kill them, they were tanking like a boss.

So what do you do when you need to kill capitals? Na na na na na na na na na.....

However, there was a problem. The same alliance we asked to help kill the carriers had already been asked by the other side to rescue them. We both had friends in the same alliance!!! So they said "meh, u guys duke it out" and stayed out of the fight.

So we did..... sooooooooooooooooooo slowly. I had to disengage and pop next-door to buy overpriced ammo. 6,000,000 on 5,000 rounds of ammo! And I pretty much used it all!

At this point I have to give a shout out to Senshimaru and Hilfe, the enemy Archon pilots. Not only did they tank....

But they could have self-destructed and denied us the killmail for all the "hard work". But they didn't. They stood their ground and fought. A couple of proper Eve Online hero's! I really mean that.

It was an epic fight! KB is a bit messed up as SEDITION alliance were dropping the odd bomb on us and tagging everyone. Thankfully we repaid their "help" by blowing up some of their bombers. So desperate for KB stats are we boys? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Anyway here is the battle report for you to look at whilst I try to give the wife a reasonable explination why the kitchen floor is covered in cheese (apparently I went AFK during the fight to make some cheesy-chips).

Damage done (ISK):8.29B - 8287.94M
Damage received (ISK):0.13B - 126.23M

Thanks to all involved. It was mucho fun.......... I think!


  1. [09:11:06] Tek's Twin > u were properly [flipping] smashed mate

    Here's a 4 minute recording of TS last night ;)